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Yiddish translations by Theodore Steinberg and formatting and Hebrew translations by Mira Eckhaus



The holy and pure souls,
members of the Siedlce community, who were exterminated in various deaths by the impure Nazis and evil persons on the land of the city of Siedlce, in its surroundings, in their wanderings and in the extermination camps.

May the souls of the tortured be bound up in the bond of life of the nation.

We will remember them forever.

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For eternal memory

Orzel Family

The honorable man, who was engaged in public needs with faith, Rabbi Asher Orzel;

Moshe Orzel, Hannah Firster - Exterminated among 29 girls
Playa Orzel, Basha Orzel
Semick Orzel, Brunia Pedrovsky
Gute Firster, Semick and their daughter
Schindel-Zola Zeev Firster, Esther Shvartz and her husband Shaul and their sons Yagush and Theodore

  The mourner:
Itzchak Orzel and his family.

Eisenstadt Family

My dear father, Rabbi Moshe-Abba Eisenstadt, the son of Rabbi Paltiel from Barza,
My mother Itta, the daughter of Yosef-Chaim Zilbertsweig,
My brother-in-law Eliezer, the son of Rabbi Ya'akov Levin
My sister Pola (Pesia) Levin and their two sons, Ya'akov and Tuvia, and their daughter Miriam.

  The mourners:
The Paltiel Eisenstadt family

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I hereby mention my father, the dearest, the true Hassid and the extreme scholar, who educated me since my childhood to the love of Zion and Jerusalem. The honorable gentlemen: The late Israel Sinai, the son of the late Rabbi Shmuel, from Warsaw, who died in Siedlce on the 25th of Iyar, 1903, at the early age of 58 years old.

My dear mother, a woman of action, who, thanks to her efforts, saved many people from imprisonment and other troubles, the honorable ladies: the late Mrs. Rachel, the daughter of the late Rabbi David Greenfarb, who died on 28 Cheshvan, 1928, in an advanced age in the city of Siedlce.

My brother, my dear, the distinctly wise student, comfortable with God and human beings, a rare person, the honorable gentleman, the late Mr. Shmuel David, who died in the city of Siedlce on 15 Cheshvan, 1932, while he was 69 years old.

My dear sister, a modest and pious woman, the late Mrs. Nechama, the wife of Rabbi Avraham Abba Frenkel, who died young in Warsaw on the 23 Elul 1911.

And those of my family members who were killed, strangled, or burned alive by the impure Nazis, may they name be blotted out:

My sister-in-law, Mrs. Hava, the wife of my late brother Shmuel David, daughter of the late Rabbi Natan-Neta Bornstein, from Sarcomela, with her daughter Dvorah, with her husband Moshe-Haim Geffen - Brisk Lithuania - with their three daughters and children and their son and his wife and children, the two sons of my late brother Shmuel David, Yechiel Meir and his wife Itke, the daughter of the late Rabbi Moshe David and Kalman, with their two sons, and Avraham-Mordechai with his wife and daughter.

My dear, gentle sister, Mrs. Reisel-Hadas, with her husband, Rabbi Menachem Mendel, the grandson of the Rabbi, the Rebbe from Biala, Rabbi Dobrish Landau, may the memory of the righteous be a blessing, with their two daughters, Esther-Frida and Malka and their husbands and children and their son Avraham and his wife and their children.

My dear sister, the loyal Zionist, the late Mrs. Liba-Sima, with her husband Mordechai Halperin and their son Israel and his wife and child and their daughter Lilka.

My niece, the daughter of my late brother Shmuel-David, Rivka, gentle and pure, devoted to Zionism and Hebrew, with her husband Pinchas Weingerten, the son of the Rebbe of Lubashov, may the memory of the righteous be a blessing, with their two sons.

The wife of my nephew, Reisel-Hadas, the late Mr. Barish Landau, from Losice, with her two sons and their wives and children and her daughter and her husband and her daughter.

The daughter of my eldest sister, Sima, who was to us like a sister, Mrs. Roizla, with her husband, Asher Ashkenazi, with their son, the lawyer Shmuel and his wife and daughter, and their daughter Sima with wise Mordechai, the son of the Rabbi from Bielsk, with their son and their daughter from Brisk in Lithuania.

My dear brother-in-law, my wife's brother, may his light shine, the lawyer Avraham Slava from Warsaw, the son of the late Rabbi Moshe-Aharon Slava from Radom, a member of the Central Committee of the Zionist Organization in Poland, the founder of “Hachalutz” Craftsmen in Poland and more. May their souls be bound up in the bond of life, May God avenge their spilled blood.

  The mourner:
Isha'ayahu, the son of Sinai Zeidenzieg

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We will never forget these

My dear mother, the humble woman, a loyal activist, Hannah Papawski,
My sister Chaya with her husband Zeev Peshanana and their three daughters,
My sister Bracha with her husband Gershon Zilberberg and with the whole honorable family.

  The survivor:
Fishel Dromi (Popovsky)
With his family in Israel.

Killed by the assassins of Hitler, may his name be blotted out

For eternal memory

  1. My beloved wife, the late Esther, the daughter of Rivka and Mordechai Rubin of Pilv (once Lublin).
  2. The beloved daughter the late Rachel (Rosa), the daughter of Yehuda Leib (Leon) Glicksberg from Siedlce and her husband the late Avraham Halberstadt from Lodge.
  3. My beloved son, the late Aaron (Adalf), the son of Yehuda Leib.
  4. My beloved brother, the late Dov-Ba'arish and his family from Warsaw, the son of the late Natan David and the late Malka Hadas Glicksberg.
  5. My beloved brother, the late Meir from Belgium, the son of the late Natan David and the late Malka Hadas Glicksberg.
  6. My beloved brother, the late Shlomo and his family from Vilna, the son of the late Natan David and the late Malka Hadas Glicksberg.
  7. My beloved sister, the late Felie (Feril), her daughter Malka and her husband the late Avraham Kahana from Berdichev.
  8. My beloved mother-in-law, the late Rivka Rubin, daughter of the late Rachel and Mendel Bayer of Pilv (once Lublin).
  9. My sister-in-law, the late Felie (Feril) Kamien and her late son Mendel, the daughter of the late Rivka and Mordechai Rubin from Otwock.
  10. My late brother-in-law, the late Ya'akov, the son of the late Natan Dobrezinski, from Lodge and Leah from the Sheinfeld family.
  11. My sister-in-law, the late Rania (Rachel) Dabrezinski, the daughter of the late Rivka and Mordechai Rubin from Pilv.
  12. Their son Ignash (Itzchak) Dabrezinski and his wife Sara from the Schatz family in Warsaw.
  13. My beloved uncles, the late Meir and Ya'akov Kahana with their families, the sons of Menachem Shlomo and Hannah Rivka Kahana.
  14. My aunt, the late Itka Mintz, the daughter of my elderly father Menachem Shlomo Kahana and Hannah Rivka from the Orzel family.
  15. My cousin, the late Sara Rokach, with her 2 daughters, the daughter of the late Meir Kahana and the late Feige from the Ginzburg family.
  16. My beloved brother-in-law, the late Avraham Ben Ya'akov and the late Hodel (from the family of Margalit of Berdichev), Kahana.

Bitters over them and their holy souls.

  Yehuda Leib (Leon) Glicksberg of Siedlce
Now in Tel Aviv, 95 Allenby Street, PO Box 1903

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For eternal memory of the Domb family

Mendel Domb - Died in the ghetto - 22-8-42
Rachel Domb-Shapira - Died in the ghetto - 22-8-42
Hava Domb Ackerman
Joshua Ackerman
Oded Ackerman
|- Exterminated in 22-8-42
Yosef Domb with his wife Fanya - Died in Brisk, Lithuania

  The mourners:
Shmuel and Sara Aloni (Domb)
Bella Aloni
Simcha Aloni and his family
Sara Bergman-Domb

Eternal tombstone

In memory of our ancestors, the unforgettable children: The late Rabbi Naftali Hertz ben Mordechai Halberstadt

The late Yente-Gittel, the daughter of the late Israel-Dov Liebernat-Halberstadt

Who were murdered in the last extermination of the Siedlce ghetto (Poland) on the 20th-22nd of Kislev 5703 (29.11-1.12/1942).

Our late sister Roiza and our late brother-in-law Yosef Citrin and their late son Mordechai.

Who were killed in the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto on the 13th -19th of Nissan 5703 (18-24.4/1943).

The commemorators:
Israel Halberstadt and his family - in Israel.
Henya (Nolka) Halberstadt-Teitel- in Israel.
Shmuel Halberstadt and his family - in the United States.

For eternal memory!

The graves of our dear and esteemed parents The late Rabbi Feibel-Shraga, the son of the late Avraham Greenspan, who died in Warsaw on the 14th of Kislev, 5698 (18.11/1937), the late Miriam-Sara, the daughter of the late Avraham Zilberzahn-Greenspan, who died in Warsaw on the 18th of Adar A 5696 (12.3/ 1936), our late brother Avraham Greenspan, who was murdered in Siedlce on 11th Elul 5680. Our late brother Ya'akov (Yanek) Greenspan and his family, who were killed in Siedlce ghetto on the 11th of Elul 5702, Our late brother Itzchak (Adek) Greenspan, who died in Siedlce ghetto on the 26th of Tevet, 5702 and his family, who was killed in the ghetto, our sister Perill (Pulia) Greenspan-Zeitlin and her late son, our sister Sheindel (Stasha) Greenspan- The late Herzlberg, our late sister Bluma (Malbina) Greenspan.

The mourners: the only one left alive from the entire extended family
Rachel (Lonia) Greenspan-Halberstadt and her husband Israel Halberstadt with their daughter Miriam in Israel.

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The Halberstadt family
Nahum Halberstadt - Transferred to Treblinka: 25-11-42
Itke Halberstadt from the Rubinstein family - Transferred to Treblinka: 25-11-42
Hirsch Halberstadt - Killed with his family in Warsaw
Israel Halberstadt – Died in ghetto Siedlce: 9-12-41
Dr. Helena Papau – Murdered: 22-8-42

The Goldfarb family
Heinech Goldfarb - Transferred to Treblinka: 25-11-42
Rachel Goldfarb from the Brenner family - Transferred to Treblinka: 25-11-42
Chaya Virtsershol from the Goldfarb family - killed in Warsaw
Lib Godfarb - Died in Warsaw
Sima Ya'akobowitz from the Goldfarb family - Murdered in Warsaw with her husband
Asher Goldfarb - fell in August in the general Polish uprising

  The bitter mourners:
Henya and Moshe Halberstadt and their sons
Bluma Goldfarb and David Shedroytski

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Memorial prayer
We bitterly weep the death of our loved ones, the death of our dear father and teacher, the late Dov, the dearest and modest person, the death of our late sister Dvorah and her family and the death of our younger brother Ya'akov and his family, who were killed and died a martyr's death by the impure Nazi murderers.

Their precious memory will never be forgotten!

  Mordechai and Sara Temkin.

The beloved and pleasant in their lives
Our father, the Hassid and honest in man, the chairman of the merchants' bank committee, the late Rabbi Kalman Friedman.
Our mother, he educated and humbled, the late Mrs. Rachel (from the Folman family) who were murdered and burned at Treblinka.
Our sisters, the innocent Feigele, who was an employee of the “Taz” and the hospital in Siedlce, and the young and graceful Dina'tche, who did not want to leave our parents, and was murdered in Siedlce.
Their memory will not be forgotten!

  The survivors:
The sons: Avraham, Menachem and Zechariah and their families (in Israel)
And the daughter: Leah'tche and her family
(Mebila, Greenbaum, in Paris)

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For eternal memory!
The Zelzstein family: Israel, Esther-Malka:

Itzchak (Idel), Tzluva, Levi Gutgeld, Rachel, Sara.

The Weiman family, Bunim - Masha:

Shmuel, Vira, Ya'akov, Aharon, Miriam, Frida, Heinech Vegoski, Mendel, Henya, Yosef
Gutgeld, Feliya, Zaman Rotfeld, Chaya'le, Avraham, Hana'ke from the Frester family.

Herschel Lederman and Masha

Etke and Aharon Gerstein, Simcha, Gittel and the boy.

  Bitterly mourn:
The Weiman Dov family,
The Zelzstein Shalom family,
The Ledeman Dov family.

The Mordasky family
My dear and kind father, Rabbi Aharon, the son of Abba Mordasky
My mother Riesel My sister Chaya
My sister Schindel
My brother Ya'akov
My sister Feigele

  I will never forget them
Israel Mordasky and his family

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For eternal memory
Our father and grandfather, Rabbi Itzchak Asman, who died in 1931.
Aryeh-Leib, the son of Itzchak Asman, who died with his wife Hannah, the daughter of Dov, in the Siedlce ghetto.
Shamay Asman and his Haim.

For eternal memory
Ya'akov Goldberg, who died in the ghetto.
Mirel Goldberg, who was murdered with her children by the Nazis.
Chaim Goldberg and his family Feivel Goldberg and Moshe Goldberg.
The mourners who survived, and the memory of their loved ones will never be forgotten:
  Simcha Asman and his family (in the United States)
Gavriel Asman and his family (in the United States)
Leah Ferfel from the Asman family and her family (in Israel)
Israel Asman and his family (in Israel)
Sara Friedman from the Goldberg family (in Israel)

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Eternal tombstone
In memory of our beloved father, Rabbi Hanoch - Hanich Steinberg, may the memory of the righteous be a blessing, the honest and precious in man.

In memory of our beloved sister, the late Rachel Steinberg (Goldberg),

Who were led to the massacre by impure Hitlerite taskmasters in 5702
(our father from Siedlce and our sister from Warsaw).

  Bitterly crying:
Moshe Steinberg - Israel - Tel Aviv
Yehuda Steinberg - Costa Rica - San Jose
Sara Steinberg (Aloni) - Israel-Tel Aviv
Avraham Steinberg - Israel - Tel Aviv

Eternal tombstone
In memory of my beloved and dear parents:
The late Rabbi Ya'akov Stavkovsky
The late Esther Stavkovski
In memory of my beloved and loyal sisters:
Chaya Stavkovski
Itke Stavkovski
Tova Stavkovski
Perla Stavkovski

Who found their death under the impure Hitlerite occupation in 5702 in the city of Siedlce.

  Bitterly crying:
Their only daughter and sister
Sima Stavkovski (Steinberg), (Israel, Tel Aviv),
and her husband Avraham Steinberg

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A memorial tombstone
In memory of our unforgettable loved ones:
Shraga Ben Yoel-Hirsch Mendelssohn

  The commemorators:
The Mendelssohn Family (Israel)

A memorial tombstone
Shalom Ben Itzchak-Isaac
Bluma-Male, the daughter of Yechiel
Arie Leib
Chaya'le Morgenstern
Eliezer, the son of Mordechai Kleinlerer
Golda the daughter of Shalom
Menachem Mendel

  The Morgenstern family

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Eternal tombstone
In memory of the son and brother Arie-Leib Pasovsky, the son of the late cantor Rabbi Yosef-Dov.
He fell on the Russian-German war as an officer in the Red Army in a battle near the city of Bialystok - in 8 Av, 5701.
He was buried in the Jewish cemetery in the city of Vawkavysk
His family was exterminated in the town of Brinsk.
Their memory will remain blessed!

  The commemorators:
The mother: Zvia Pasovsky
The brothers: Dov Ben Yosef and his family
Daniel Ben Yosef and his family
Netanel Ben Yosef and his family
Michal Ben Yosef and her family

State of Israel

To the eternal memory of my dear and beloved parents, Tov and Chaya-Liebe Finkelstein, my sister and brother-in-law Baruch Surbitz and their child Fridke (from Szambriv), in addition to all of my own relatives and friends – victims of the Nazi regime.

  The sole survivor
Dinah Finkelstein (Ranec)
Israel, Ramat-Gan, 12 Medel Street

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To The Memory of Those Who Are Not Forgotten
Tzalel and D'vorah and their children.
The children of Mendel and Rochel Tabakman, who were killed in the ghetto.
Berl Shiwek and Esther and their children;
Chana and her children,
Henyeh and her children
Who were killed in the ghetto.
Hodes and her husband and children, killed in Mord.
The children of Zelda and Mendel Shiwek.

  Dedicated by:
Yisroel Tabakman and his Sister Rozenzumen

In Eternal memory!
Rabbi Israel Rosenblum (Birzier), The great and devoted activist for the poor, became famous as chairman of the “Bethlehem” company, was an activist at “Mizrahi”.
Hershel Rosenblum and his wife Hannah, Moshe Rosenblum, Rachel Rosenblum (Kotlersky), Reisel Rosenblum, Primt Rosenblum - all were murdered by the impure Nazis.

  Bitterly mourners:
Dvorah Kriez, her husband Isaac and the children
In the State of Israel

In eternal memory of
our dear family Zlotowski
The parents:  
The father: Israel
The mother: Miriam (Maya)
The sisters: Nechama (and her husband Einech Zinstein and the children)
  Mina (and her husband Ya'akov Kamien and their children)
The brother: Itzchak

Of blessed memory

  Delivered by brothers:
David and Avraham - Haifa, Israel
Michal - Paris, France
The sister: Rosa - Minsk, Russia

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To the Eternal Memory

My Not Forgotten, Dear and Beloved Family

Parents: Ritza and Aaron-Yitzchak Shmukliarsz – killed in the Siedlce ghetto;
Brother: Elieer Shmukliarsz and his wife Leah and children – died in Siedlce;
Sister: Henyeh Yellen and her husband Dovid and children – killed in Warsaw;
Brother: Dovid – killed in Siedlce;
Sister: Esther – killed in a village near Siedlce;
My uncles: Baruch Mordechai Shmukliarsz and David Shimon Shmukliarsz and their families.
Feyga and Moyshe Bialilev and their children.
D'vorah and Avraham Gersht and their children.
Henyeh and her husband and children.
Moyshe Bergman, his wife Sarah, and their children.

  Their survivor and mourner, who eternalizes their memory
Rochel Shmulkliarsz-Weinstein and her husband
Avraham and Children (In Israel)

Memorial Candle

For the holy memory of my dear family members,
who were murdered by the impure Nazis and their helpers

The parents: Arie and Alta-Sara Orlansky
The brothers and sisters: Israel, Fishel, Batya, Hannah, Zviya and their descendants
This memorial page is dedicated with admiration and love

  By Yehoshua Orlansky

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With God's help
In memory of the Kramerzesh families in Siedlce
  1. Rabbi Zvi Menashe, the son of the late Rabbi Tuvia Kramerzesh (Rabbi Hershel Tuvia's) from 16 Deloga Street, a great and wise scholar, a Hassid and an activist with faith.
    His wife, Mrs. Miriam, the daughter of the late Rabbi Israel Ya'akov HaCohen
  2. The late Rabbi Mordechai Bar-Zvi Menashe Kramerzesh (Rabbi Mattel Kramerzesh) from 3 Uleina Street, a wise scholar, a Hassid with fear of God, with good virtues, who was involved in rescuing Jews during the Holocaust in Siedlce. (See the poem “The Savior” by the poet Shaul in the book “Lamoed”, which was published by “HaMizrachi” in the publishing of the late Rabbi Bar-Ilan in 5707, page 89: “In Siedlce, which was completely bombed, a wall remained and a savior, a wonderful Jew, etc., he saved the others but the savior was not saved”).
    His wife, the late Mrs. Figa, from the Papir family.
May their souls be bound up in the bond of life, May God avenge their spilled blood.

The mourners:
Rabbi Shmuel Menachem Karmesh-Can'ani and his family, Meshek Gvat, Israel. The son of Rabbi Hershel Tuvia's and the brother of Rabbi Mattel Karmesh.
Mr. Yehoshua Karmesh and his wife Hannah Sara from the Riza family, Kiryat Haim, 45 A.B. Street, the son of the late Rabbi Hershel Tuvia's and the brother of the late Rabbi Mattel Kramesh.
Mr. Simcha Bunem Karmesh and his wife Esther Sara from the Lubliner family and their sons, Haifa, 38 Sirkin Street, the son of Rabbi Mattel Karmesh and the grandson of Rabbi Hershel Tuvia's.
Mrs. Mindel Karmesh-Sheinfeld, Givat Aliya and her family, the daughter of the late Rabbi Mattel, etc.
Mr. David Karmesh-Cna'ani and his family, the Ma'agan Michael group, the son of the late Rabbi Mattel, etc.
(The late son Ya'akov fell in 1948 in the War of Independence in the Battle of Tantura, may God avenge his blood).

In memory of the Lubliner family in Siedlce
The late Rabbi Nachum-Ze'ev Lubliner
His wife, Mrs. Sima, the daughter of Rabbi Itcha Tabakman
Their children: Joshua, Abraham, Henya, Chaya and Hannah.
May their souls be bound up in the bond of life, May God avenge their spilled blood

  The mourners:
Their daughter and sister Esther Sara,
the wife to Mr. Simcha Bonam
Karmesh, Haifa, 38 Sirkin Street

In memory of the Riza family in Siedlce
The late Rabbi Itzchak Aharon, Riza
His wife, the late Mrs. Rebecca
Their children: Israel, Sa'arke (Finkenkavish), Toive (Gingold), Chaya (Shmilina) and Esther (Guthalf)

  The mourners:
Their daughter and sister Hannah Sara Kramesh,
the wife of Mr. Yehoshua Kramesh,
Kiryat Chaim, 45 A.B. Street

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For eternal memory of our father and his family
Who were exterminated by the impure Nazis in the month of Elul, 1942 in Siedlce.
Bunim Rybak, the son of Avraham-Itzchak.
Meir Rybak, the son of Avraham-Itzchak
with his wife and their children.
Baruch with his wife and their children;
Avraham Shlifke, the son of Itzchak
with his wife and their children.
Meir Shlifke with his wife and their children.
Zalman Shlifke, the son of Itzchak, with his wife and their children.

  Bitterly mourners:
His wife Malka Rybak, their sons and their wives,
grandson and the brothers - the Rybak family.

For eternal memory of our parents and brothers,
who were murdered by the Nazis in the city of Siedlce
Ya'akov-Zvi, the son of Arie Galitsky
Bila-Ides, the daughter of Moshe-Ze'ev
Mattel, the son of Ya'akov-Zvi
David, the son of Ya'akov-Zvi

  Bitterly mourners, those who survived:
The boys with their wives
The girls with their husbands
And the grandchildren
The Galitsky family in Israel

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For eternal memory
Our parents
Father: Haim Bernholtz
Mother: Sara
Our brother: Moshe
The sisters: Chantshe and Gittel
Mother: Basha Vishniya
Brother Shlomo
The sister: Leah

Eliezer Bar-Haim (Bernholtz)
Chava Lishniya - Bar Haim

In memory of Aaron and Itke Libernat and their
children, Sara and Zvi Rubinstein and their children
Dove and Shaul Bernholtz and their children
Israel and Chaya Libernat and their children
Binyamin Libernat

  The commemorator:
Gila Binstock
(Haifa, Israel)

My father and my teacher, Rabbi Avraham-Zvi Serbernik
Mother: Sprintza Sisters: Desha and Bila

  The commemorator:
Israel Serbernik

In memory
Mother: Rivka Kirshenbaum
The brothers: Mordechai, Yehoshua and Shlomo
The sister: Figa

  The commemorator:
Chanina David Devani Kirshenbaum

An eternal candle
In memory of my father: Itzchak Orzel
Mother: Sara-Shifra
My sister: Dove
My brother: Matityahu

  The commemorator:
Reuven Orzeshel
(in Israel)

I will never forget
My brother: Ben Zion Kamineni
My sisters: Esther and Rashka Kamineni

  The commemorator:
Avraham Kamini

In memory of my Mother Nehama Binstock
Her sisters: Itke and Yente, Rachel and Herzl Tiblum and their children,
Hannah and Eliezer Zashirovich and their children

  The commemorators:
The brothers
Zvi and Avraham Binstock

A memorial
For my brother: Baruch Shapira
And my sister: Rashka

  The commemorator:
Alexander Shapira

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We will not forget our loved ones forever!
In memory of my father and my teacher: Matityahu Obogi
Mother: Hannah
The sisters: Gittel, Rivka, Hinke, Chaya and Perl
The brothers: Ya'akov, Leibel and Yosef

  The commemorator:
Yechiel Obogi

In memory of my father: Aharon Drozeshansky,
My sister: Schindel
Grandfather: Rabbi Mendel
And my grandmother: Rachel

  The commemorator:
Israel Drozeshansky

My father: Rabbi Avraham Rybak
My mother: Gittel
My brothers: Herschel and Barish
My wife: Menucha
And my dear son: David

  The commemorator:
Mordechai Rybak

An eternal memory
To mother: Zelta-Esther Mister
My sisters: Pearl-Hannah, Breindle
My brothers: Ya'akov, Yisha'ayahu

  The commemorator:
Menachem Mister

In eternal memory!
My parents: Asher Yubiler
And his wife Zvia
My brothers: Moshe, Meir-Shalom and Heinech
My sister: Esther (and her husband Ben-Zion)

  The only commemorator that survived from the family:
Avraham Yubiler-Tzoref and his family
(in Israel)

May their souls be bound up in the bond of life
In memory of the saints:
My parents: Moshe Berenfeld and Esther -Piga
My brothers: Shlomo, Mindel, Hainka, Alteka and all my family
Rabbi Nachman Baranek and his wife Rivka-Pearl

  The commemorators:
David Bernfeld,
Freide Bernfeld (Barenek),
Yehuda Baranek

(State of Israel)

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For eternal memory
Our father: Avraham the son of Shmuel Tsetskis
Our mother: Hinda Tsetskis
Our sister: Shifra Tsetskis
Our brother: Shmuel Tsetskis
Our sister: Gittel Tsetskis
Our sister: Brina-Rivka Tsetskis
Our sister: Hannah Tsetskis

  The mourners:
David Tsetskis and his family
Fishel and his family

In memory of the Yaberboim family
Our father: Matityahu-Menashe Yaberboim
Our mother: Rivka Yaberboim
Our sister: Leah Yaberboim
Our brother: Isaac Yaberboim
Our brother: Shimon Yaberboim
Our brother: Chaim Yaberboim

  The mourners:
Mordechai and his family
Sara Wolfling and her family

The Suchozewski family
My father: Moshe-Meir Suchozewski
My mother: Hinda Suchozewski
My brother: Mordechai (Max) Suchozewski
My brother: Asher Suchozewski
My brother: Baruch Suchozewski

  The mourner:
Avraham Suchozewski
(In Israel)

The Nauchichel family
My father: Hersh-Leib, the son of Hanna- Shifra
My mother: Dvorah
My brother: Ya'akov
My brother: Shalom-Meir
My brother: Avraham-Yosef
My sisters: Sara, Figa

  Bitterly mourns:
Hannah Nauchichel-Tzfoni with her family

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For eternal memory
The father: Isaac Chernibroda
The mother: Rachel
The brother: Bunim (and his wife and children)
The brother: Moshe
The brother: Chaim

  Bitterly mourns:
Sara with her husband
And her son Ya'akov
Cheshka and her husband

They were also among the six million
The honorable Hassid, Rabbi Leib Listik and his wife, who were murdered in Warsaw
Their son, who devoted all his years to the Zionist idea, Yosef and his wife, who were murdered in the Cititz
Their only daughter Sheindel with her husband and their two children, who were murdered in Warsaw

  The mourner: Their only surviving son:
David Listik with his wife and son
(In Tel Aviv)

For eternal memory
The mother: Frida Nussboim
My brother: Shmuel with his wife Esther and the children
My sister: Hannah and her husband, Haim Berg and their son, David
My brother: Simcha
My sister: Mina Spetsiska with her husband and their child Moshe, who were murdered in Baranovich

  The one who survived:
Shmuel Nussboim
(In Israel)

In memorial
My father: Nachman-Neta Sheklerz
My mother: Henya-Braina
My brother: Chaim-Aharon (with his wife Tzitza, from the Sukenik family and their children)
My sister and her husband: Rivka and Nathan Sheklerz
My cousin: Chaya, from the Mokovotsky family

  The mourner:
Ya'akov-Zvi Sheklerz and his wife

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For eternal memory
The Zelikovich family
My mother: Frida-Rivka-Rachel
My brothers: Isha'ayahu-Binyamin and his family
Moshe-Zelig and his family, Yehuda-Leib and his family, Pinchas, David
My sister: Zlata-Itke Teiblum and her husband Israel Teiblum and their family
To The Eternal Memory
Our dear Chasidic father, R. Moyshe Kleinlehrer, son of R. Chaim Shochet, of blessed memory—who died at the beginning of the struggle in Siedlce
Our clever mother: Itke;
Sisters: Chana and Rochelle and
Brother: Yitzchak
Brother Binyamin and his wife Dova (née Zucker);
Aunt Esther Levin (killed in Paris).

  The survivors:
Sarah Kleinlehrer (Mordechowicz) (Israel);
Aunt Rivkah Mandelman (America);
Binyamin's children: Betty, Moshe and Esther's daughter Eva (in Paris)

The Rotberg family
My parents: Elijah-Hinach and Pesia
My brothers: Itzchak and Ya'akov and their families
My sister: Zletke Farbstein and her husband Itzchak and their family
My brother: Avraham, who died in 1937
My parents: Ya'akov and Gittel Lubelski
My brothers: Menachem, Shamai and Shalom

  The commemorator:
Aliza Lubelski (Alpert)

Obituary notice
With a feeling of respect and awe, we, who remain alive from all of our families and their entire family members, stand in silent, remembering our dearest and loved ones in life and death, the families:
Doa, Tochklepper, Freilich
Who were murdered and killed in cold blood by the cruel enemy of the people of Israel in Siedlce, our hometown.

  The survivors who live in Israel (Netanya):
Doa Ze'ev,
Chaya Tochklepper,
Zalman Freilich

To the Eternal Memory
of my beloved wife and children, who were killed in Siedlce by Hitler's Murderers:
Chanah bas Yakov; Yakov ben Simcha, Freyda-Dinah, Yitzchak, Reuven, Sarah-Leah.

  In deep sadness, their surviving Husband and father:
Simcha Shlipke (Israel)

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In memory of the Orlovsky family
My father: Zeev Ben Zalman Orlovsky
My mother: Zvia, who died after a severe illness
My brothers: Zalman with his family, Mordechai with his family, Matityahu with his family
My sisters: Yeudit with her family, Sara with her family, Bracha with her family
  The mourners:
Shoshana with her husband: Moshe Shmukler
(In Israel)
In memory of our father: Aharon-Eliezer, the son of Menachem-Mendel HaCohen Druzensky
Our sister Schindel
Our brother Ya'akov, who fell in the forests of Russia with his wife Figa

  The mourners:
Shlomo and his wife,
Israel and his wife

In memory of Nathaniel, the son of Itzchak Greenbaum
His wife, Hannah Rachel and their family
  The mourners:
The brother-in-law
and the sister-in-law Moshe and Shoshana Shmukler

In memory of my brother: Baruch-Mordechai Shmukler, his wife Figa and their family
  The survivor:
Moshe and his wife Shoshana
In memory of my father: Moshe, the son of Kalman Weinstein
My mother: Gittel, the daughter of Leib Friedman
My sister: Chaya-Sara, the daughter of Moshe Weinstein
My sister: Sima Ackerman, the daughter of Moshe Weinstein
  The mourners:
Sima-Moshe Weinstein
Yaffa Druzensky (Weinstein)
In memory of Aaron- Itzchak, the son of Shmuel-Ya'akov Shmukler, his wife Ratza, with their whole family

  The mourners:
Their daughter: Rachel Weinstein,
The brother: Moshe Shmukler
and his wife

In memory of our mother: Rivka Weinberg, the daughter of Leibel Smiatizcki (Frives)
Our brother: Dan Ziskind, the son of Avraham-Moshe Weinberg, his wife: Golda from the Eisenberg family
The grandfather Rabbi Leibel Smiatizcki (Frives)
  The mourners:
Chaya Weinberg-Abramovich
Esther Weinberg-Austria
David-Shimon and his wife

Malka with the family

  The mourners:
Moshe and Shoshana Shmukler
In memory of my father: Shlomo Warnerbaum
Yirmiyahoo Wanderbaum
Ziskind Wanderbaum
Hava Wanderbaum Zakalik
Henya Wanderbaum
Levy Miriam Wanderbaum
Fillet Wanderbaum Raphael Gurfinkel
  The mourner:
Mina Wanderbaum
(In Israel)

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In memory of
The mother: Rivka, the wife of Rabbi Aharon Ekhoiser
The brother: Shmuel, the son of Rabbi Aharon Ekhoiser and his family
The sister: Esther with her husband and the rest of the family
  The mourners:
Shalom, Hannah and their family and Figa
In memory of
Natan, the son of Uziel Kaveh, Rivka with her whole family
Moshe, the son of Uziel Kaveh with the family

  The mourner:
Hannah, the daughter of Uziel Kaveh
with her husband

In memory of
The father: Chaim, the son of Yoff Zaionz
The mother: Rivka, the wife of Rabbi Chaim Zaionz
The sister: Gila Fishman and her daughter Shenela
  The mourners:
Hannah, Shalom Ekhoiser
In memory of
Yosef, the son of Chaim Novchinski
Rivka, the daughter of Yehoshua Novchinski of the Visoki family
Joshua, the son of Yosef Novchinski
Berill, the son of Yosef Novchinski with his family
Ita, the daughter of Yosef Novchinski with her family
Fina, the daughter of Yosef Novchinski with her family
Hershil, the son of Yosef Novchinski with his family
Vellvell, the son of Yosef Novchinski with his family
  The mourners:
Chaim and his wife (Israel),
Sara Gerber and her husband (Canada)
In memory of
Ita Giora, Mandel's wife
Yehuda with his family
Motel with his family
Barish with his family
Meir with his family
Israel with his family
  The mourner:
Hannah Peshishtshilina
In memory of
Our father Binush, the son of Nahum Steinberg
Our mother: Frida, the daughter of Avraham Edelstein
Our brothers: Simcha, the sone of Binush and his wife Luzna Vilnia
Our sister: Hannah Greenberg with her husband and children
Our brother: Zvi-Hersh - killed in Lodz
  The mourners:
Moshe Steinberg and his wife
Mirtza Steinberg and her husband
In memory of
My father: Ya'akov Tiblum
My mother: Dina Tiblum
My brother: Gedaliahu Tiblum
My brother: Mendel Tiblum
My sister: Ettil Tiblum
  The mourners:
Yona Ben-Ze'ev and his family
(In Israel)
In memory of
Our dear mother: the late Rachel, the daughter of Shmuel and Leah, who starved to death in the steppes of Ukraine on the 19th of Av, 5704 (6-8-44)
Her memory will be blessed!
  The mourners:
Her sons: David, Raphael and Frida

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In memory of the Geffen family
My teacher and my Rabbi, the late Shlomo-Zalman Geffen
My mother is my teacher, the late Mrs. Sara-Gittel
My brother: the late Itzchak-Aharon and his family
My sister: Tzipa and her family
My sister: Miriam Sprinza and her family
My brother: the late Yeruham-Fishel
My brother: the late Avraham
  The last remnant
of the Geffen family in Siedlce
Shimon-Mendel Geffen (In Israel)

In memory of the Friedman family in Siedlce

My mother: Yocheved, the daughter of the late Shlomo-Zalman Weinberg
My brother: Joseph
My sister: Hannah

  The one who Survived:
Moshe Friedman

In memory of the Hertz family

My father: the late Yosef, the son of Nissan Hertz
My mother: Frida, the daughter of Aharon Ekheizer
My brothers: Menashe, Avraham and Chaim

  The mourner:
Moshe Hertz (United States)

In memory of the Holtzman family in Siedlce

My father and teacher, the late Rabbi Nissan Holtzman, my mother and teacher, the late Mrs. Pesia-Leah
My brother: the late Pesach-Yona Holtzman and his family, my brother: the late Moshe-David
My late sister Figa and her family, my late sister Rivka-Nechama, my late sister Chaya
  The last remnant of the Holtzman family:
Isaha'ya Holtzman
(Haifa, Neve Sha'anan neighborhood)

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For eternal memory
The parents: Mordechai Burstein and his wife: Rivka
The sisters: Zletka, Frida, Rachel
  The commemorators:
Mendel Burstein
Moshe Burstein
The parents: Nathan Greenberg Mattel Greenberg
The sisters: Leah, Yente
The brother: Yosef
  The commemorators:
Hannah Molodonic and her family
Gute Rinechki and his family
The parents: Ya'akov Sokolowski Rebecca Sokolowski
The brothers: Moshe and David
The sister: Sara
  The commemorator:
Asher Sokolowski
My uncles: Ya'akov Langer - murdered in Danzig
Pinchas Langer - murdered in Paris
His wife Hannah
And their children: Moshe, Bluma and Israel
  The commemorator:
Asher Sokolowski
(Tel Aviv)
The names of the deceased
The parents: Moshe Uzik Pesia Uzik
The sisters: Schindel, Zissel, Figa, Rivka
The brothers: Yosef and Ya'akov
  Those who survive and live in Israel:
Uzik Mordechai
Uzik Zvi
The parents: Figa-Rosa Altman, David Dazar
The brother: Chaim-Leib with his family
The sister: Pessia
The brothers: Eliyahu and Michael
The uncle: Yosef Goldstein and his family (chairman of the orphanage)
  The commemorator:
Shmuel Altman

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For eternal memory
Zvi-David Kava, murdered in Siedlce
  The commemorator:
Israel-Pesach Kaveh (Petah Tikva)
A memorial tombstone
To our dear father, mother and sisters:
Rabbi Ya'akov, Sara, Leah and Esther Rosenberg
Who perished with all the people of Israel while their hearts were belonged to Zion

  The commemorators:
Isser and Zehava Rosenberg
(Pines-Hadera Village)

The parents: Shmuel Fischer Reisel Fischer
The sister: Hannah
The brother: David
The sister: Schindel

  The commemorator:
Zvi Fischer


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