Memorial Book of the Community of Siedlce
(Siedlce, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer yizkor le-kehilat Shedlets

Editor: A.Wolf Yassni (Jasny)

Published in Buenos Aires 1956



Project Coordinator

David Aron Mink


Principal Yiddish Translator

Theodore Steinberg


Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Sefer yizkor le-kehilat Shedlets
(Memorial book of the community of Siedlce),
Editor: A.Wolf Yassni (Jasny), Buenos Aires 1956 (H, Y 813 pages).

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TOC translated by Rita Ratson

Title Author Page
A Word from those Responsible for the Siedlce Yizkor Book in Argentina   XI
Introduction the Editors XIII
A History of the Jews in Siedlce Yitzkhak Kaspi 3
Notes and Bibliography   292
The Orthodox Siedlce Rabbi Kalman-Eliezer Frenkel 295
Parties and Social Institutions
Siedlce – The Zionist City F. Drumy (Popowsky) 317
In the Shade of the Kalina Trees as a Souvenir of My Beautiful Hometown Dr. M. Temkin 340
Pioneering Youth–Movement in Siedlce David ben Yosef (Pasowski) 346
Memories and Reflections Eliezer Bar-Haim (Bernholtz) 354
Organization of Chasidic Youth and “Youth of the East” Avraham Friedman 360
The Jewish National Fund Bazaar in Siedlce Avraham Friedman 366
The Ger Prayer House A. Friedman 369
The Activities of “Workers Of Zion” [Po'alei Tzion] in Siedlce Yisrael Tabakman (Netanya) 371
The Leftist Workers Movement in Siedlce M. Yudengloibn, Buenos Aires 393
Activity of the “Bund” in the Period Between the Two World Wars Getzel Lustgartn 404
Jewish Workers of Siedlce after the First World War David ben-Yosef (Pasovsky) 408
The Community P. Drumy (Popowsky) 413
Development of the Jewish Credit System in Siedlce B. Mintz 425
Activities Of “Toz” [Jewish Healthcare] And “Women's Circle” For Child Welfare Dr. M. Shlaycher, Haifa 449
Synagogue and Culture Activity
The Yiddish School System in Siedlce Moshe Mandelman, New York 457
The Hebrew School System in Siedlce P. Dromyk–Popowsky 483
My memoirs from Siedlce (A speech that was not given) Yosef Okon 502
“Group of Lovers of the Language of the Past” David ben Yosef (Pasovsky) 504
The Library and the Society “Jewish Art” Moshe Mandelman 506
The Orthodox Newspaper “Our Road” Rabbi Mayer Schwartzman (Winnipeg, Canada) 516
Memories of Writers, Types and Images
Poland Mordechai Temkin 523
Peretz in a Pogrom City Yoyl Mastbaum (Tel Aviv) 524
My homeland Mordechai Ovadia 532
Memories from the Gymnasium Days Dr. Chaim Lifshitz 535
Types and Figures from Siedlce of the Past Y.N. Weintraub 537
Avrahamele Rosenberg Hersh Abarbanel (Buenos Aires) 556
Yisroel Rosenblum–The Head of the “Beis Lechem” Synagogue Dovid ben Yosif 564
Reb Yitzchok “Eisner” Yisroel Winograd 566
The late Hazan Yosef Pasovsky M.S. Gashuri 570
R. Yisroel Gutgelt M. Dromi 573
In Memory of the late Levi Gutgeld the 14th Baruch Yaffe 576
Mordechai Meir Landau Levi Gutgeld 579
Kalman Galitzky
Y. Goldberg 581
Yitzchok Moykher-Sforimnik
Y. Goldberg 582
Yosef Rosenvasser
Y. Goldberg 584
The Feldsher A. Gron Yakov Tenenbaum 586
Hershel Tenenbaum, of Blessed Memory F. Drumy (Popovsky) 588
My teachers Y. Goldberg 590
Folk Stories of Siedlce
A Siedlce Conversion Story Yitzkhok-Nakhum Weintraub 604
“Devils” Yehoshua Goldberg 610
Destruction of Siedlce
Out of the avalanche Shlomo Rosen 617
I Survived the German Extermination of Jews Herztel Kaveh 626
The Destruction of Siedlce Ida Yom–Tov (Tenenbaum) 648
My Survival During the German Occupation Rokhl Shmukliasz-Vainshtain 674
About the Final 2000 Jews of Siedlce Dov–Ber Blechstein (Jerusalem) 676
Number of Jews in Siedlce at the time of the War's Outbreak
and in Different Periods of the German Occupation
Dates of Jewish Martyrdom in Siedlce   705
Inhabitants of Siedlce in the entire world
Inhabitants of Siedlce in Israel David ben Yosef (Popovsky) 713
Organization of Siedlce Townsmen in Israel Y. Kaspi 721
Jews of Siedlce in the Diaspora Y. Kaspi 725
Jews From Siedlce in Belgium Yisrael Tabakman 737
The Siedlce Landsmanshaft of Buenos Aires Moshe Yudengloibn 747
Obituary   755
Names extracted from Obituary section  


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