Memorial Book to the Holocaust Victims
of the City of Pshaytsh
(Przedecz, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer yizkor le-kedoshei ir Pshaytsh korbanot ha-shoa

Edited by: Moshe Bilavsky et al.

Published in Tel Aviv 1974

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This is a translation from: Sefer yizkor le-kedoshei ir Pshaytsh korbanot ha-shoa
(Memorial book to the Holocaust victims of the city of Pshaytsh),
Editors: Moshe Bilavsky et al., Tel Aviv, Przedecz Societies in Israel and the Diaspora, 1974 (H, Y, 400 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Przedecz

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

In Eternal Memory 8
Introduction [Hebrew] The editors 9
Foreword [Yiddish] 12
A monument for the fallen Moshe Mokotoff 17
The soldier Zeev Rusk z”l 19
The soldier Eliezer Perlmutter z”l 22
On Three who have fallen Reuven Yemenik 23
The soldier Yakov Berg z”l 25
Staff-Sergeant Ram (Rami) Levin z”l 30
Ani Ma'amin [I Believe] Yitzhak Levin 41
Captain Yeshayahu Makovitzki z”l 43
In memory of my family z”l Shaul Makovitzki 50
A picture of the synagogue (drawn from memory) 52
The last dance Y. L. L. Shlomi 53
The concentration camp Chlemno A testimony 58
The day of the slaughter Reuven Yemenik 64
Chlemno cries out to the Heavens [Y] 67
The last hours [Y] Y. L. L. 73
The liquidation of the Przedecz Jews S. Mandlinger 76
My memories from those times [Y] L. Schweizer 79
In the Poizen camps [Y] L. Schweizer 89
The occurrences in the town Przedecz Y. Davidovitz 97
Ha Lahma Anya [“This is the bread of affliction” - from the Passover Haggada] Y. L. L. Shlomi 102
The silent bravery [Y] Y. L. L. 107
Mourning the town that is no more Lea Penini (Semelman) 110
A bundle of memories [Y] Y. L. L. 113
Only one memorial remained [Y] Y. L. L. 116
Why? (dedicated to R'Chaim Terner) Y. L. L. 121
Memories from my home Ester Berg (Semelman) 124
My father Michael Hersch Neumark [Y] Simcha Neumark 127
Memories Yosef Bilevski 129
To the memory of my home Reuven Yemenik 132
A monument [lit: gravestone] to my daughter that I never knew Yitzhak Levin 137
Hinda Yitzhak Levin 138
One of many [Y] Y. L. L. Shlomi 140
I am not an exception [Y] Yitzhak Levin 142
My family, of blessed memory Moshe Bilevski 149
A monument to my family that is no more Moshe Mokotoff 152
My home Lea Penini (Semelman) 150
My family z”l Fishel Goldman 162
Rochele from Letziarke Y. L. L. 164
Memories Moshe Yechimovski z”l 167
R'Itche Kovalski M. Bilevski 171
The figure and personality of Rav Semelman A. Talmid 177
The Kadisg Rav Y. Y. Frenkel 185
Testimony of Hilel Seidman 191
On the grave of my people 194
Tushia Yechmovitz calls for revenge [Y] Y. L. L. Shlomi 198
Memories from the Days of the Holocaust Reuven Yemenik 202
Shabbat in town Moshe Bilevski 206
The trial in the Synagogue Street [Y] Yitzhak Ben Shalom 209
My town Przedecz [Y] Reuven Yemenik 213
The Monument [Y] Y. L. L. 216
Tzeirei Mizrachi and Hashomer Hadati organizations Moshe Bilevski 218
The “Interest-Free-Loan” fund A. Psheitcher 225
“Visiting-the Sick” association, headed by Itche Weiden M. Bilevski 227
The Lodavi Bank A. Psheitcher 230
The town Przedecz [Y] Reuven Yemenik 231
“Yizkor” 245
Necrology of the Przedecz martyrs 246
A page in memory of our town's soldiers fallen in the battle against the Nazis 352
Our townspeople who died after the Holocaust 353
Conclusion 359
The Organization of Former Przedecz Residents 361
Addresses of our townspeople in Israel 364
Addresses of our townspeople in the World 365
The history of Przedecz and its Jews Prof' Aharon Brand-Urban 369
Przedecz - a general historical overview 371
The history of the Przedecz Jews and some data about the Jews in its surroundings 375
The Rabbis of Przedecz:
    R'Yakov Uri Shraga Hurwitz z”l and his ancestry 383
    R'Chaim Auerbach z”l and his ancestry 386
    R'Moshe Chaim Blum z”l 390
    R'Yehoshua Heshl David Goldschlag z”l 393
Yiddish and reading Hebrew in Przedecz 395
Bibliography 399


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