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Rozniatow Yizkor Book

Translation of Photo Captions from the Hebrew-Yiddish Section

The Great Synagogue, with the Beis Midrash on the right and the old Kloiz on the left 15
{no caption provided – the title page of Ketzot Hachoshen, a commentary on the Code of Jewish Law.} 21
Yisrael Leizer, the Lamed Vov [1] standing by the house of Chanina Weissman. From right: Chana Friedler, Meir Falik, Lotty Fried, and Katriel Rechtschaffen. 38
The square, photographed in 1929. At the right is the home of Kringel, Keller, and Gelobter. 49
The activists. From right: Shimshon Rechtschaffen, Yeshayahu Lutwak, Shuli Tanne, and Shabtai Falik. 55
On the right: Yehuda Tzvi Stern. On the left: Mordechai Hoffman. 56
Youth of Rozniatow on Hachshara, 1936. 59
{upper photo} The Trumpeldor Covenant Organization. First row, from left: Dvora Hoffnung, Rachel Barnik, Chaim Frisch's daughter, and Beiltsha Kassner. {lower photo} Trumpeldor Covenant in 1933. First row on left: Yeshayahu Axelrad. Second row on left: Yosef Shapira. 61
A class in the national school of Rozniatow, 1938. 62
Lag Baomer festivities in the Tarbut school, 1936. 63
The Hebrew School, 1922. 64
A square for the wagon drivers, opposite the house of Chanina Weissman. On the right is Gross' house. 66
{no caption – a report card from the “Safah Berurah” Hebrew school of Rozniatow. The student's name is Bendet Schwarz, a student in the fourth grade in 5673 – 1912). His behavior is excellent, and he was never absent.} 67
From right to left: Dvora Brand, Miriam Heisler-Yungerman, Rotenberg, Gitla-Tova Friedler, Yehudit Friedman (Heisler-Yungerman). 71
{exact same photo as page 71, with exact same caption. Must have been duplicated in error.} 72
Reb Abba the Melamed 77
{no caption – a report of promotion from the Talmud Torah of Rozniatow. The student's name is Yisrael Friedler.} 81
A reception for our fellow townsman Shmuel Rosenbaum of Argentina in 1953. 86
Chanina Weissman 87
The Czaczwa River behind the city. 90
The calm lake in Rozniatow. 97
Leibish Friedler of blessed memory. 99
The flood of 1927 in the old city. 100
The flood of 1927 damaged the home of Mordechai Mark. 101
From upper right: Dr. Nunik Lusthaus, Andzia Kanner, Moshe Lutwak, Dr. Leon Horowitz, Leah Horowitz-Klatsh. 105
Moshe Barnik 113
Seated: Yitzchak Barkai. Second row from right: Sosha Stern, Matilda Hoffnung, Betty Rosenbaum, Etka Stern, Esther Rosenbaum, Shabtai Rosenberg, Rosie Falik, Ashtzi Trau, Esther Weidman, Avrahamele Hoffman. 115
The Hebrew school in 1922. 117
Avrahamtche Silberberg 124
Purim ball for the benefit of the Keren Kayemet for Israel in 1935. Seated from right: Bronka Berger, Dvorche Gelobter, Rosa Muenz, Matilda Prinz, Salka Horowitz and her sister, Reizsha Rechtschaffen, Matilda Hoffnung, Dr. Menkes and his wife, Etka Adelstein, Blumcha Rechtschaffen. Behind them: Shabtai Falik, Ashtzi Trau, Marc Roter, Rosia Falik, Yehuda Hirsch Stern. Second row from the top, from the right: Dr. Leon Meisles, Max Adelstein,. Higher up: Phillip Ferscht. In the center holding the scroll (Megilla), Shabtai Rosenberg, Godel Schwalb. 134
{upper left} Shaya Frisch {upper right}Henche Frisch {lower right} Melech Lustig {lower left} Chana Lustig (Frisch) 136
Shimon Lustig 137
Vove Hoffman, the mayor of Rozniatow. 140
Moshe Rosenberg 143
Reb Tzvi Hirsch Rechtschaffen, the Hassid of the Rabbi of Glina. 145
At a Chanuka party in 1958 in Tel Aviv. From left: Yechezkel Neubauer, Zecharia Friedler, Nechemia Tanne, Mordechai Trau, the widow of Archie Berger. Mrs. Tanne, Mrs. Trau, Lischi Trau, Mrs. Weissman, Rosie Stern-Falik, Mordechai Stern. 148
Hirsch Gelobter and his wife. 171
The first ones who left Berlin for the United States after the war. Standing: Shaya Lutwak, Sashi Gelobter-Weidman, Meir Unger. 175
Hirsch Ratenbach and Yeshayahu Lutwak at the arrival of D. F. Langer in Berlin in 1946. 176
Meir Turteltaub 204
Stash Babi, who saved Jews, in front of his house. 218
Stash (Stanislav) Babi, one of the righteous gentiles. 219
Youth of Perehinsko in 5688 (1931)[2]. 221
{upper left} Sara Itta Juner. “The wisdom of women builds the home”, (Proverbs 14, 1) {upper right} Rivka Etinger the daughter of Reb Yitzchak Juner. {lower photo} Reb Yeshayahu Juner. Whomever knew them and their conduct understood the words of King Solomon that it is the wisdom of special women who build the home. Theirs was not an ordinary home, but a home filled with nobility and warmth, open broadly for all charitable matters. 227
{Upper photo} In the center is Chana Juner, to her right is her daughter Tzila Finter, and to her left Batya Kertenstein. Chana Juner was an extremely pious women, sincere, and not knowing and not tolerating of facades. She raised her daughters in an exemplary fashion and attempted as best possible to raise them in an honorable and glorious fashion both for this world and for the next world [3]. {lower photo} Tzipa Rotenberg, daughter of Reb Yitzchak Juner A new branch arose of noble stock, who continued in the good deeds that she inherited from her forbears. A daughter of the Juner family which was full of love and kindness to their fellow man, splendor and fineness. They did kind deeds at all times, they entertained guests, concerned themselves with helping the downtrodden and poor, and extended their arms to embrace anyone who was suffering. 228
The children of Reb Yeshayahu Juner: Rivka, Batya, and Baruch. 229
From right: Reb Yitzchak Bretler, his wife Bayla and father Reb Refael Bretler of Dolina. Bayla was the daughter of Reb Yeshayahu Juner. 230
Yenta and Tzvi Bretler, the grandchildren of Reb Yeshayahu and Sara-Ita Juner. 231
From right: Reb Yeshaya Juner and his father Reb Yitzchak with the Admor of Bolekhov and his Gabbai. 236
{group photo with no caption – the family of Yehuda Langnaur.} 237
The committee at a memorial service in 5731-1971. From left: Dr. Alter Berger of blessed memory and his wife, Bendet Schwarz, the Cantor Binyamin Unger, Zecharia Friedler, Yehuda Har Zohar-Zvierberg, Mordechai Stern. 244
The public school and the post office (on the left). 245
The courthouse. 249
1) Dr. Safir, 2) Dr. Feuer, 3) Dr. Sabat, 4) Dr. Diamand, 5) Dr. Redish, 6) Director Blaustein, 7) Dr. Kahane, 8) Dr. Katz, 9) Dr. Menkes, 10) Magister Leib Meiseles, 11) Magister Leib Horowitz, 12) Prinz, 13) Director Rosenberg. 255
A group of communal activists. From right: Shlomo Weidman, Peretz Sperling, Feivel Weber, Sender Friedler, Shalom Rechtschaffen, Herman Rubin, Avraham Groll, Zishi Aryeh Kuperberg, Leizer Deutcher, Shalom Hoffman. 257
Katriel the son of Kopel, the Shamash (sexton) in the Kloiz. 263
{upper photo} Herman Lutwak {lower photo} The Lutwak family. Reb Chaim Shimon and his daughter. David Moshe and Shaya. 267
Sitting from left: Yulek Turtelbaub, Moshe Lutwak, Dr. Nunik Lusthaus. Standing: Pinchas Kanner, Lulik Adelsberg, Lefel, Dr. Dolik Lusthaus. 274
Avraham Hoffman 277
A group of sportsmen 302
{same photo as page 245} On right, the public school, on left, the post office. 305
{no caption – letter signed by Jack Mayer, the rabbi of Magdeberg. 318
{no caption – group photo of a Zionist group.} 323
First row, from right: 1) Soshia Stern, 2) Tusia Fendel, 3) Esther Trau, 4) Tinchia Koral, 5) Yehuda Teffer (Lerer), 6) his wife Yutka Teffer, 7) Yaakov Tanne, 8) Malka Trau. Second row: Itka Lerer and her brother Yisrael Lerer, Miriam Zvierberg, Salka Lerer, Soshia Gelobter, Sholo Tanne, Mania Fendel, unknown, Chana and Shimshon Rechtschaffen, Ester Adlerstein, Rozia Weinfeld, Vove Strassman. 325
On an excursion in 1934. 329
{no caption – a group photo of seven young men.} 330
Hechalutz in Rozniatow. Seated: Mordechai Trau, Yehuda Hirsch Stern, Levi Rosenman. Second row: David Nussbaum. Third row: 4th Izak Barnik, 7th Mordechai Hoffman. 332
Reb Zecharia David Lieberman, mayor of Rozniatow. 335
Avraham Friedler-Scharf 341
Ben-Zion Horowitz 353
A group of Rozniatow natives at the dedication of a monument in the forest of the martyrs. Photographed by Mordechai Stern. 354
Reb Shmuel Wirt 357
{upper left} Lehtcha Falik and husband Leizer Geller. {lower left} Their children Adela and Baruch Bodzhi. {upper right} Vove and Paula Hoffman {lower right} The daughter Chatcha and her husband Leib Falik 372
Hechalutz in Broszniow, 1934. 382
{no caption – The Hebrew school of Perehinsko} 392
Zecharia Friedler, Bendet Schwarz and Mordechai Stern-Nussbaum lighting the candle at the memorial service in Tel Aviv, 1971. 393
Stasz Jureczka, one of the righteous gentiles who saved Jews at the risk of his own life. In the photo, we see Mir Jureczka on his deathbed. Yeshayahu Lutwak, one of the saved Jews of Rozniatow, stands over him. 443
Idzszia and Miczan Jangelevitch. With their help, Jews were saved. 454
At the memorial service of 5731 (1971)[4]. 463
{upper photo} At the memorial service of 5731 (1971)[4]. {lower photo} At the memorial service of 5731 (1971 [4]. 464
At the memorial service of 5731 (1971) [4]. 465
{upper photo} Rozniatow natives in the United States at the memorial service of 1971. First row, sitting from the left: Louis and his wife Eva Rizak, Olive and Shimon Lieberman, Klara Diamant, Anda Sternkler, Blima Eigenmacht, Blima Laufer. Second row: Rosa and Feivel Ginsberg, Kalman Katz and his wife, Ester Teffer, Max Stromwasser and his wife, Chana Landsman, Moshe Lutwak, Fami Axelrad, Dora Unger. Third row: Mendel Landsman, Yeshaya and Esther Lutwak, Leo and Adela Teffer, Bronia Kleinhammer, Sala and Munek Enis, Samuel Kirshenbaum, Yehuda Axelrad. {lower photo} At the memorial service of 56311 (1971)[4]. 466
Nechemia the son of Hertzl and Henche Shapira 467
Yitzchak Spiegel 468
Eliahu Heisler 471
Baruch Heisler, the son of Eliezer Yitzchak of Perehinsko. 474
Family tree of the Weinfeld family 476
{From this point all, all photos are part of the memorial dedication section.} Lea Fishman, the daughter-in-law of Zeev. 477
Azriel Rosenberg and his family. 478
{upper left} Azriel Wasserman {upper right} Heni the daughter of Azriel Diamant {lower} Itka Goldschmidt 479
Chaya Adler 480
{left} David Adler {right} Zeev Abba Adler 481
{upper} Reshi Fruchter the daughter of Meshulam {lower} Yaakov Fruchter the son of Meshulam, with his wife Yenti the daughter of Meir Frenkel, and her sister Atzi the daughter of Meir Frenkel and their children. 482
Yosef Shimon Stern 483
Kalman Halperin 484
{left} Mrs. Leah Berger {center} Bronchia Weidman-Berger {right} Archie Berger 485
{upper left} From right: the granddaughter of Lipa Tanne, Binyamin the son of Blumchi and Rotka Schwalb. {upper right} Avrahamche Cohen Friedler {lower} Blumcha Rechtschaffen 486
From right: Shlomo Rosenbaum, his wife, and daughter Rochchi. 487
{upper} Shlomo Rosenbaum {lower} Sobel Rosenbaum 488
Seated from right: Freda and daughter Henny, may she live long, Leibish and his wife Henny Lea. Standing: Sara and Gittel. 489
upper left} Sara Saraf {upper right} Yankel Saraf {lower} Freda Saraf 490
Chana Friedler (nee Weissman), the wife of Ochi, with her children Tova, Shmuel, Tzvia and Yosef. 491
{upper} Mordechai, Chana, and his wife Sara Friedler. {lower left} Shmuel Friedler {lower right} Chana and her daughter Chaya 492
{upper left} Yaakov Yampel, who fell as a partisan in the forests of Stryy. {upper right} Moshe Zimmerman {lower} Yosef Gelobter and his wife 493
Reb Meir Aharon Hakohen Londner, born in Stryy, lived all his days in Rozniatow, a great scholar and ardent Hassid of Strettin. He went to Palestine in 1908 and settled in the old city of Jerusalem. He was the head of Kolel Galitzia. {lower photo} The gravestone of Reb Meir Aharon Hakohen Londner, who died at an old age in Tzfat, the city of the Kabbalists. 494
{upper} Reb Elyakim Getzel the son of Shimon Spiegel, the son-in-law of Reb Meir Hakohen Londner. Born in 1872, killed on the 17th of Elul 5702 (September 8, 1942). {lower} Gittel the daughter of Reb Meir Aharon Hakohen Londner, born in 1872, killed on the 17th of Elul 5702 (September 8, 1942). 495
{upper} Yisrael Klinger and his wife {lower} Reb Yosef Leib Klinger and his wife Rivka 497
Mordechai the son of Binyamin Spiegel and his wife Rachel 498
Shmuel Leib and his wife Sheindel Weitzman 501
{upper} Dr. David Weitzman presenting a lecture {lower} Standing: Gittel, Moshe Shmerel, Yaakov, Shlomo Avraham, Rachel, Klara. Sitting from left: Fruma Wikler, Pinchas Knoll and Zeev Winkler. 502
{upper} Berchi and Esther Drimer, Yuchi, Fanchi, and Mordechai Rosenthal {lower} Yehuda Drimer 515

Translator's Footnotes

  1. A reference to one of the thirty-six righteous people, who by Jewish tradition, live in each generation and uphold the world. Back
  2. The Jewish and secular years do not correspond here. The Jewish year 5688 would correspond to 1927-1928, not 1931.  Back
  3. Referring to insuring both their physical and spiritual growth. Back
  4. Only a Hebrew date was given. The English date corresponds to 1970 or 1971. The Hebrew date given here is 5631, 100 years previous to what I wrote, but that is obviously an error. Back

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