Memorial Book to the Holocaust Victims
of the City of Pshaytsh
(Przedecz, Poland)

Translation of
Sefer yizkor le-kedoshei ir Pshaytsh korbanot ha-shoa

Published by the JewishGen Press

Editors of Original Yizkor Book: Moshe Bilavsky, Reuven Yamnik, and Moshe Mokotov
Project Coordinator: Roberta Paula Books
Cover Design: Nina Schwartz, Impulse Graphics
Layout and Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
8.5” x 11” hard cover 320 pages with original photographs

Available from for $35.00


Przedecz, located in central Poland, had a vibrant Jewish community for some 600 years, starting at the end of the 14th century. In Yiddish, the city was known as Pshaytsh; in Hebrew, Pshedetz.

Most Jews worked as tradesmen, artisans, merchants and small traders. The community supported a synagogue, a bet midrash, a mikva, Jewish schools, a Yeshiva, a bikkur cholim society caring for the sick, and a benevolent fund which granted interest-free loans. The town had a Jewish library where people could meet to read books, attend dances, hear lectures, and see theatrical performances.

Nazis occupied the town in October 1939. Changing the town's name to Moosburg, they burned the Synagogue and began the persecution and killing of Jews. Nearly half were sent to forced labor camps, where most of them died of hunger and disease. In Przedecz, Jews were forced to live in a ghetto under horrific conditions.

In early 1942, they were packed into the local church and left for three days without food or water. On April 24, 1942, the remaining Jews were sent to the Chełmno death camp.

As the Editors wrote: This book is meant as a memorial and yahrzeit candle... revealing events and deeds in the lives of our dear ones, up to the years of the Holocaust.


Alternate names: Przedecz [Pol], Pshaytsh [Yid], Pshedech [Rus], Presheysh, Pshaych, Pshayts, Pshech, Pshedesh, Pshedetz, Pshedets [Heb]

Przedecz, Poland is located at 52°20' N 18°54' E and 89 miles W of Warsaw


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