Death of a Shtetl
(Skalat, Ukraine)

49°26' / 25°59'

Translation of: Es shtarbt a shtetl; megiles Skalat

Edited by: J. Kaplan

Published in Munich, Central Historical commission of the
Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the U.S. Zone of Germany, 1948 (Y)


Project Coordinator

Kathryn M. Wallach

Translations arranged by

Joseph Kofler
Lusia Milch

Our sincere appreciation to Jonas Weissbrod, son of author,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Es shtarbt a shtetl; megiles Skalat; Death of a shtetl, by Abraham Weissbrod.
Ed. J. Kaplan. Munich, Central Historical commission of the
Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the U.S. Zone of Germany, 1948 (Y)

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Abraham Weissbrod

I. Kaplan, Editor of the Yiddish Text

Published (in Yiddish) by the Central Historical
Commission of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews
in the American Zone of Germany
Munich, 1948

English Translation
Arranged by Lusia Milch and Joseph Kofler

English Text and Additional
Testimonies of Witnesses
Edited by Lusia Milch
U.S.A., 1995

Chapter Page
  Introduction to the English Translation (L. Milch) i
  Introduction by the Editor of the Original Work in Yiddish (J. Kaplan) iii
  Foreword- In Memory of the Shtetl (A. Weissbrod) v
1 The Shtetl As It Was 1
2 On the Eve of the Fire 3
3 The Knives are Sharpened... 4
4 The Historic Meeting 6
5 The Pogrom 8
6 The Judenrat and its Institution 10
7 The “Live Contingent” 14
8 The Underground Community 19
9 “Jews, Do Not Worry” 21
10 The Wild Action 23
11 After the Devil's Dance 27
12 N.Z.L. (NIZL) 29
13 The Little Action 31
14 Aryan Papers 33
15 Sobbing Graves 36
16 The Rebellious Tombstones 40
17 The Final Struggle 41
18 The Failed Resistance Plan 43
19 The Shavuot Action 45
20 The Origins of the Skalat Camp 47
21 The Camp People 50
22 With Songs on Their Lips 53
23 The Passover Seder in Camp 54
24 The Ghostly Promenade 56
25 The First Camp-Action 58
26 The Partisans 60
27 The Last Act of the Tragedy 63
28 In the Forests 65
29 My Own Experiences in the Forest (A. Weissbrod's Account) 72
30 Hershke and His Band 75
  Afterword 84

List of Appendices

I List of Jews on “Aryan Papers” by M. Grinfeld 85
II List of Witnesses Interviewed by A. Weissbrod 1945-1947 86
III Dates and Count of Skalat Victims and Survivors 87
IV Testimonies of Witnesses, Obtained by L. Milch 1992-1995 88
V Commentary by Lusia Milch
        First Visit to Skalat, Spring 1970
        Second Visit to Skalat, Fall 1995
VI Acknowledgments 128
VII Maps and Photographs 129

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