Book of Gostynin
(Gostynin, Poland)

52026' / 19029'

Translation of Pinkas Gostynin

Edited by: J. M. Biderman

Published in New York, 1960



Project Coordinator

Jessie Weistrop Klein


This is a translation from: Pinkas Gostynin, (Book of Gostynin), ed. J.M.Biderman,
New York: Gostynin Memorial Book Committe, 1960 (358 pages, Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Gostynin

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


A Word from the Gostyniner Yizkor Book Committee   5
Remarks from the Editor   9
Pages of History
From the “Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland”   13
From the “Jewish Encyclopedia”   16
From the “Judaistic Encyclopedia”   17
From the “Book of Horrors”   17
From Bulletin of the Historical Institute   19
The Gostyniner Rebbe
The Good Jew from Gostynin Y.M. Biderman 23
The Gostyniner Tzaddik [Righteous Man] The Esteemed Rabbi M. Aronson 31
The Rebbe's Word   35
A Pamphlet about Behavior   39
Bibliography about the Gostyniner Rebbe   41
Our Former Gostynin Josef Keller 45
Jewish Community Life and Jewish Subsistence Meir Dovid Tremski 76
The First Sprouts of Jewish Cultural Life The Rabbi Yona Borukh Kohan Tzadek 87
Rabbis and Melamdim Hershel Leib Leizerowitz 92
Simkhah-Bunim Danciger Moshe Danciger 94
Yakir Warszawski Y. Morbid 95
The Gostyniner Khazen [Cantor] Yoel Miller 98
My Fiddle (Song with Notes)   103
Yisroel Glatsztajn Mikhel Gelbart 104
“Di Zun Fargeyt In Flamen” The Sun Sets in Flame Yitzchak Katzenelson 107
Yom-Kippur in Gostynin Shmuel Keller 108
In the Years 1914–1928 Yisochar Matil 120
The Joint [Distribution Committee] Action Shlomo Gostynski 141
Our Youth Leaders Gershon Yudkowski 152
The Poalei–Zion Youth in Gostynin Shlomo Cwajghaft 156
“Freedom” and the “Red Scouts” Sh. W. Pinczewski 162
Communistic Youth Sh. Makowski 163
The Princess, Gostynin Rose Shoshana 165
Gostyniner Jews Yitzhak Zandman 170
Cultural and Theater Activities Yakov Gostynski 177
The History of the Jewish Theatre in Gostynin Chaim-Sender Zandman 186
How and What We Used to Read Tuvia Yakobowitz 189
Gostynin, My City Chana Bagno-Keller 192
Pictures and Types from Gostynin Meyer and Yakov Gostynski 207
From My Childhood Florence Keller-Malmeth 225
Memories Rivka Danziger – Fundak 230
Two World Wars Sh. B. Bagno 231
The Matil Family Rivka Matil–Margolit 239
In the Years of Destruction
Years of Suffering and Danger Moshe Szajewicz 249
Gostynin Jews in the Shadow of the Gallows Shimon Rumer 279
In Fear and In Pain Yitzhak Krajcer 289
Those Frightful Days Avraham Danziger 297
From the Gostynin Ghetto - with the Transport to a Labor-Camp M. Brustovski 298
The Resistance in the Koniner Camp Shmulik Ben-Tzion Matil 303
A Tragic Document from the Konin Camp Avraham Seiff 308
Chelmno The Esteemed Rabbi Y. M. Aronson 311
There Once Was
Gostynin Meier Gostynski 317
A Meeting at the Old Cemetery Josef Keller 320
These Candles Are Holy… H. Sztern 326
A Letter from my Friend Hans Ezri Zajf-Etsmun 331
Gostyniner Across the World
The Gostyniner Society in New York Y. K. 337
The Gostyniner Social Club in New York Y. K–R 343
The Gostyniner Society in Chicago   347
Organization of Emigrés of Gostynin in Israel R. M. 349
A Letter from the Other Side of the Ocean Adela Epsztajn-Leszinski 354
One of the Gostyniner Murderers Is Sentenced to Death A. Papjerczyk 357
Yizkor   361
List of Gostyniner, Who Perished in the Years 5700 [1940] - 5705 [1945]    

See also Gostynin, In Memoriam

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