Memorial Book Sokolow-Podlask
(Sokołów Podlaski, Poland)

52°24' / 22°15'

Translation of
Sefer ha-zikaron; Sokolow-Podlask

Editor: M. Gelbert

Published in Tel Aviv 1962



Project Coordinator

Bea Opengart

Alfred Opengart z”l (emeritus)


This is a translation of: Sefer ha-zikaron; Sokolow-Podlask (Memorial book Sokolow-Podlask),
Editor: M. Gelbert, Residents of Sokolow-Podlask in Israel and in the USA, Published: Tel Aviv 1962 (H,Y 813 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Sokolow Podlaski (1962)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Editorial Board for the Sokolov yizker-bukh   7
Sokolov Podlaski City Map Meyshe Zaints 8
Introduction   10
Let us Tell   12
The Old Home
Sokolow Podalski Ithak Raizman 17
The AMDOR of Sokolow-Podlask Gad Zaklikovski 29
Rabbi Moshe Zvi Vingerten Yitzhak Caspi 37
The Sokolov Melody Khayim Meyshe Mayzlish 39
The Sokolov Rebi's Yeshive Mordkhe Khayne 45
Our House in the Shul–heyf Hershl Madanski 51
From the Shtetl Meyshe Mandlboym 56
Sokolov Between the Two World Wars Meyshe Zayants 72
The Street of My Childhood Years Sore Bar–Sholem 91
“Koze” Street Perets Granatshteyn 96
Our shtetl Nakhum Zilberman 104
Sokolov Until the Destruction Avrom Beialilev 109
The Great Conflagration Hershl Y. Koyfman 117
Chevrat Hashkama [the Hashkama Society] Yitzhak Reisman 123
In the Shtetl Borekh Rozenboym 128
My Shtetl Sokolov Yisroel Kasher 132
My Grandfather Writes a Seyfer Torah Mordkhe Reznik 142
The Night Tells Meyshe Shteyngart 144
I Accompany My Father Meyshe Shteyngart 145
Of Old-time Sokolov Gad Zaklikowski 147
Jewish Economic Life in Sokolov Neta Koyfman (Ekhu) 155
The Jewish Community in Sokolov Avrom Bialilev, Pinkhas Rafalovitsh 170
The Burial and Psalm Society Eliezer Rubinshteyn 179
The Jewish Loan Fund Pinkhas Rafalovitsh 181
Sokolov Craftsmen Nosn Fademberg 186
The T.O.Z. in Sokolow A. Rubinstein, Ch. Rotstein 190
From the Sokolow hell Ch. Rotstein 197
The “Yavne” School in Sokolow P. Rafalowitz 200
Hashomer Hadati movement in Sokolow A. Rubinstein 206
The Russian and the German Yekhiel Ornshteyn 209
Sokolov Youth I. Nahari–Mendzshitski7 211
The Freiheit [freedom] movement in Sokolow Zvi Tchechanovski 218
The Zionist movement in Sokolow I. Grinberg 223
The joy of youth in the Hashomer Hatzair branch [H] Adina Yellin-Landoi 227
The Bund in Sokolov from 1900 to 1911 Nosn Fodemberg 229
The Bund Movement in Sokolow Baruch Rosenboim 233
The “Bund” in Sokolow Chanina Rotstein 236
My environment Neta Koifman 241
Prayer-houses in Sokolow P. Rafalowitz 255
On the Roads to the Familiar Shtetl Y. Rozenberg 284
Social struggle in Sokolow [H] Chaim Bar-Shalom 287
Pioneers among the Sokolow Zionists [H] Ch. Bar-Shalom 288
The last memories Lea Morgenstern 289
Sokolow during the century Ch. Bar-Shalom 293
Between hammer and anvil I. Grinberg 304
The day of the Balfour Declaration [H] Matel Frieder-Kaplan 307
Agudat Israel in Sokolow A Sokolower 311
Sokolow-Podalski Avraham Spadel 312
The Sokolow Ghetto Simcha Palakiewitz 323
The ruin of Sokolow [H] Pinchas Rafalowitz 397
On the “Aryan Side” and in the forest Tzipora Rosen-Achron 431
From the German hell Chana Shtutman-Wishny 442
The Bedeviled Circle of Danger Gedalye Vishny 451
In the Aryan Side Fala Schwarz 458
Escaped from Treblinka Shimon Greenspan 465
From the old days Shmuel Cohen 469
In the German camps E. Steinberg 478
With the French “Resistance" Hershel I. Koifman 518
In a Partisan printing-shop A. Farbirazh 523
Between death and life Ch. Greenberg 530
Back in Sokolow Chava Shpadel 536
Sokolow without Jews Shlomo Rotstein 540
Sokolow after the end M. Tzanin 544
A memorial list of victims 548
Landsmanshaft in Chicago M. Mandelboim 575
Landsmanshaft in New-York M. Chayne 588
Landsmanshaft in Los Angeles Chanina Rotstein 599
Landsmanshaft in Paris Aizik Gaftarnik 602
Landsmanshaft in Israel Ch. Bar-Shalom 614
Gad Zaklikovski, Yakov Friedlov, Alter Dorfsgeyer, Aharon Vans, Israel Bram Simcha Palakiewitz 692
Butche Rubinstein's yard P. Granatstein 708
Arie Tzibola Peretz Granatstein 713
Hershel Grinberg Gad Zaklikowski 718
Alter Ben-Zion Schuster Gad Zaklikowski 720
Berl Meter-Boiman Gad Zaklikowski 722
R'Yitzhak'l Soifer, Alter Chaim Kapawi, Yakov Leib Blumberg, Hershl Lapata, Golde the laundry-woman, Chaim Baruch Wassertreger [water carrier], Shmuel Pasmanter Avraham Byalilew 726
Chaim Shmuel Rosenbliem, Mordechai Zalmans (Winagora), Israel Yankele, Avraham Yoel Melamed (Hochberg), Chane Sheine Chave's Yakov Grinberg 733
Der Alter Yakel [old Yakel], Shiye Dvoshes, Yankel Chacham, Mordechai Zalmans, Mordechai Lokaver Hershel I. Koifman 737
R'Pinye Ashers Beltche Hendel-Reisman 741
Kalman Yechiel Friedman, Avraham Steinwaks, Chanoch Dagan, Zvi Betzali, Chana di bekerin [Chana the baker woman] Yechiel Orenstein 744
R'Pintche, R'Moshe Aharon, R'Zelikel Leibush Rubinstein 749
Chaim Moshe Spielman Dr. Avraham Spielman 752
Avraham Vierzhbe Ch. Bar-Shalom 755
Yidele Grinberg K. Giesser 757
Necrology 759


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