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By Mordecai Dunetz, Flint – United States

Translated by Janie Respitz

Canons are no longer resounding in the fields,
The sword is resting after the bloody battle.
Graves are overgrown with hills and forests,
Spring has covered the world with its beauty.

Children are no longer screaming in Auschwitz,
The ovens in Majdanek now stand cold.
Fathers in Treblinka and mothers in Dachau
Are no longer shouting “Help!”

The earth is irradiated with bright white sun luster,
The sky sinks into a blue – grey abyss.
The wind plays a nature dance at night,
The stillness of the forest is wrapped in death.

Shrubs whisper on hills and in valleys,
Rivers wash the ancient shores.
The currents in the seas, in the chasms,
Will make the stains of dark days disappear.

The streets are noisy with human sounds,
Life continues down a stormy path.
But we cannot forget our sisters and brothers,
Who were slaughtered in the forest on the trail.

The nights carry terrifying screams,
The air is cut by howls and wails.
Heads are greying and hearts are splitting,
From sorrowful pain which will never heal.

They awaken people with patched skulls,
And clench fists of tattooed arms.
They call out: Remember the millions,
That were shot, tortured and burned!

On roads soaked with sacrificial blood,
On trails in forests, dead silent in the night,
Through borders and outposts, territories and zones,
No powers frightened us.

Mothers could not rest in the places,
Where “Mama” is cried everywhere.
Where Lamentations cried: now deafened from the laughter,
Of drunken murderers of past “glory”.

Trenches and fences could not stop us,
Every minute was dear.
Our brothers call out to us from their rows,
To build a memorial to the blood spilled.

A memorial for our dearest, beloved,
Who were exterminated by murderers for eternity.
A memorial for Zhetl – our ravaged home,
Whose respectability was supplanted by the destruction.

Eternally we will, with honour and quiver
(the years may flow like currents),
Until the end of all generations we will remain the guards,
Of your beloved and cherished names.

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List of former Dzyatlava residents living in Israel

Transliterated by Judy Petersen

Surname Given name Place Page
ABERNOK Yakov Kibbutz Netiv L"H Doar Na Harei Yehuda 464
ABERNOK Sarah Kibbutz Netiv L"H Doar Na Harei Yehuda 464
OZCHOVSKY Dov Akko 464
OZCHOVSKY Shlomo Akko 464
OSTROVSKY Ita Tel Aviv 464
ORLINSKY Zelik Tel Aviv 464
AZBORNITZKY Natan Rehovot 464
ELIAV Avraham Tel Aviv 464
ELIOVITZ Chaim Ramat Gan 464
ELIOVITZ Tuvia Tel Aviv 464
ALPERT Avraham Hadera 464
ALPERT Avraham Ramat Gan 464
ALPERT Chaya Kibbutz Yifat 464
ALPERT Shmuel Kfar Saba 464
ANDERSTEIN Yakov Kibbutz Eilon, Nahariya 464
ANDERSTEIN Tzvi Ramat Gan 464
ANDERSTEIN Shlomo Haifa 464
ESTERKIN Raya Tel Aviv, near Yad Eliahu 464
EPSTEIN Zelik Lod 464
EPSTEIN Chaim Pardes Katz 464
EPSTEIN Channah Kfar Saba 464
EPSTEIN Yehoshua Petach Tikva, Kfar Ganim 464
EPSTEIN Yitzchak Kfar Neter 464
ETZKOVITZ Chaim Petach Tikva, Kfar Ma'as 464
ETZKOVITZ Shmuel Petach Tikva, Hayovel 464
ARIAV Miriam Tel Aviv 464
BUSEL Peretz Beersheva 464
BUK Chasida Ramat Gan 464
BUSCHLIN Mordechai Zichron Yakov 464
BUSCHLIN Moshe Zelik Zichron Yakov 464
BEGIN Sarah Jerusalem 464
BITANSKY Zev Kfar Saba 464
BICHLER Meir Tel Aviv 464
BITAN Moshe Tel Aviv 464
BEN ARI Yakov Tel Aviv 464
BENDER Devorah Hertzlia 464
BENYAMINI Yisrael Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh 464
BROIDA Nachum Tel Aviv 464
BROIDA Shamai Kibbutz Ein Harod 464
BRURMAN Yaffa Raanana 464
BERMAN David Netanya 464
BERMAN Yosef Tel Aviv 464
BERMAN Avraham Tel Aviv 464
BERNIKER Shimon Even Yehuda 464
BARKAN Chaya Tel Aviv 464
BERKOVITZ Yakov Rishon Letzion 464
GIBORI Yitzchak Tel Aviv 464
GOTLIEB Leah Kibbutz Alonim 464
GOLDSTEIN Yitzchak Kfar Saba 464
GORODTZER Malka Tel Aviv 464
GENOZOVITZ Yehudit Yaffo 464
GEFENOVITZ Yehuda Tel Aviv 464
GRIN Aryeh Kfar Saba 464
GRITZER Luba Holon 464
GERLING Shalom Ramat Gan 464
GERENDA Sarah Petach Tikva 464
GERTZOVSKY Aharon Givataim 464
GERTZOVSKY Aryeh Kiryat Motzkin 464
GERTZOVSKY Gitel Kfar Saba opposite Egged Beit Rizenbach 464
GERTZOVSKY Shmuel Kfar Tavor 464
GERSHOVSKY Yosef Tel Aviv, Hadar Yosef 464
DWORETZKY Yosef Tel Aviv, Yad Eliahu 464
DWORETZKY Tzipora Kibbutz Kfar Menachem 464
DWORETZKY Shlomo Haifa 464
DAVIDOVSKY Miriam Givataim 464
DZENCELSKY Yakov Kfar Saba 464
DIYUN Hinda Haifa, Hadar Hacarmel 464
WOLFOVITZ Pesya Tel Aviv 464
WOLFOVSKY Tzvi Raanana 464
WOLKOVITZKY Lipa Petach Tikva 464
VILENSKY Gita Tel Aviv 464
VILKOMIRSKY Shmuel Nachalat Yehuda 464
VEINBLAT Lula Tel Aviv 464
VEINERSKY Betzalel Kfar Saba 464
VEINSTEIN Chaim Ramat Gan 464
VEINSTEIN Rabbi Yitzchak Jerusalem 464
VASILEVSKY Tzipora Hertzlia 464
VERNIKOVSKY Rakhel Tel Aviv 464
ZABLOTZKY Shlomo Tel Aviv 464
ZABLOTZKY Shmuel Tel Aviv 464
ZADROYEVITZ Miriam Moshav Cherut next to Tel Mond 465
ZAHAVI Channah Hadera 465
ZOCHOVITZKY Yisrael Jerusalem 465
ZONENBERG Yehudit Tel Aviv 465
ZELIKOVITZ Aryeh Netanya 465
ZAKS Hadassah Tel Aviv 465
ZAKS Rivka Tel Aviv 465
ZEKROISKY David Bnei Brak 465
HAVIVI Helena Tel Aviv 465
HAZAN Menachem Tel Aviv 465
HERMONI Golda Tel Aviv 465
TOPELBAND Freidel Givataim 465
YOSELEVSKY Tzila Tel Aviv 465
YOSELEVITZ Reuven Jerusalem 465
YELIN Mila Tel Aviv 465
YITZCHAKI Tzvi Hadera 465
YASHIR Batya Tel Aviv 465
COHEN Aryeh Tel Aviv 465
COHEN Nachum Moshav Cherut doar Tel Mond 465
LUBETKIN Betzalel Tel Aviv 465
LEVI Malka Kibbutz Yakum 465
LEVIT Zelik Bat Yam 465
LEVIT Yosef Tel Aviv 465
LEVIT Sarah Netanya 465
LEVIN Leah Tel Aviv 465
LONBUK Abba Tel Aviv 465
LONBUK Shlomo Bnei Brak 465
LONBUK Reuven Shavei Tzion next to Nahariya 465
LUSKY Aryeh Netanya 465
LUSKY Chaim Netanya 465
LUSKY Yehuda Tel Aviv 465
LUSKY Channah Tel Aviv 465
LUSKY Yehuda Netanya 465
LUSKY Miriam Tel Aviv 465
LUSKY Tzvi Bnei Brak 465
LUSCHCHIK Yitzchak 465
LUSCHCHIK Miriam Tel Aviv 465
LEIZEROVITZ Aryeh Tel Aviv, Kfar Salome 465
LEIZEROVITZ Asher Kfar HaRoeh doar Hadera 465
LEIZEROVITZ Avraham Kfar HaRoeh doar Hadera 465
LEIZEROVITZ Chaim Akko 465
LEIZEROVITZ Yechezkel Kfar HaRoeh doar Hadera 465
LIBOVITZ Avraham Haifa 465
LIBOVITZ Aryeh Tel Aviv 465
LIBOVITZ Chaim Bnei Brak 465
LIBOVITZ Khasya Petach Tikva 465
LIBOVITZ Yitzchak Rosh HaAyim 465
LIBOVITZ Roza Haifa 465
LIBOVITZ Sarah Petach Tikva 465
LIBOV Esther Tel Aviv 465
LICHTIGMAN Lyuba Tel Aviv, Givat Aliya 465
LIPSKY Shabtai Even Yehuda 465
LACHMAN Yaffa Petach Tikva 465
LAMKIN Bavel Tel Aviv 465
LANGBURT Yehoshua Tel Aviv 465
LANDAU Etel Haifa 465
LANVAL Tova Tel Aviv 465
MAGID Avraham Givataim 465
MOTZNIK Shlomo Tel Aviv 465
MIVSKY Channah Petach Tikva 465
MIVSKY Shabtai Bnei Brak 465
MIVSKY Chanan Ramat Yitzchak 465
MIRSKY Zalman Tel Aviv 465
MIRSKY Reuven Ramat HaSharon 465
MAN Binyamin Kfar Saba 465
MALCHIELI Chasida Ramataim 465
MANUSHKIN Miriam Kfar Saba 465
MANUSHKIN Shmuel Kfar Saba 465
MANUSHKIN Kalman Kfar Saba 465
MANKOVITZ Yakov Ramat Yitzchak 465
MANKOVITZ Yitzchak Ramat Yitzchak 465
MANKOVITZ Moshe Haifa 465
MERLIN Chaya Tel Aviv 465
NADEL Pesya Petach Tikva 465
NIGNIVITZKY David Hertzlia 465
NIGNIVITZKY Yitzchak Ramat Gan 465
NIGNIVITZKY Sarah Tel Aviv 465
NIKOLIVSKY Dov Rishon Letzion 465
NIRENBERG Grona Tel Aviv 465
NAMIOT Eliezer Kiryat Chaim 465
SAVITZKY Eliezer Givataim 465
SAVITZKY Hertzel Tel Aviv 465
SOROTZKIN Rabbi Zalman Jerusalem 466
SOROTZKIN Rabbi Elchanan Jerusalem 466
SOROTZKIN Yisrael Petach Tikva 466
SOROTZKIN Bentzion Jerusalem 466
SLUTZKY Miriam Tel Aviv 466
SENDEROVSKY Eliezer Kvutzat Kineret 466
SENDEROVSKY David Yaffo 466
SKAROVON Eliahu Ramle 466
AMINOACH Zalman Tel Aviv 466
AMINOACH Moshe Petach Tikva 466
AMINOACH Nechemia Petach Tikva 466
POMERANTZ Ahuva Rishon Letzion 466
FEIGIN Reuven Tel Adashim 466
PIKELNI Yosef Eliahu Kfar HaRoeh doar Hadera 466
FELDHORN Yaffa Tel Aviv 466
FELDLAUFER Channah Glika Kfar Saba 466
FRUMKIN Yosef Karkur 466
FRANK Ahuva Tel Aviv, Kiryat Shalom 466
TZEIG Chasida Rehovot 466
CHIMERANSKY Avraham Azar 466
TZIMERMAN Tzipora Givataim 466
TCHERNY Yirmiyahu Kfar Saba 466
KUZNITZKY Betzalel Tel Aviv 466
KUZNITZKY Tuvia Ramat Gan 466
KUZNITZKY Yechiel Tel Aviv 466
KUZNITZKY Shlomo Tel Aviv 466
KOVENSKY Eliahu Petach Tikva 466
KOVENSKY Aharon Ramat Gan 466
KOCH Leah Holon 466
KOLINSKY Elka Petach Tikva 466
KOPELEVITZ Iga Tel Aviv 466
KALBSTEIN Feivel Ramat Gan 466
KLAR Channah Holon 466
KLEIN Tova Tel Aviv 466
KLEIN Efraim Tel Aviv 466
KAPLINSKY Baruch Tel Aviv 466
KAPLINSKY Zelik Tel Aviv 466
KAPLINSKY Chaim Ramat Gan 466
KAPLINSKY Leah Ramat Gan 466
KAPLINSKY Menachem Tel Aviv 466
KATZLINSKY Tzipora Tel Aviv 466
KARBECHOK Moshe Tel Aviv 466
KRAVITZ Yosef Tel Aviv 466
KRAVITZ Shlomo Ramat Gan 466
KARBETZKY Mordechai Tel Aviv 466
KRUGMAN Yitzchak Akko 466
KARPEL Yisrael Raanana 466
KRUSHINSKY Shalom Lod 466
KARTZMAN Max Petach Tikva 466
RABINOVITZ Yitzchak Haifa 466
RABINOVITZ Moshe Tel Aviv 466
RABINOVITZ Rakhel Tel Aviv 466
RABINOVITZ Shmuel Hertzlia 466
RABINOVITZ Sarah Tel Aviv 466
RADZINSKY Luba Petach Tikva 466
ROSENBLUM Henya Raanana 466
ROSENFELD David Noach Kibbutz Sarid 466
ROSENTAL Khinka Netanya 466
ROMANOVSKY Tzviya Rishon Letzion 466
ROMANOVSKY Shoshana Tel Aviv 466
ROZEVSKY Aharon Holon 466
ROZEVSKY Wolf Raanana 466
ROZEVSKY Tzvi Petach Tikva 466
ROZEVSKY Shaul Kfar Saba 466
ROZEVSKY Shlomo Kfar Saba 466
REZNITZKY Shalom Tel Aviv 466
REZNIK Zelik Herut 466
REICHENBACH Miriam Lod 466
RAF Shlomo Raanana 466
RATZENDOR Bilha Ramat Gan 466
SCHWARTZMAN Moshe Petach Tikva 466
SCHOCHET Nachum Holon 466
SHOER Sarah Netanya 466
SCHACHRAIT Zelda Kibbutz Shefaim 466
SHTEINHAUZ Miriam Bitan, Doar Kfar Vitkin 466
SHTRUCH Mordechai Tel Aviv 466
SHLOVSKY Moshe Ramat Gan 466
SHEFTANITZKY Yitzchak Avraham Kfar Chasidim 466
SHAPIRA Raya Tel Aviv 466
SHEPSHELOVITZ Efraim Bat Yam 466
SHKOLNIK Devorah Kfar Saba 466
SHARLET Shlomo Haifa 466
SCHERTZER Tzila Tel Aviv 466

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List of former Dzyatlava residents living in the US

Transcribed by Genia Hollander

Surname Given name Place Page
ABRAMS Irving New York, NY 467
ABRAMS Morris Brooklyn, NY 467
ALBERT Nathan Bronx, NY 467
ALBERT c/o BRAVIN Rose Bronx, NY 467
ALPERT Aron Chicago, IL 467
ALPERT David Lakewood, NJ 467
ALPERT Eizer Chicago, IL 467
ALPERT Harry Bronx, NY 467
ALPERT Joseph Bronx, NY 467
ALPERT Mike Bronx, NY 467
ALPERT Meyer Brooklyn, NY 467
ALPERT Morris Bronx, NY 467
ALPERT Rebecca Bronx, NY 467
ALPERSTEIN Albert Bronx, NY 467
ALPERSTEIN Meyer New York City 467
ALPERSTEIN Solomon Bronx, NY 467
AREN Sam Bronx, NY 467
ARLINSKI Alter San Francisco, CA 467
ARNER Sam Bronx, NY 467
BAYAR Harry New York, NY 467
BERKOWITZ Abraham Bronx, NY 467
BERMAN Joseph Brooklyn, NY 467
BERMAN Meyer Brooklyn, NY 467
BERMAN Morris Forest Hills, NY 467
BERMAN Rubin Brooklyn, NY 467
BERNICKER Rabbi Myrem New York City 467
BERNIKOFF Morris NY City. NY 467
BLUM Harry Bronx, NY 467
BOJARSKI Irene Bronx, NY 467
BRESKIN c/o KROPKOFF Nachman Brooklyn, NY 467
BREVDA Moses Brooklyn, NY 467
BRODSKY Fanny Brooklyn, NY 467
BUSEL Rabbi Joshua Brooklyn, NY 467
BUTENSKI Isidore Poughkeepsie, NY 467
BUCIEL Dorris Bronx, NY 467
DAROFF Marc Philadelphia, PA 467
DEMBOFF Celia Brooklyn, NY 467
DITKOWSKI Isidore Brooklyn, NY 467
DONEFSKY Abram Brooklyn, NY 467
DUNETZ Max Flint, MI 467
DWORETZKY Hyman Brooklyn, NY 467
DWORK Betty Brooklyn, NY 467
DWORK Harry Brooklyn, NY 467
DWORK Isidore Bronx, NY 467
DWORK Jacob Bronx, NY 467
DWORK Solomon Bronx, NY 467
EPSTEIN Benjamin Brooklyn, NY 467
EPSTEIN Joseph Brooklyn, NY 467
EPSTEIN Max Farmedale, NJ 467
ETZKOWITZ Louis Bronx, NY 467
FAIGENBAUM Rose Bronx, NY 467
FARBER Max Brooklyn, NY 467
FEINE Julius Bronx, NY 467
FEINE Soul Bronx, NY 467
FISHKOWITZ c/o MARGULIS Izidore Philadelphia, PA 467
FRIDMAN Louis Rockaway, NY 467
GAIR Abraham Bronx, NY 467
GAVRIN Mr. Bronx, NY 467
GERSHOWITZ Harold Bronx, NY 467
GERSHOWITZ Isidore Bronx, NY 467
GERSHOWITZ Sam Brooklyn, NY 467
GERSHOWITZ Sam New York, NY 467
GERTZOW Mayer Bronx, NY 467
GERCOWSKI Aron San Francisco, CA 467
GOLDBERG Ann Bay Side, NY 467
GOLDFEDER Max Bronx, NY 467
GOLDBERG Nathan Brooklyn, NY 467
GOLDMAN Abraham New York, NY 467
GOLDSTEIN Sam New York, NY 467
GOODSON Jacob New York, NY 467
GROSSMAN Morris Bronx, NY 467
HAIDUKOWSKI Hirsh Brooklyn, NY 467
HIDEN Max Bronx, NY 467
HOLINSKY B Bronx, NY 467
HOROWITZ Fannie New York, NY 467
JOSELL Irving Brooklyn, NY 468
KAPLINSKY Isaac Brooklyn, NY 468
KANTOROWITZ Abraham New York, NY 468
KAPLAN Charles Bronx, NY 468
KAPLAN Meyer Neptune. NY 468
KAPLAN Sam Bronx, NY 468
KATZER Abe Bronx, NY 468
KAUFMAN Abraham Detroit, MI 468
KIVEL Max Bayside. L.I.. 468
KOLEDICKI Abraham Detroit, MI 468
KOLEDICKI Israel Detroit, MI 468
KRAWIETZ Wolf Jackson Hi, NY 468
LANCEWICKY Philip Bronx, NY 468
LARO Aron Brooklyn, NY 468
LAZAR Rubin Memphis, TN 468
LAZOWSKI I. Brooklyn, NY 468
LEIZEROWITZ M. Brooklyn, NY 468
LEVENBACH Louis Long Island, NY 468
LEVENBACH Sam New York, NY 468
LEVITT Eisel Brooklyn, NY 468
LEVITT Philip New York, NY 468
LEVITT Sam Boston, MA 468
LIDSKY Albert Brooklyn, NY 468
MALACHOWSKY Max Brooklyn, NY 468
MARCO Sol Bronx, NY 468
MATLOW Joseph Cleveland, OH 468
MEADOW David Brooklyn, NY 468
MINUSKIN Noach Los Angeles, CA 468
MINUSKIN Sam Bronx, NY 468
MISHKIN B Brooklyn, NY 468
MISHKIN Julius Bronx, NY 468
MISHKIN Victor Bronx, NY 468
MOSS Rabbi J. Providence, RI 468
NAMIOT Morris Brooklyn, NY 468
NORMAN Shelub San Francisco, CA 468
NICHOLS Gabriel Los Angeles, CA 468
NOVACK Max Brooklyn, NY 468
NOVACK Philip Brooklyn, NY 468
OVSON Morris Detroit, MI 468
PASSOFF E Brooklyn, NY 468
PASSOFF M Brooklyn, NY 468
PALAY Sam Mt Vernon. NY 468
PEARL A Brooklyn, NY 468
PERRY Jacob Brooklyn, NY 468
POLLACK J. Bronx, NY 468
RABINS J. Brooklyn, NY 468
RABINOWITZ Morris Hartfort, CT 468
RABITZ Moshe Detroit, MI 468
RAZNOV Morris San Francisco, CA 468
RECANT R. New York, NY 468
REINER S. Brooklyn, NY 468
RESNICK S. Brooklyn, NY 468
RUBINSTEIN Itzchak Brooklyn, NY 468
SAWITZKY Chaim Newark, NJ 468
SAVITZKY Dave Bronx, NY 468
SAVITZKY Isidore Bronx, NY 468
SAVITZKY Fay Bronx, NY 468
SAVITZKY S. Brooklyn, NY 468
SANDER Cila Philadelphia, PA 468
SELTZER M. Brooklyn, NY 468
SETLER M. Baltimore, MD 468
SENDER Jacob Brooklyn, NY 468
SHALCOVITZ Kalman N.Bergen, NJ 468
SHELL Sam Bronx, NY 468
SHILOVITZKI Israel Brooklyn, NY 468
SHMIDT Ida Brooklyn, NY 468
SHULKIN L. Bronx, NY 468
SHILOFF Irving Brooklyn, NY 468
SIEGEL H. Brooklyn, NY 468
SILVERKLANG R. Brooklyn, NY 468
SKYDEL Sam New York, NY 468
SMALL Harold Chicago, IL 468
SOKOL L. Vineland, NJ 468
SOROTZKIN B. Cleveland, OH 468
SOROTZKIN L. Cleveland, OH 468
STOLAK Sonia Brooklyn, NY 468
STOLOFF B. Bronx, NY 468
TURECKI B. Mrs. New York NY 469
TURGEL L. Bronx, NY 469
WOLK Osher Bronx, NY 469
WOLK P. Bronx, NY 469
ZABITZ Philip East Orange, NY 469
ZABITZ S. Brooklyn, NY 469
ZAVIN R. Bronx, NY 469
ZEIDMAN Bella Chicago, IL 469

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List of former Dzyatlava residents living in South America

Transcribed by Genia Hollander

Surname Given name Place Page
ABRAMOVICH Aron Buenos Aires 469
AIZENSEHLAS Amalia Buenos Aires 469
BELA Zelik Buenos Aires 469
BERMAN Jonon Buenos Aires 469
BERMAN Naun Buenos Aires 469
BIELICKKY Pablo Buenos Aires 469
BRAVERMAN Buenos Aires 469
BRESKIN Bernardo Buenos Aires 469
BUCHHALTER E. Buenos Aires 469
DERCHINSKY Szyfra Buenos Aires 469
DOBRY Leon Buenos Aires 469
DOBRIN Elias Buenos Aires 469
DOBRIN Raul Buenos Aires 469
DWORECKI Dobe Buenos Aires 469
DUBKOWSKY J.E. Buenos Aires 469
DUNIEC Isaac Buenos Aires 469
EPSTEIN Aizik Buenos Aires 469
EPSTEIN Isaac Buenos Aires 469
EPSTEIN Max Chile 469
EPSTEIN Ita Buenos Aires 469
FRIDENBERG Carlos Buenos Aires 469
FURMANSKY Jose Buenos Aires 469
GERCOWSKY Abraham Buenos Aires 469
GERCOWSKY Max San Martin 469
GERCOWSKY A.M. San Martin 469
GERCOWSKY San Martin 469
GOLDSTEIN Dr. San Martin 469
GOLDSTEIN Jacobo Buenos Aires 469
GORDON Elias Buenos Aires 469
GUSOVSKY Roberto Buenos Aires 469
GUSOVSKY Salomon Buenos Aires 469
HAIDUKOWSKY Israel Buenos Aires 469
ILEVICKY David Buenos Aires 469
IWENIETZKY Samuel Buenos Aires 469
JOSELEWICZ Meilaj Buenos Aires 469
KAPLAN Abraham Buenos Aires 469
KAPLAN Janke Buenos Aires 469
KAPLINSKY Aron Buenos Aires 469
KAPLINSKY Jacob Buenos Aires 469
KOTIK Simon Buenos Aires 469
KRAWIETZKY Braine Buenos Aires 469
KRAWCHUK Abe Buenos Aires 469
KRIGUAL Zjarie Buenos Aires 469
KUZNIETZKY Faiwl Buenos Aires 469
LEIBOWIC Izrael Buenos Aires 469
LEIZEROVIICH Jacobo Buenos Aires 469
LERMAN Saul Buenos Aires 469
LEVIT Abraham Buenos Aires 469
LEVIT Richke Buenos Aires 469
LUBCHANSKY Salomon Buenos Aires 469
LULINSKY Roberto Zarate 469
LUSKI Bernardo Buenos Aires 470
LUSKI Beile Buenos Aires 470
LUSKI Jorge Buenos Aires 470
LUSKI Max Buenos Aires 470
LUSKI Moises Buenos Aires 470
LUSKI Lazaro Buenos Aires 470
MAN Moises Buenos Aires 470
MEDVETZKY Ana Buenos Aires 470
MEDVETZKY Pedro Buenos Aires 470
MEDVETZKY Sara Buenos Aires 470
MEDVETZKY Simon Buenos Aires 470
MISZKIN Szolem Buenos Aires 470
MOSZKOWSKI Robert Buenos Aires 470
NOVODVORETZ Abraham Buenos Aires 470
NOWODWORSKY Izrael Buenos Aires 470
NOWODWORSKY Simon Buenos Aires 470
ORZEJOVSKY Vijne Buenos Aires 470
ORZEJOVSKY Gedale Buenos Aires 470
PESCOWSKY Isaac Buenos Aires 470
RAJMAN Rajmiel Buenos Aires 470
SAVITSKY Abraham Ramos Mejia 470
SAVITSKY Benjamin Ramos Mejia 470
SAVITSKY Carlos Mercedes 470
SAVITSKY Hirsch Buenos Aires 470
SAVITSKY Jamie Wolf Buenos Aires 470
SAVITSKY Jose Buenos Aires 470
SAVITSKY Julio Buenos Aires 470
SAVITSKY Leon Buenos Aires 470
SAVITSKY Moises Buenos Aires 470
SCHAPIRO David Buenos Aires 470
SCHAPIRO Oscar Buenos Aires 470
SCHARVAT Jacobo Buenos Aires 470
SCHARVAT Leon Buenos Aires 470
SILOVISKY Gregorio Buenos Aires 470
SILOVISKY Mario Buenos Aires 470
SILOVISKY Samuel Buenos Aires 470
TURGUEL Hirsch Ramos Mejia 470
WELKANSKY Max Buenos Aires 470
WOLFOWSKY Israel Buenos Aires 470
WENZOWETSKY Henaj Buenos Aires 470
ZDZIENTZENLSKY Max Buenos Aires 470
ZAMOSHCHYK Israel Buenos Aires 470

[Page 470]

Former Dzyatlava resident living in Canada

Transcribed by Genia Hollander

Surname Given name Place Page
FREIDEREICH Bascha Winnipeg. Mann. 470
MEDWETZSKY Abram Montreal. Canada 470
MIRSKY Moshe Montreal. Canada 470
MONTSCHAK Riwka Winnipeg. Mann. 470
PINSKI Herzel Winnipeg. Mann. 470
PINSKI Ruwen Winnipeg. Mann. 470
PRAZOFF H. Octremont. Can. 470
SERLIN Leah Winnipeg. Mann. 470
SILVERMAN S.A. Ontario. Canada 470


Former Dzyatlava resident living in England

Surname Given name Place Page
CALPSTEIN M Cardiff. England 470


Former Dzyatlava resident living in France

Surname Given name Place Page
WALDMAN M Paris. France 470


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