Memorial Book of Radzivilov
(Radyvyliv, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Radzivilov: Sefer zikaron

Edited by: Ya'acov Adini

Published in Tel Aviv, 1966



Project Coordinator

Ronald D. Doctor


Yizkor Book Translation Coordinator

Ellen Garshick

Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP, an activity of the
Kremenets District Research Group


This is a translation from: Radzivilov: Sefer zikaron
Memorial Book of Radzivilov,
ed. Ya'acov Adini, Tel Aviv: Organization of Radzivilov Emigrants in Israel, 1966 (H, Y).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Radziwillow

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We are thankful to Marilyn Urwitz, who conceived of the idea of translating this book, funded many of the translations, and inspired her family members to join her in contributing to the project. We also thank the volunteer translators, especially Elizabeth Kessin Berman, who translated many of the Hebrew sections of the book. Ros Romem also contributed Hebrew translations, and Danielle Charak contributed a translation of the Yiddish table of contents. Tina Lunson did the bulk of the Yiddish translation, and Rivka Schiller (with aid from Judy Fixler), Mary Jane Shubow, and Yaacov David Shulman translated Hebrew sections.

We are indebted to all of them for their devoted work on the project. We take full responsibility for changes made and any damage done to the work of our translators.

Ronald D. Doctor
Project Coordinator, Kremenets Yizkor Book Translation Project
Co–coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO–OP/JRI–Poland
An activity of the Kremenets District Research Group

Ellen Garshick
Yizkor Book Translation Coordinator, Kremenets Yizkor Book Translation Project
Kremenets Shtetl CO–OP/JRI–Poland
An activity of the Kremenets District Research Group

September 2016


Map of Vohlin


Map of Vohlin 2
Monument in the Tel Aviv Cemetery   8
Introduction   9
Chapters from the Past 12
Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov Amir Gilboa 13
History of the Jews in Radzivilov Dr. N. M. Gelber 15
The Town and Its History   19
Radzivilov, My Hometown Duvid Sheyn, of Blessed Memory 21
The Life of the Jews in Radzivilov Tsvi Zagoroder 29
Rabbi Itsikel of Radzivil Ben–Chayim 31
RYB”L in Radzivilov, 1807–1813   33
The Printing House in Radzivilov 35
From “The Wanderings of a Melody” Y. L. Peretz 37
Rabbis Who Served in Radzivilov 42
A Golden Chain 43
Reb Yakov Ger, of Blessed Memory Tsvi Zagoroder 48
Genealogy of Rabbi Yitschak Lerner, of Blessed Memory Pinchas Verthaym 51
Radzivilov in Russia's First Hebrew Newspapers M. Sh. Geshuri 52
From “Motil, Son of Peysi, the Cantor” Sholem Aleichem 54
The Synagogue in Radzivil and the Holy Ark That Was Hit by Lightning   55
A Note on the Great Synagogue and Its Holy Ark Mrs. Rachel Gurman 58
Radzivilov, 1900–1916 Menachem Goldgart 60
Radzivilov, 1914–1922 Aleksander Balaban 63
Memories of the Town Menachem Goldgart 68
The Life and Character of Moshe Mendil Ginzburg (Mes)   70
In Memory of Teacher Avraham Yehuda Poliak, of Blessed Memory Alexander Balaban 75
In Memory of the Teacher U. and R. Oren 78
Memorial to Radzivilov A. A. Avtichi–Hadari 79
From My Childhood Memories of Radzivilov Avi Sley 82
Dad's House Yehudit Sleyt Luski (Grubshteyn) 84
A. Zionism 91
History of the Zionist Organization in Radzivilov Menachem Goldgart 93
The Haganah in Radzivilov (1918–1919) Aleksander Balaban 97
With the First Ones Rachel Gurman 100
Zionism and Pioneering in Our Town Duvid Zahavi 102
The Pioneer Organization in Our Town Moshe Korin 105
More about Pioneer in Our Town Meir Vaynshteyn 109
Zionist Activists Arye Ayzen 111
Memories of Pioneering Yosef Spektor 113
Yafe Broida, the Female Tractor Driver Tsvi Zagoroder 114
B. Culture and Education
The Tarbut School (1920–1924) Buntsye and Tsivye 120
The Tarbut School (1924–1939) Tsvi Zagoroder 124
The Radzivilov Library Tsvi Zagoroder 128
Teachers in Radzivilov Arye Ayzen 132

[Page 6]

C. Houses of Prayer and Study Halls
Memories of the Great Synagogue Menachem Goldgart 133
Synagogues and Study Halls in Radzivilov Arye Ayzen 134
Religious Life in Radzivilov Tsvi Zagoroder 135
The Zionist Minyan Tsvi Zagoroder 138
D. Welfare Institutions
The Orphans Committee Tsvi Zagoroder 139
Mutual Aid Tsvi Zagoroder 140
Out of the Woe 143
Town Characters Arye Ayzen 145
In Contrast Moshe Korin 150
Episodes Arye Ayzen 152
Selling the World to Come for a Sack of Flour 152
Funeral for the Living Dead 153
Anything Can Happen 153
A Poor Man with a Starched Collar 154
Personalities and Figures 157
Moshe Taykh 159
The Modest One D. Melts 160
The Loyal Pioneer Sh. Broida 160
About His Image Menachem Goldberg 163
Defining Character 164
Yosef (Yozik) Zaks 166
Yozik / Miryam Barats 167
A Youthful Soul 167
Avraham Aychis 168
From Testimonials by Kibbutz and Movement Members Y. Bereginski, B. Marshak 169
Batye Aychis (Benderska) 170
Notes on Batye Rachel Katsnelson-Shezer and Chuma Chayot 171
Shimon Zahavi Y. Amir 172
The Soul of Shimon Zahavi, of Blessed Memory Aleksander Elyash 173
In Memory of Duvid Sheyn, of Blessed Memory Y. Ritov, M. Livai, A. Sh. Tal 174
Duvid Sheyn, of Blessed Memory 175
Yosef Oheli (Vayl) Ida 176
In Memory of Our Teacher Chave Zilberman 181
R' Moshe Duvid Balaban Aleksander Balaban 183
R' Shmuel–Zev Vaynshteyn Yitschak Vaynshteyn 186
A Portrait of My Father Tsvi Sley 190
Profile of Dvore Likhtman 193
In Memory of the Shif Family Buntsye 194
Mikhael Prochovnik Ch. F. 196
Bat–Sheve Nir (Strumin) Sh. N. 197
The Holocaust 199
Map of Radzivilov during the Holocaust 200
The Soul of Yosi, My Sister Bronya's Son Amir Gilboa 203
Testimony 205
The Destruction of Radzivilov Yitschak Vaynshteyn 210
Rabbi Itsikel Lerner's Last Journey Avraham Blum 229
Testimony 231
From the Memories of Yechiel Porochovnik 232
Review 251
Testimony: Ite Gun Recalls 252
A Daughter of Radzivilov on Her Town Shifra Poltorak 259
Fate Bela Finkelshteyn–Rashin 261
The Evils and Hardships I Endured Sheyndil Oks 263
The Story of Sore Halperin's Rescue   276
Yiddish Section

English Translation by Danielle Charak

From the Past 277
Radivil in My Memory … Duvid Sheyn 279
The Radzivil Synagogue and the Ark That Was Struck by Lightning 290
Comments Rachel Gurman 294
My Town, Radzivilov, in the Past Leyb Ayzen 296
Study Halls in Radzivil 301
Primary Teachers in Radzivil 301
Gemara Teachers 302
Members of the Radzivil Drama Circle 302
Town Characters Leyb Ayzen 303
Episodes Leyb Ayzen 308
Funeral for the Living Dead 308
Selling the World to Come for a Sack of Flour 309
Anything Can Happen 310
A Poor Man with a Starched Collar 311
Names and Nicknames in Radzivil Leyb Ayzen 314

[Page 7]

Death and Destruction 317
Forever in My Memory Moshe Korin 319
R' Itsikel's Last Journey 321
Review / Documents from Yad Vashem   322
Testimony Yitschak Vaynshteyn Recounts 325
Survey and Remarks 346
Testimony Yechiel Porochovnik Recounts 349
Song of Our Sorrow Leyb Ayzen 379
Review Y. Alperovitsh 380
Testimony Ite Gun Recounts 384
My Experiences Sheyndil Oks 399
How I Stayed Alive Etye Albert (Zlotnik) 416
I Will Remember Them 421
List of Radzivilov Martyrs 423
Photographs in Memoriam 439
Name Index

[Page 8]

At the Cemetery on Trumpeldor Street, Tel Aviv


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