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Glossary of Yiddish and Hebrew Terms

Pronunciation: 'j' = English 'y'; 'w' = 'v'; 'sz' = 'sh'; 'c' = 'ts'; 'cz' = 'ch'

Bima Area in the synagogue where the prayer leader recites the prayers
Buznicka Disturbance
Chassid, Chasid, Chassidic Follower of a Rabbinic dynasty and its beliefs
Cheder (pl chedorim, cheders) Jewish religious school
Chumash The Bible, the five books of Moses
Dojcz, Deutsh Deutsche
Eretz Israel Israel
Gemora(h), Gemara Explanation and discussion of Jewish laws
Goyim, goys Non-­-Jews
Landmanshaften Inhabitants of the same town
Landslayt People born in the same town
Maftir Final Reading of the Old Testament (Torah) in the synagogue on the Sabbath
Mishna Explanation and discussion of Jewish laws
Misnagdic, misnagid Assimilated
Mitzvot Commandments
Psiches Respect, honour acquired through religious learning
Ragotka Marketplace
Rashi Scholar, commentator on the Old Testament
Rebbe Rabbi
Seder Passover service
Shtadlanut Intercession, pleading, lobbying
Shtibl, shtiblach, shtiblakh 'Rooms'; small houses of prayer and learning
Shulchan Oruch Code of Jewish law
Tzedaka Charity
Tzitzit Fringes of a prayer shawl
Yizkor, Yiskor Memorial, remembrance
Yomtov Jewish festival
Zanszyn, Zbonshin, Zbonszyn Torture camp


Variants of names

Arija, Arie, Aria
Elijohu, Eliyahu, Elijah
Jehojszua, Jehoshua, Joshua, Yehoshua
Jichak, Yitshak, Izca, Itche, Icze, Iza, Jicchak
Jojel, Yoel, Joel
Mojsze, Moishe, Mojsze, Moses
Nojach, Noah
Szapyra, Shapira
Yavnah, Yavneh
Yisroelke, Israel (diminutive, affectionate form)
Zdunska Wolja, Zdunska Wola

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Pabianice prior to 16th May 1942


old church אק
museum מו
Zionist Organization צ
high school רגמ
Jewish bank ב
new church נק
community  house ק
synagogue ש
cemetery בהק"ב
Evangelic church עק
railway station בס
hospital שפ
Jewish high school יג
city hall מ
post פט
State high school רג


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