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In the center is Chana Juner,
to her right is her daughter Tzila Finter,
and to her left Batya Kertenstein


Chana Juner was an extremely pious woman, sincere, and not knowing and not tolerating facades. She raised her daughters in an exemplary fashion and attempted as best possible to raise them in an honorable and glorious fashion both for this world and for the next world1.

Tzipa Rotenberg,
daughter of Reb Yitzchak Juner


A new branch arose of noble stock, who continued in the good deeds that she inherited from her forbears. The daughters of the Juner family were full of love and kindness to their fellow man, splendor and fineness. They did kind deeds at all times, they entertained guests, concerned themselves with helping the downtrodden and poor, and extended their arms to embrace anyone who was suffering.


Our Mother Sara Itta Juner, may G-d avenge her blood

She was the daughter of Chava and Reb Baruch Teomim – the great-grandchild of Reb Baruch Frankel Teomim (the author of the book “Baruch Taam”) and the son-in-law of the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Tzanz.

The majority of the rabbis of Galicia, such as Horowitz, Babad, etc. were related to her illustrious family. The regal splendor of holiness was poured over her noble face. She helped her husband in fulfilling his spiritual and public roles, and in educating the children in Torah and good deeds. She served as an example for her children with her charity, her pleasant ways, and her wisdom.

Our mother founded a charitable fund whose purpose was to give money for the needs of the Sabbath on a weekly basis to the poor of the town. She would give charity discreetly. She would send her children at night with provisions of food to the outskirts of the town – to a woman who had just given birth or a childless woman.

The children of Reb Yeshayahu Juner:
Rivka, Batya, Baruch


Our mother made sure that we would also study sciences. However, as a daughter of a rabbinical dynasty, she stood her guard lest we should, Heaven forbid, forget the source from which we were hewn, and our Torah. Her words were engraved very well in our hearts, and serve as our guiding light until this day.

At the time of the outbreak of the war, rabbis from her family were serving in the towns of Jaworow, Przeworsk, Stanislawow, Jaroslaw, Halicz, and others.

We, her children, pray to G-d that we can emulate our parents – in their generous characters and their personal sacrifice for their fellow man.

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