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26a top left Daughters of A. A. Ibram: Rivka, Lotchke and Yudis
26a top right Yedwabner students in Lomza Yeshiva
26a bottom left Mr. Yudke Nadolnik, wife Sarah and daughters (Gitele, the youngest)
26a bottom right Rabbi Yudke Nadolnik's daughter Rochel and her husband and her children in Israel
26b top left Hagaon Mr. Yoshua-Zelig Ruch, Rosh Hayeshiva in Lomza
26b top right The great Rabbi Israel Leib Agilski - mashgiach (spiritual supervisor/guide) in the Lomza Yeshiva.
26b bottom left Mr. Meyer Rothchild
26b bottom right Hirsh Fenster and Yacov Chmileysky, taken in Jerusalem in 1914
26c top left Mrs. Rivchy, the wife of Meir Rothchild
26c top right Mr. Moshe Goelman and his wife Dina Rochel, his son Gershon and wife, and his grandson Eliezer Goelman
26c bottom left Great grandfather of Abraham Goelman, Mr. Zev Wulf Levinski, father of the grandmother Badna – who was the wife of Eliezer Goelman in Yedwabne.
26c bottom right Mr. Yankel Malke's, Yakov Tzinowitz
26d top left Mrs. Shirke Reizel Tzinowitz, mother of Moshe Tzinowitz (killed in the Shoah)
26d top right Gershon and Chaya Goelman, the grandson of Mr. Eliezer
26d bottom left Giteh Frumowski-Tzinowitz, daughter of Yosef Yankel Malke's (killed in the Shoah)
26d bottom right Moshe and Rivka Tzinowitz (N.Y.), on the right Tzvi Tzinowitz z''l
26e top left Malka Katzir and son and daughter on the night of the Seder (Passover) at the home of the Israeli ambassador in Warsaw 1963
26e top right Mr. Yona and Ahuva Rothchild
26e bottom left Itzchock Moshe Loyefsky and wife Chana Sara in Israel
26e bottom right Avraham Gushatsky and wife Laitche, Member of Fire Brigade Yedwabne
26f top left Feivla the teacher in Yedwabne
26f top right Mr. Feibel (Rzorzak, Zhozhak) Gushatzki
26f bottom left Israel Chaim ben Yosef Tzinowitz
26f bottom right Itzchock Moshe Loyefsky (seated) his two sons Avraham and Chayim
26g top left Association of pioneers "The Young Pioneer" in Yedwabne (1930). About 15 of them live today in Israel.
26g top right Motel and Shoshana Lowef
26g bottom left Jules and Fred Lowef, N.Y.
26g bottom right Great Grandfather of the Baker Family: Mr. Leibl Leviner of Serock, Poland
26h top Yakov and Chana Tzofan (Pecynowitz) his son Eli, his daughters Rachel, Rivka and Hila.
26h bottom Wedding banquet of Eli and Lori Tzofan in Columbus, Ohio
42a top The wedding of Hila, the youngest daughter of Yeduda Ari Baker, by Rabbi Yosi Weinersh in the month of Av 5739 (August 1979). On the left: Abraham Yitzhak Baker, Danni and Alta, Mr. Yehuda Ari and his wife Rochel, Eilini, and grandmother Rosenberg.
42a bottom Wedding of Abraham Yitzhak Baker, son of Jacob Eliezer and Hadara Baker, in New York, 1973. Standing on the left: Rabbi Yerocham Kaplan, Hersh Baker, Mr. Yehuda Ari Baker, Rabbi Jacob Eliezer [Baker], the bride: Idel-Pnina of the House [family] of A. Bernshtein. The Groom, Elchanan Kagan, Rabbi Eliezer Michael Halevi Meir, Rochla Miriam Baker, Rina-Geula Kaplan with her children: Shmuel-Ari Cohen, Yechiel-Mordechai Cohen, Hadara, Gamliel Kagan, his mother Shoshana, Sara Chai Miller, Simcha-Yarmei and Gershon-Moshe Kagan, and Hanoch Gabriel Miller.
42b top left Mother Chaya Sora [Piekarz]
42b top right Father Mr. Avrohom Itzchok
42b bottom left Yehuddi's Bar Mitzvah
42b bottom right Yaakov Eliezer in Yedwabne, 1932 [Rabbi Jacob Baker]
42c top left Yehuda Piekarz 1931, Yedwabne
42c top right Rabbi Jacob Eliezer Baker (Piekarz), Minneapolis, MN 1940
42c bottom left Hershel and Eliezer [Piekarz], Lomza 1938
42c bottom right Luba Piekarz (Peltynowitz), Goniondz, Poland 1939 P. I. T. H.
42d top left Yehuda and Leizer [Piekarz] – Minneapolis, 1938
42d top right Yehuda and Moshe Kol in Slonym Yeshiva, Poland 1927
42d bottom left Rabbi Julius Baker instructing Talmud (Columbus, Ohio, 1938)
42d bottom right Ovadya and Miriam Perlmuter, center, P. I. T. H., Golda (in the U.S.) and Yoseph Leviner (in Israel)
42e top left Syna Peltynowitz with Avrom Itzchokl, 1938, P. I. T. H.
42e top right Avrom-Itzchock Piekarz (Goniondz, Poland), 1937, P. I. T. H.
42e bottom left Hershl, Eliezer, Yehuda and mother Chaja Piekarz, Yedwabne 1933
42e bottom right Mrs. Yenta Pecynowitz, Yedwabne, 1930, P. I. T. H.
42f top Mr. Issar and Zelig Wengerski and wife Sara-Rachel; daughters: Lea and Fruma; son: Chaim.
42f top Mr. Zelig Wengerki (second from the right), his wife Sara Rochel. His son Chaim, his daughter Lea, the smallest: Frumke, and his father Issar.
42f bottom The Family Midlarsky, Millers of Kovnat near Yedwabne
42f bottom The Midlarski family, millers in Kovnat (only Jewish family in a village of 1,000 Poles).
42g top left Yedwabner Millers: Eli and Moshe David Pecynowitz P. I. T. H.
42g top right From right: Miriam, Moshe, Uri and Nechama Hurwitz, in Israel 1963
42g bottom left Ester Zelenietz, Striakowski and Slowa Sowietarz
42g bottom right Shmuel (in Israel) Feiga-Goldberg-Freedman and Berl Freedman (in Argentina)
42h top left Mr. Yakov Piekarz, the uncle of the Baker family, officer in the Polish army.
42h top right Chatzkel Wengerke – miller in Lappy
42h bottom left Mr. Kadish and Tzivia, P. I. T. H., in Yedwabne
42h bottom right Shmuel Freedman and wife, Ramat-Gan, Israel

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