Memorial Book of Kamenets
Litovsk, Zastavye, and Colonies

(Kamyanyets, Belarus)

52°24' / 23°49'

Translation of
Sefer Yizkor le-Kehilot Kameints de-Lita

Edited by: Prof. Shmuel Eisendstadt and Mordechai Gilbart

Published in Tel Aviv, 1970

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Project Coordinator

Jenni Buch


This is a translation from: Sefer Yizkor le-Kehilot Kameints de-Lita;
Memorial book of Kamenets Litovsk, Zastavye, and colonies.
Ed. Prof. Shmuel Eisendstadt and Mordechai Gilbart. Tel Aviv, Kaminiec and Zastavye communities in Israel and the U.S.,
1970, “Orli”, Rehov Akiva Eiger 8, Tel Aviv.

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kamieniec Litewski

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TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

The Committee Let Us Remember and Not Forget 8
Simcha Dubiner An Eternal Memorial for Our Town and Our Martyrs 13
  List of Committee Members of Kamenetzers in Israel Since Its Founding 14
Prof. Shmuel Eisenstadt Editor's Introduction 15
History of our Town
Levi Sarid (Leybel Goldberg) The beginnings of the town Kamenets-Litowsk and its Jewish settlement 21
Yechezkel Kotik My memories 39
Torah Istitutions in Kamenets-Litowsk
David Hakohen Burstein Rabbi Yehoshua Hakohen Blumenthal 47
Moshe Rabinowitz My Grandfather, Rabbi Moshe Yitzhak of Kamenetz-Litowsk 49
Rabbi Yehuda Gershuni Rabbi Reuven David Hakohen Burstein, May God Avenge His Blood 50
Rabbi Reuven David Hakohen Burstein Rabbi Avraham Aharon Hakohen 55
Rav Yakov Bobrovski R'Meir Zvi Putchinski z”l 58
Yechiel Belizovski The Yeshiva of Kamenets-Litowsk 59
Leah Bobrowski-Aloni The “Knesset Beit Yitzhak” Yeshiva 61
Rabbi Yitzhak Edelstein Rabbi Baruch Dov Leibowitz, Head of the Yeshiva of Kamenetz-Litovsk 64
Public Life in Kamenets-Litowsk
Yehudit Koszczekowicz-Grunt On the Life of the Young People in Kamenetz-Litowsk 71
Sh. Dubiner HeChalutz (Pioneer Movement) in Kamenetz–Litowsk 73
Chaia Krakovski-Rodnitzki Poalei-Zion (United with Tz.S.) in Kamenetz-Litowsk 74
Pinchas Ravid-Rodnitzki The Gordonia movement in Kamenets-Litowsk 77
Bunia Kotik BEITAR and HZHR movement in Kamenets-Litowsk 80
Memories before the Holocaust
Leah Bobrowski-Aloni During the Years of the First World War 83
Yehudit Kushchekovitz-Grunt Kamenetz-Litowsk During the First World War 87
Rav Yakov Bobrovski From my memories 90
Pinchas Ravid-Rodnitzki Memories from my home and from the town Kamenets-Litowsk 92
  Shlomo Zelig and his sons 98
Pinchas Ravid-Rudnicki Alterke 99
Yakov Kaminski Memories and yearning 102
Penina Fleib-Bobrovski Kamenets - the town of my birth 103
Comunal Workers, Writers and Teachers in Kamenets-Litowsk
P. Rabbi The Magid of Kamenets, the Rav R'Chaim Zundl Makabi z”l 107
  - Menachem Mendel of Kamenetz–Litowsk 110
  - R'Israel Ashkenazi 113
Lea Aloni-Bobrovski The writer Moshe Eliahu Jack-Jarneski z”l 119
Ch. K. Baruch Eisner z”l 121
R. V. Yosef Vigotov and Bendet Vinograd 122
Professor Shmuel Eisenstadt It Happened in Kamenetz-Litowsk 124
Pinchas Ravid-Rodnitzki Personalities in Kamenets  
  - Zelig the bookbinder 127
  - Aizik Shostakovski 129
  - Zev (Velvel) Chaim Kirschenbaum 130
  - Asher Sapirstein 131
  - Binyamin Bogatin 132
Chaia Krakovski-Karabelnik Hershel Zvi Sapirstein 133
Asher Glaser Leibel (Arie) Pomerantchik 135
  R'Nuske the Melamed 135
Baruch Mordechai Kotik Efraim Kotik the Father 137
Members of the Committee of Former Residents of Kamenets-Litowsk who passed away in Israel
Rav Yehuda Gershuni Zahava Gershuni 141
Asher Glezer Yehuda Rappaport 143
Chaia Krakovski-Karabelnik Tuvia Savitzki 144
Pinchas Ravid-Rodnitzki Yeshaya Rimon 146
Lea Aloni-Bobrovski Shimon Kotik 147
Dov Aloni Meir Bobrovski 149
Lea Aloni-Bobrovski Yehudit Kustchikevitz 152
Gideon Hausner Farewell words to Lea Aloni z”l 154
Shraga Aloni Lea - my sister-in-law - my sister 156
M. K. Pinchas Rabbi (Rabinowitz) 157
The Holocaust
  Map of Routes from Kamenetz-Litovsk to Death Camps 160
Arie Sarid The Prayer (poem) 163
Dora Galperin The Destruction of Kamenetz 165
Dvora Rudnitzky-Singer My Life in the Ghettos and Extermination Camps 174
Yitzhak Portnoy From the Ghettos to the Concentration Camps 183
Leah Aloni-Bobrowski A Tear for the Loss of My Townspeople 189
After the Destruction
Asher Ben Moshe Kamenets after the Destruction 195
Dov (Bertchik) Shmida A Journey to the Past 200
Fallen in the Homeland
  Michael Kotik z”l 211
Baruch Mordechai Kotik My dear som Efraim 212
  The activity of the Organization of former residents of Kamenets 217
  Memorial Ceremony 231
  Memorial Ceremony 251
  Hazkarat Neshamot - Memorial Service 281
  Necrology 281



TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

  Kamenets-Litowsk Jews in Israel and in America 342
Yitzhak Katzenelson, may God avenge his blood The poem of the murdered Jewish nation 342
The Committee Let Us Remember and Not Forget 346
Avraham Schudroff A monument for our destroyed hometown 349
Prof. Shmuel Eisenstadt Foreword 353
The Past of our Destroyed Home
Levi Sarid (Leybl) Goldberg) The history of Kamenets-Litowsk and its Jewish settlement 357
Yechezkel Kotik Kamenets-Litowsk 376
A letter from Shalom Aleichem to Yechezkel Kotik   386
Velvel Kostin The Jewish colonies 389
Falk Zalf z”l The first school in Zastawie 400
The Religious life in Kamenets-Litowsk
Moshe Rabinowitz Rabbi Moshe Yitzchok Rabinowitz, of Blessed Memory 405
Rabbi Yitzchok Turetz, of Blessed Memory Rabbi Boruch Ber and His Great World-Renowned Yeshiva 408
Ch. Z. Mendelson Rabbi Reuven Burstein, 409
  R'Shlomo Chaim, the Head of the Yeshiva 411
Ch. Z. Mendelson Yom Kippur in Our Little Town 412
Social Life in Kamenets
Chaya Krakowski-Karabelnik Poalei-Zion (United with Tz.S.) in Kamenetz 419
Pinchas Ravid-Rodnitzki The Gordonia movement in Kamenets-Litowsk 423
Memories from Kamenets Before the Destruction
Avrohom Shudroff Longing and Grief for the Town of My Birth 429
Simcha Dubiner Our town 431
Dvora Dolinski-Panski Kamenetz—As I Remember You 435
Malka Kurtchanski-Polyakevitch My Little Shtetl Kamenetz-Litowsk 444
Sarah Hurwitz Once Upon a Time in My Shtetl Kamenetz 446
Chaya Gurvitz-Goldberg The Szkola Powszechna 450
Hatzkel Kagan The years of my youth in Kamenets-Litowsk 452
P. Wolf z”l The “Revizor” 462
Shifra Mazover-Bachrovski Memories from my town 471
Yitzchok Sheinfeld Prewar Kamenetz 477
Shashke Visotzky Memories 480
Chaya Sara Binder-Rudnitzki A Religious-Court Hearing at the Rabbi's 482
Rachel Sofer-Renkewitch Memories 482
Dobbe Halpern Unpleasant Recollections 487
Zlote Timianski-Gersh Unforgettable 490
Aharon Meir Joffe The Orchestra 492
Ch. Z. Mendelsohn Our town and its livelihoods 495
Yakov Aronowitz Life in Kamenets 499
Yosef Post Kamenetz-Litowsk, where I've never been 500
Persons in Town
C. Z. Mendelsohn R'Yosef Vigotov 505
Zalman Reisen Avraham Hersh Kotik 507
Prof. Shmuel Eisenstadt R'Shepsel the scribe 509
Lea Aloni-Bobrovski Shlomo Mandelblatt may God avenge his blood 513
N. N. Dr. Aizik Gorni may God avenge his blood 513
M. Neumann Yankel Zlotes z”l 516
Destruction and Ruin
Dora Galpern The Destruction of Kamenetz at the Beginning of the Second World War 521
Yitzhak Portnoy From the Ghettos to the Concentration Camps 534
Dvora Rudnitzky-Singe What I Lived Through in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps 540
Dora Galpern The Kamenetz Ghetto (A Testimony) 550
Mota Montag, Historical Committee Historical Questions and Answers on Kamenetz-Litowsk 557
Kamenets after the Holocaust
Ben–Moshe Kamenetz in 1945 561
Dov Bertchik (Shemida) A Journey to the Past 569
  The activity of the Kamenets-Litowsk memorial committee in Israel 579
Kamenetser in America
Meir Mendel Visotzky The Establishment of the Kamenetz-Litowsk Aid Society in America 587
Kamenets-Litowsk Memorial Committee in America
Sara Horowitz Kamenets-Litowsk Malbish-Arumim aid Society in New-York 591
Hatzkel Kagan Memorial Day in New York on the 20th Yahrzeit of the destruction of Kamenets-Litowsk 593
Memorial Ceremony in Tel Aviv
  A letter from the chairman Yakov Ziv 603
  The Ceremony 605



The Old Home
Abraham Schudroff Foreword 9
Leybl Goldberg (Sarid) The Beginning of Jewish Settlement in Kamenetz 12
Leybl Goldberg (Sarid) A Short History of Kamenetz-Litovsk 26
Yehezkel Kotik My Reminiscences 29
  Short Biography of Yehezkel Kotik 38
Sholom Aleichem Letter to Yehezkel Kotik 39
Abraham Shudroff Yearning and Mourning for my Home Town 43
Dvora Dolinsky-Pansky Kamenetz as I Remember You 46
Velvel Kustin The Jewish Agricultural Colonies 56
I. Z. Mendelson The Day of Atonement in our Town 69
Hatzkel Kagan The Years of my Youth in Kamenetz 73
Itzhak Sheinfeld Kamenetz – The Memories of my Youth 85
The Holocaust
Dora Galperin The Tragedy of Jewish Kamenetz 91
Dvora Rudnitsky-Singer My Life in Ghettos and Concentration Camps 105
  The "Angel of Belsen" 117
Kamenetzers in the United States
Sarah Hurwitz The Kamenetz Society in America 127
Meir Mendel Visotsky The Establishment of Kamenetz-Litovsk Aid Society in America 130
Charles Raddock The Kamenetzer Yeshivah of America 136
Velvel Kustin The Kokhav Ya'acov Anshey Kamenetz D'Lita Society 143
Kamenetzers in Israel
  Bialik School in Tel-Aviv Perpetuates the Memory of the Community 149
Dov (Bertschik) Schmidt My Journey to Kamenetz in 1965 175
Samuel Lipchick Our Heritage 182
  To Their Memory 184

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