Falenica Book
(Falenica, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Falenica

Editor: D. Shtokfish

Published in Tel Aviv 1967

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This is a translation of: Sefer Falenica (Falenica Book),
Editor: D. Shtokfish, Former Residents of Falenica in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1967 (H,Y 478 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Falenica (1967)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Foreword [H]   5
Foreword [E]   7
Yiddish Section
a. History, Way of Life, Images
The history of Falenica   11
The beginnings of the town Mordechai Ben-Gil (Wengel) 13
A famous little town Shlomo Adivi (Shlomek Friedman) 14
Falenica in my memory Chaitche Gurfinkel 16
A long road Hershel Greenboim 19
Renimiscences from the years of youth Moshe Schechter 22
Memories, images, figures Eli Solnitzki 24
Warsaw is not far from Falenica Yakov Domb 48
Reminiscences from First World War Simcha Solnitzki 52
Reminiscences from First World War Mania Myodowski 58
Falenica, my Falenica Hershel Goldfinger 60
A walk through town Avraham Ring 67
Wyonzhovne, a beautiful and poor town Yankel Pontchek 73
b. Parties, Organizations and Institutions
Yiddish and nationality Ch. Myodowski 81
The Community, its files and its employees Sofia Goldberg 82
A center of ideals and culture Yankel Byalobrode (Byaler) 84
Hassidic, Zionist and Communist Mordechai Ben-Gil 88
Parties in Falenica - and documents Esther Mark 93
The Communist Party and professional associations Eli Solnitzki 98
A Bundist's memories Melech Pascalinski 106
Labor Union and Sport Clubs I. Zhebrak 108
Torah and Charity institutions Chanina Stern 111
Professional Associations Simcha Solnitzki 112
The Sports - Club Orchestra Avraham Ring 114
The Bakers Union and its leaders Shmuel Kamienkowski 116
The first objective: an 8-hour workday Aharon Suchman 117
c. Personalities, Figures, Types
Rav Pinchas Finkelstein, head of the religious court M. S. Geshuri 121
Shlomo Leitman, one of the organizers of the Sobivor uprising A. Petchorski 122
Chaim Ankerman Prof. B. Mark 142
Shimon-Hersh Shochet [ritual slaughterer] I. Djebrak 144
The Yabblonowitz Family Batia Chermoni 146
They must be remembered Mania Yellen- Myodowski 146
Some of the personalities in town Ch. Goldberg 149
Melamdim [Torah teachers] and artisans Yakov Domb 153
Leibishel Gleizer and Mendele Stavski Melech Pascalinski 156
My Father Hillel Katz, of blessed memory Raizel Katz 157
Mordechai-David Brown Yosef Brown 158
The “community- doers” Michael Yitzchaki (Gelbtrubk) 159
Families of bakers in Felnica Shmuel Kamyenkowski 161
My father's home Gila Ben-Gil (Greenfas) 162
The Brown Family Shoshana Brown-Suchman 162
My friend Avreimel's blue twilight hours Gershon Segal 163
Rabbis, community workers and just ordinary Jews in Falenica Mordechai-Chaim Ben-Gil (Wengel) 165
d. Holocaust and Struggle
Impossible to forget you Tzipora Stalik (Fela Silberstein) 183
The destruction of Falenica Various sources 185
23 documents are telling a story… D. Stokfisch 187
The tragic fate of the Falenica ghetto Mietchislav Chotzhko 199
In the ghetto and in the death camps Shlomo Dorfman 202
Memories from the Days of War Guta Goldstein-Friedman 203
In the Falenica ghetto Chana Yellen 207
The days of destruction Pola Trebnik (Nissenboim) 208
A Jewish community in ruins Hersh Goldstein 212
A diary of wandering Dov Wengel 215
The first days of World War Two Yitzhak Millstein 220
Wandering and struggling Chaim Goldberg 222
I escaped from Treblinka Yakov Ackerman 230
Falenica Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising The tale of Simcha Korngold 239
In the ghetto and in the “Aryan Side” Baruch Goldstein 246
A Jewish town was destroyed Shmuel Kamienkovski 273
During those terrible days Hinda Bezpoyasnik 277
The Base of the Jewish partisans Prof. B. Mark - Michalin 285
The attempted murder of SS General Fischer in Falenica   287
Falenica Jews in France during WWII Eli Solnitzki 290
Falenica Jews in Paris during the German occupation Yankel Klimberg 291
The first day of Freedom Chaim-Itzel Goldstein 292
On the “Line” Dr. Ch. Shoshkes 295
e. Falenica Jews in Israel and in he World
Activity of the former Felnica Residents Organization
in Israel, 1948-1965
Chaim Goldberg, Yechezkel Finkelstein 301
The Atwotzk-Falenica-Kortchew Society in France Shalom Goldstein, Eli Solnitzki 308
Hebrew Section
a. People and Events
“The Oak of Weeping” [Gen. 35:8] Avraham Friedman 315
Hassidic and Zionist life Mordechai Ben-Gil 406
The Hechalutz [Pioneer] Chapter in Falenica Chaim Myodovski 409
The blood covenant (Beitar organization in Falenica) Gershon Segal 411
Hashomer Hatza'ir movement Rania Arnon-Miller 413
“The Blue Box” Penina Bern 417
The Bet-Ya'akov School Devora Rozhe-Shedeltzki 417
At School Lea Krauthammer-Lieberman 420
Rav R'Pinchas Finkelstein z”l Yitzhak Levine 420
Rav R'Pinchas Finkelstein z”l, AB”D in Falenica M. S. Geshuri 424
The Yablonowitz Family   425
Alter-Israel Lieberman A member of the family 426
My brother Eliezer Miriam (Steinberg) Beiglman 427
Israel Goldberg z”l Zvi Greenfas, Yosef Greenfas 427
Sheindel Shedlitzki z”l   428
My father Yona Steinberg Eliezer Steinberg 428
b. Holocaust and Rebellion
The tragic fate of the Falenica ghetto Mietchislav Chotzhko 433
In the ghetto and in the death camps Shlomo Dorfman 434
Falenica Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising The tale of Simcha Korngold 435
c. Necrology
List of Martyrs   443
Obituaries   451


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