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12a full page Arrangement Committee Cong. Anshei Yedwabno 1885-1935
    50th Anniversary [Photos of each of the following]
    M. Kadish – Chairman
    A. Brounstein – Pres.
    M. Rogick – Vice-Pres.
    H. Atlas – Treas.
    J. Markowitz  – Sec.
    L. Gordon - Sec. Arrg. Com.
    I. Atlas – Ex-Pres.
    A. Goldberg – Ex-Pres.
    Sam Allenson
    H. Markowitz
    A. Gerson
    A. Goodstein
    I. Bermowitz
    Rev. J. Danowsky
12b top At a family wedding: from right: Yaakov and Chana Zofan [Pecynowitz] from Israel, Bessie, Hershl and Yaakov Eliezer [Baker]
12b bottom Rabbi Yacov Markowitz and family, Bnei Brak, Israel
12c top left Itzchok Yankel [Neumark] after liberation 1945
12c top right Eliezer Piekarz [Jacob Baker], Yedwabne, 1936
12c bottom left Mr. Mendel Norenberg (left) Yedwabner Schochet, convalescence in Zakopane, Poland, 1936
12c bottom right Mr. Yakov Fishbein, brother in law of Mr. Yakov Tzofan [Pecynowitz], n. b.
12d top Halutz Hatzair [Young Pioneers] in Yedwabne 1930
12d top Yedwabne, 1930 P. I. T. H.
12d bottom Family of Yakov Tzofan [Pecynowitz]- Yehudi, Israel, Columbus, Ohio USA
28a top Yedwabner Shul in N. Y. founding officers
28a bottom Yedwabner in Israel gathered on the 20th Tamuz 1978 Yahrtzeit, standing: Moshe and Miriam Hurwitz, Devora Adler, The Bursteins, Bromstein, the writer Moshe Tzinowitz, Rabbi Julius Baker, Chayele, Yankel Tzofan, Binstein, Rabbi Jacob L. Baker. Among the seated: the Chmilewskis, Zipora Rotchild Fuchs, Malka Katzir etc.
28b top Yeshiva Lomza of Petach Tikva
28b bottom The Yeshiva Dining Room in action where the wall plaque of the Yedwabner "Kdoshim" is fittingly sanctified.
28c top Lavi Gordon's Yerusha: his oldest grand daughter on his right with her daughter Randy and her son Michael, from L. to R. Behind her are his grand children Felice, Monakei, Allan, Beryl, and Mark with his fiancee – Nancy Tichner, June 1977
28c bottom Martyrs of Yedwabne Holy Community, including the late founders of the Yedwabner Congregation in New York City perpetuated in the famous Lomza Yeshiva in Petach Tikva, Israel.
28d top left Levi and Rivke Gordon with their daughter Lucy and son Yitz in 1930, N. J.
28d top right Nathan and Dora Jacobs
28d bottom left Horav Meyer Eliyohu Weiner, Rabbi in Yedwabne before the 1st World War, who helped rebuild the town and synagogue, after it was burned down. He aroused in person the New York Jewry who answered with a collossal sum for that purpose.
28d bottom right Mr. Mendel Nornberg, Schochet Ubodek in Yedwabne
28e top left Hacholutz [Pioneers] in Yedwabne in 1922
28e top right Groups of Pioneers in Yedwabne, from left: Aavron Aaron Grondowsky, 1932 Moshe Hurwitz (Yoshpa Levin) and Moshe Leff (in Israel)
28e bottom left The five generations: Hyman Gordon, Lavi Gordon, Lucy Cohen, Marsh Brevetz, Michael Brevetz
28e bottom right Louis H. Gordon Family: 4 grandchildren, 2 daughters and sons-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law and family, 1 sister-in-law and family and grandma Sarah
28f top Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Gordon – Lavi and wife Ray – Baby Lucy – Ray's Brother, Meyer Kromberg – Max and Louis Gordon
28f bottom At Sylvia and Harry Scher wedding, May 31, 1047: Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Lavi Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Max Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Gordon
28g top left Moshe Zambrowsky, Yedwabne 1938
28g top right Chana Danowsky Garbarski, Husband and Daughter, P. I. T. H.
28g bottom left Israel & Feitche Grondowski and sons: Avrom Aaron, Reuven and Emanuel P. I. T. H.
28g bottom right 2 daughters of Itche Atlas (the Katzev)
28h top left The Rebbe: Mr. Itzchok Adamsky, perished in the Holocaust
28h top right Mr. Eliahu Shraga ben Rabbi Yakov Tzvi Blumowitz, Dayan in Yedwabne
28h bottom left Cantor Mr. Aaron Boruch Eberstein & wife
28h bottom right Yosef-Leibl Pecynowitz – Yedwabne, 1939, P. I. T. H.
44a top left Moshe Ibram
44a top right Mr. Eli Dushnitzer – Mashgiach (spiritual supervisor/guide) in the Lomza Yeshivah
44a bottom left Hagaon Mr. Yechiel Mordechai Gordon, Lomza Rosh Hayeshiva
44a bottom right The Rebbe: Mr. Avrom Aaron Danowsky
44b top left Mordechai Yaakov Kadish (father of Mendl Kadish, son-in-law of Reb. A. Tzapnicky)
44b top right Mr. Hirsh and Mrs. Leah Sapoznik (grandparents of the Sapirsteins)
44b bottom left Pinchos Turberg
44b bottom right Avraham Aaron Ibram P. I. T. H.
44c top Mr. Avigdor and Mrs. Tzapnicky grandparents of the Kadish, Cohen and Markowitz families
44c bottom Mr. Yaakov Sender Turberg and wife Sarah-Leah
44d top Dr. Ira and Mrs. Cecile Lebenson, daughters Julie Beth and Rachel Lara (grandchildren of Mendel Kadish)
44d bottom Max and Fanny Tish
44d bottom Mordechai and Chai Feigel
44e top left Morris (Moshe) Bromstein
44e top right Interior of the Synagogue Cong. Anshei Yedwabne 216 Henry St., NY
44e bottom left Meyer Chayim Tishkovsky and daughter Zelda
44e bottom left Meir Chaim Tishkowski and his wife Hania, daughter Zelda in the middle
44e bottom right Grandfather of the Tish family – Horav Boruch Itzchok Beinstein, Dayan in Radzilovo
44f top left Mendl and Mrs. Kadish with brother Rabbi and Mrs. Markewitz and family in Israel
44f top right The Irving Kadish family, daughters: Roberta, Marcia and Joyce
44f bottom left Sylvia's daughters, Renee and Cecile
44f bottom right Milton and Sylvia Cohen (daughter and son-in-law of Mendel Kadish)
44g top left Dr. William Brickman
44g top right Leonard (Levine) and mother Gussie
44g bottom left Seymour and Leonard Levine at Johnson Field
44g bottom right Gussie Levine, Civilian Defense 1943
44h top The wedding of Irving and Mrs. Kadish (officiated in NY by Rabbi J. L. Baker)
44h bottom The Brickman Family: Sholom Dovid, Chay Sara, Zev Moshe, Zelda, Rachel
76a top left Jack Kubran, Mrs. Kubran, Shmulke Wasserstein, Antonina Wyzikovska. Yedwabne after the war.
76a top right The Bromsteins, from right: Rachel, David Striakowski, Gutman, Yoski, Mother Reizl, Chaya-Sheina, Leibel, Golda, Sholom, Seating: Rochel's daughter
76a bottom left Ovadia, Miriam and Shlomo Burstein, Yedwabne, 1936
76a bottom right Mr. Yitzhak Ben Meir Tzvi (Nielavitzki) and his wife Dina bat Shimeon-Chaim Shtern z''l, parents of Avigdor Kochav (Shtern)
76b top left From right: Ros, Judy, Jeff & wife Sue, Jack and wife
76b top right Very important guest who truly risked her life to save 7 Jews in the village of Janczewko, near Yedwabne. Visiting in the home of Jacob Baker in New York. Center right, Mrs. Antonina Wyrzykowska, Jacob Kubran and his wife, who were saved by her hand.
76b bottom left R. Broche, Jack, Great Grandmother, Gitle, Judes Atlasowicz, Malke, Aunt
76b bottom right Leibel Bromstein in the Polish army
76c top left Rivka Reizel Hurwitz, her three daughters P. I. H., her son Moishe in Israel
76c top right Malka Hurewitz and her husband and their daughter Hilda, Yedwabne 1939, killed in the Shoah.
76c bottom left Yudka (the baker) Ebershtein, son of the Chazan. Mr. Aaron-Baruch, his wife Litche and their children of the House (family) of Kurlander
76c bottom right [this caption is a mistake – it probably relates to p. 76a – top left]
On the left: Yosef Kubrzanski. On the right: Mietek Lasko, Yakob Kubrzanski, his wife, Smulke Waserstein and Antonina Wyrzykowska (after the war).
76d top Babtcha Tzinowitz with her children
76d bottom From left: Meyer Shaye and Altke Levin, Hersh Faintuch and his children, Nachmen, etc. Yospe Levin, Beila and Yaakov Farbowitz
76e top Israel Burshtein, Yudka Sosnowski… and their families.
76e bottom Yedvabne – Public School Class of Jewish Children with teachers: Shemerovna and G. Podruznik
76e bottom Polish public school (for Jews) in Yedwabne, sitting in the center: Shemerovna (on the right) and Gosha Podruznik (on the left).
76f top left Feiga Blumshtein
76f top right Tzipora and Abraham Rotchild, Yedwabne 1920
76f bottom left Mr. Yakov Sheifer, father of Malka Katzir
76f bottom right Meir Tzinowitz
76g top left Seated from left: Hershl, Bessie, grandchildren: Yakir, Aliza and Chaviva. Standing: son-in-law Rabbi Marc Levin and Harriet.
76g top right David Gordon, Sema Baker and Eliezer Baker, 1940
76g bottom left Malka Katzir, her husband and children
76g bottom right Rikel, Simcha and Meir Grayevsky, Yedwabne 1939
76h top Frumka Shlapak-Pecynowitz, Rabbi Avraham, their nine children
76h top Frumka Shlapak-Petzinowitz, A. Shlapak and their children in Blodimirtz
76h bottom 1978, Hershl, his wife Dr. Bessie Marks-Baker, his son Elliot, graduated as doctor PHD and son Samuel, doctor in law.
92a top left Mr. Kalman Lasky (from left)
92a top right Harry Lifshitz wedding in the US Army, Italy 1943
92a bottom left Mr. and Mrs. Izchok Yankel Neumark with grandchildren Adir and Michael (Australia) 1978.
92a bottom right In Beer Sheva, Israel 1973. Seated from right: I. Y. Neumark, Morris Neumark from USA, and Mrs. Duci Neumark. Standing from left: son Simon and wife Helena, son-in-law Reuven and daughter Chaya.
92b left Isroel Yaakov and Chayke Orlarsky
92b right Sam Zaplowicz and Sheina Ruchel Lasky
92c top left Dr. Uri and Aluf Mishne [Colonel] Niely Adler, Yaakov and Devora Adler-Zelenietz
92c top right Hershl in front of his home in USA nov. 1956 with Samuel, Elliot and Harriet
92c bottom left Honor to the generous donors by the city government
9c bottom right Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lasky and M. Zaplowitz
92d top left Daughter of Chana Stolarsky daughter of Chana Gronowitz (perished in Yedwabne, Holocaust)
92d top right Leizer, Yehuda, Hershl – Lomza 1931
92d bottom left July 1941 – Hershl at work in Osoviets under Nazi Germany
92d bottom right Hershl after liberation 1946
92e top The Cheder in Yedwabne (before WWI) – Mr. Shpektorowski; on the right: Feibla, the friendly teacher.
92e bottom From left: Seated: Chaya, Feigale, Rancha and Yehuda Piekarz; Standing: Aaron, Sheeye, Golda, Hershl and Yankel
92f top left Israel Gringras and his wife Mindel. Killed together with their children in Yedwabne.
92f top right Youth Group, Yedwabne 1933
92f bottom left Seated from left: Mali Zelenietz, Rivtche Lubel, Sorke Berlin. Standing: Kubzansky – Yedwabne 1938
92f bottom right Meyer Danovsky, wife, son and uncle
92g top left Avigdor Kochav, guarding the woods next to Kibbutz Elonim, 1947
92g top right A child and brothers, Lomza 1937
92g bottom left Mr. Moshe ben Yona haLevy Gringraz z''l; On the right: Yitzhak and Rivka Malinowitz (living in Israel) and Sara Zaidenshtat (Gringraz) killed for the sanctity of Hashem's name (killed in the Holocaust)
92g bottom right Jacob Danowsky, mother Rella and children: Henry, David, Meyer and Rochelle (in Yedwabne)
92h top left Mr. Hershel-Hone and Rivka Elenberg, killed in the Shoah.
92h top right Rabbi Chaim-Yitzhak Gringraz on the right holding the sign in memory of the martyrs of Lomza and the vicinity, in the city of Lomza 1947
92h bottom left Chava Gringras
92h bottom right On the right: Mordechai Meir Gringras and his wife Bluma, Mr. Chaim Yitzhak and his wife Frida, in the USA

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