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By the graves of the martyrs of Zetel on the sixth anniversary of their death


Zhetel Martyrs

Who were shot to bestial perfection by the Hitlerist executioners
in Zetel, Dvoretz and neighboring communities in 1941-1944

Translated by David Goldman


ABRANAK Mordechai, Miriam and son
ABELEVITCH Yaakov and Yosef
ABELEVITCH Yisrael, wife and child
ABERSTEIN Yaakov, Pessya, Sheyna, Zechariah and wife
ABERSTEIN Leib and Yisrael
ABRAMOVITCH Chaim, Perl and Fruma
AGULNICK Motleya and two children
AGUSHEVITCH Yitzchak and Yenta
AVZEROVITCH Zeidel, Leiba, Feigel and a little brother
OVSEYEVITCH Yehoshua, Etel and Dina
OVSEYEVITCH Yosef and Chaya
ORINOVITCH Leah, husband and son
IVENITZKY Avraham, Esther, Berl and Sarah
IZBARNITZKY Chaim Berl, Yehudis and Sheyna Chana
EINBINDER Pesach, Chaya, Sarah, Berl and Yehudis
EINSTEIN Hinda, Shlomo and Devorah
INDERSTEIN Avraham, Zlata, Sarah Leah, and Leib
INDERSTEIN Fruma, Lyuba, Sarah Musha, Yosef, Mayrim and Yaakov
INDERSTEIN Moshe, Zlata and two children
INDERSTEIN David, Avraham and Malka
INDERSTEIN Dvosha and mother
INDERSTEIN Moshe, Yehudis and two children
INDERSTEIN Necha and Masha
        Remember what Amalek did to you!

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INDERSTEIN Dvosha and Moshe's mother
INDERSTEIN Alta and Zalman
ITZKOVITCH Sarah and three children
OCHONOVSKY Leah, Yedidiah, son and daughter
ALPERT Chana Rachel, Chaya, Berl, Yosef and Baruch
ALPERT Mordechai and Michla
ALPERT Sula, Chana, Lyuba, Shlomo and Gedaliah
ALPERT Sarah and son
ALPERT Falka, Chaya and Yitzchak
ALPERT Moshe and Freidel
ALPERT Hirsh, Sarah, Ozer and Devorah
ALPERT Esther and Chana
ALPERT Yisrael, Malka, Avraham, Berl and Moshe
ALPERT Shimon, wife and children
ALPERT Wolf, Chaya Sarah and Reizel
ALPERT Keyla, Ozer and Yocha
ALPERT Moshe, wife and two children
ALPERT Devorah and three children
ALPERSTEIN Chaim, Sarah, Moshe, Chaya, Yehudis and Liba
ALPERSTEIN Chaya Esther, her husband David and children
ALPERSTEIN Zerach, Basha, Pesha, Mottel, Henya and and Leib
ALPERSTEIN Zalman, Frida, Sheina Beyla and Reuven
ALPERSTEIN Shosha, husband and children
ALPERSTEIN (wife of Yudel Zerach) and child
ORLINSKY Leib, Rikla, Chana, Reizel, Faya and Henech
ORLINSKY Baruch, Liba, Devorah, Chaya and Yaakov
ORLINSKY Rivka Rachel
ORLINSKY Leah, Yitzchak, Meir and Izak
ORLINSKY Moshe, wife and three children
ARKIN Yitzchak and son
BAGDANOVITCH Yosef, Malka and Yehudis
BAYER Moshe, Feigel, Musha, Guta and Anshel
BOYER Musha, Guta and Anshel
BACHRACH Chana, Bella and son
BAM Beyla
BAM wife and child
BAM Chaya (Berkovsky), her husband and child
BARISHANSKY Yisrael Ozer, Chaya, Rivka, Sarah, Hillel, Tchira Mera and husband
BARISHANSKY Avraham Moshe, Guta Minya, Yudel, Binyamin, Aharon and Rachel
BULANSKY Eliezer, Sima, Miriam and Chaim Yitzchak
BUSSELL Baruch, Bracha and Pesach
BUSSELL Eliyahu, Shasha and Feigel
BUSSELL Hirsh, Leah, Malka, Shlomo, Maryasha and child
BUSSELL Meir, wife and three children
BUSSELL Kalman, Blyuma, Moshe and another child
BUSSELL Reizshe Mera, Zviya and Leah
BUSSELL Avraham, wife and child
BUSSELL Yitzchak, Chaya and three children
BUSSELL Betzalel, wife, Chaya and Avraham
BUSSELL Izak Hershel, Mera and Chana
BUSSELL Izak Hershel, Miriam and Esther
BUSHLIN Betzalel, Frida and Chaya
BUSHLIN Yosef, Miriam and Rivka
BUSHLIN Chaya Hodel, Yosef, Rivka, Chaim and Sarah
BUTKOVSKY Hirsh and Rivka
BYELITSKY Chyenka, Betzalel, Sarah and child
BYELITSKY Shimon, Chaya and two children
BYELITSKY Sarah, Benya and three children
BYELITSKY Rachel, Etel, Yudel, wife and child
BYELITSKY Yitzchak, Etel, and two children
BYELITSKY Moshe, Pessya and two children
BELAUS Yisrael, Chana and Chaim
BENSKY Malka and Dina
        May G-D avenge their blood!

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BENYAMINOVITCH Avraham Chaim, Sarah, Yosef and Leibel
BENYAMINOVITCH Hirsh, Nechama, Yosef, Moshe and Yerachmiel
BENYAMINOVITCH Yitzchak, Rivka, Zlata and Velvel
BECKENSTEIN Chaim, Chasha, Devorah and son
BERMAN Zelik, Tamara and Minya
BERMAN Meir, Gittel and three children
BERMAN Beyla, Leah and child
BERMAN Leib, Sula, Rachel, Minya and another child
BERMAN Teyba, Melech, Avraham, Yehudis, Rachel and her husband
BERMAN Hirsh, Tsippa, Avraham, Shlomo, Chana and two children
BERMAN Elka, Feigel, her husband and two children and Eliezer
BERMAN Avraham Eliezer
BERMAN Yissachar, Mila, Nachum, Avraham and Lyuba
BERMAN Zalman and Elka Chaya
BERNICKER Avraham, Chaya Sarah, Michel and Yaakov
BERNICKER Alta, Yosef and Yaakov
BERNICKER Vela Zelda, Yehudis and two children
BERKOVSKY Shneur, Sarah and Etel
BERKOVSKY Moshe, Yenta and child
BERKOVITCH Rivka and child
BERKOVITCH David, wife and five children
BERKOVSKY Reuven, Sarah Leah, Fruma, Miriam anda child
BECKSTEIN Leib, Bobel, Masha, Frida and Shlomo
BRONSTEIN Leah, Shachna and Basha Devorah
BRESKIN Sheina, Betzalel, Mordechai, Rivka, child, Moshe, Sarah Liba and husband
BRESKIN Sarah Pesha
BRESKIN Avraham Aharon, wife, Mila and Rivka
BRESKIN Chaim, Meyta, Ita and Nechama
BRESTOVSKY Avraham, Rivka, and child
GOVRIN Rachel Leah and Chaim Leib
GOL Avraham Nachman and Miriam
GOLDBERG Feivel, Shprintsa, Feigel and Nechama
GOLDSTEIN Shlomo Chaim and Zlata
GOLDSTEIN Moshe, Ladka, Breina, Molya, and and Fruma Chyenka
GOLDSTEIN RIvka, Yosef, Michel, Reizel, Eliezer and Bracha
GOLDSTEIN Aharon, Sima and children
GOLDSTEIN mother of Sima
GANUZOVITCH Chiam, Chasya, Frida, Sarah and Feivel her husband
GANTCHAROVSKY Kreina and three children
GANKOVSKY Netta, Sarah, Ita, Michel and son
GAFANOVITCH Pesha, Malka, Chana, Shifra, Michlia
GARBER Chaim Eliyahu, Zlata and Yechezkel
GORDON Yitzchak, Rivka, Chaya and Hinda
GORDON Yitzchak, Sima, Yaakov, Yisrael, Rashel and daughter
GUZOVSKY Avraham, Sima, Leib and Binyamin
GERTSOVSKY Leib, Mina, Miriam and Gittel
GERTSOVSKY Asna, Berl and Henya
GERTSOVSKY Isser, Rosa and Asher
GERTSOVSKY Alter, Chaya Lyuba, Hirsh and Aharon
GERTSOVSKY Zalman, Sarah, Ephraim, Avraham and Zevulun
GERTSOVSKY Gutel's wife and two children
GERTSOVSKY Wolf and Sarah Leah
GERTSOVSKY Blyuma Tsippa
GERTSOVSKY Avraham and Fruma
GERTSOVSKY Sima and Meyriam
GERTSOVSKY Shmuel and Leah Michla
GERSHOVSKY Chanan, Tsirel, Elka, Henya, Chaya and Hinda
GREEN Zalman, Chana and Henya
GREEN Binyamin, Masha, Rivka, Shmuel and Genya
GREEN Pinchas, Feigel and child
GREEN Liza and husband
        War for G-d Against Amalek From Generation to Generation! (Exodus 17)

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DAREVSKY Leib, Chaya, Teyba and two sons
DVORETSKY Chaya and three children
DVORETSKY Henya, Alter, Raya and Yoel
DVORETSKY Berl, Sarah and Etel
DVORETSKY Moshe, Esther and Meyriam
DVORETSKY Yehoshua, Chana, Feigel, Leah and two sons
DVORETSKY Yitzchak, Alta and son
DVORETSKY Chaim Meir, Chava, Nishka and Rivka
DONYETZ Yoel David, Basha, Shifra and Antsel
DONYETZ Sarah Rachel
JENTCHELSKY Leib, Beyla, Rivka, Mordechai, Naftali, Miriam and Chyena
JENTCHELSKY Yonah, Devorah, and son
JENTCHELSKY Chyenka, Yacha, Yechiel, wife and child
DYCHOVSKY Leib, Leah and Shulamis
DELATISKY mother, Aharon, Moshe and two children
DERETCHINSKY Tuvia, Miriam and three children
DERETCHINSKY husband and wife
HANDELSON and his wife, Masha, Devorah and Chaya
HORNSTEIN Yitzchak and Regina
HORNSTEIN Yisrael, Feigel, Wolf, Mendel and Yetta
HEIDUKOVSKY Avraham, Zelda, Berl, Ita and son
HEIDUKOVSKY Dvosha, Zelda and Hinda
HEIDUKOVSKY Gershon, Eidela, Zelik and Rachel
HEIDUKOVSKY Yehoshua, Cherna, Feigel and Chaim Eliezer
HEIDUKOVSKY Golda, Zelik, Aharon and Berl
HEIDUKOVSKY Sarah and three children
WOLFOVITCH Hirsh Aharon, Dina, Baruch and Yonah
WOLFOVITCH Yaakov and Devorah
WOLFOVITCH Avraham, Devorah and Musha
WOLFOVITCH Meir, Sarah, Zelik, Baruch and Mordechai
WOLFOVITCH Asher, Liba and Eliezer
WOLFOVITCH Yitzchak, Yenta and Yonah
WEINSTEIN Shmuel, David, Teyba, Henech and Meyriam
WEINSTEIN Shmuel David's mother
WEINSTEIN Binyamin, Cherna, Chana, Mordechai and Sheyna
WEINSTEIN Zelda (Eta's)
VINOKUR Moshe, Pessya Berl and Leibel
VINICK Yaakov and Frida
VINARSKY Aharon, Rachel and two children
VISMANSKY Yitzchak, Fruma and Chaya Tolya
VERNICK Reizel and son
ZABLATSKY Yisrael and Golda
ZABELINSKY Avraham and Malka
ZABELINSKY Elyusha, Ida and Alec
ZALTSSTEIN Shlomo, Ita, Sarah and son
ZAMASHCHIK Alter, Hinda, Zalman, Nisan and Chaya
ZAMASHCHIK Nachum, Rachel and Chaya
ZAMASHCHIK Yaakov and Golda
ZAMASHCHIK Isser, wife and two children
ZAMASHCHIK Yosef, Esther Malka and two children
ZANARATSKY Yisrael and Dina
ZATSEPITSKY Nachum and Rivka
ZAKANOVITCH Eliyahu, Sarah, Liba and Yitzchak Isaac
ZAKREISKY Avraham and Basha
ZAKREISKY Nechama, her husband and child
ZAKREISKY Frida , Mordechai and Shmuel
ZAKREISKY Chaya, husband and two children
ZLOTSKOVSKY Shlomo, Miriam and two children
        Write This As a Memorial in a Book (Exodus 17)

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ZELIKOVITCH Yaakov, Sheina Chana and David
ZERNITSKY Chaya, Alter and Miriam
ZSHUCHOVITSKY Gershon, Zelda, Leah, Leib and Risha
ZSHUCHOVITSKY Hinda and child
KHURGIN Rabbi Zvi, his brother-in-law Yosef and sister-in-law Basya
KHAITOVITCH Zlata, her husband, Reuven and Michla
KHASID Moshe and wife
KHANANKIND Hirsh and Sarah
TURETSKY Berl and Liba
TURETSKY Mordechai, Liba and children
TURETSKY Moshe, Chana and son
TILEVITCH Gershon, Etel and two children
TINKOVITSKY Esther Leah, and Rivka
TROTSKY Reuven, Hinda and Sonia
TREGER Yosef and Pessya
TREGER Zvia, Meir and two children
TCHATCHINA Shmuel, Frida and two daughters
CHEMERINSKY Leah and Dalia
CHMERINSKY Chaim and Frida
CHESSLER Chaim, Chana, Leib and Malka
CHEPLAVODSKY Yoel, Rachel and three children
CHEPLAVODSKSY Shlomo and Tsirel
YATVITSKY Mordechai, Sarah and two children
YATVITSKY Binyamin, Beyla, Asna and three children
YANKELOVITCH Shlomo, Chana, Tzvia, Hershel and Ezriel
YANKELOVITCH Gershon and Zvia
YOSSELOVITCH Aharon, Elka, Nasan, Efraim and Feigel
YOSSELOVITCH Chaim Feivel, wife, Yaakov and Ita
YOSSELOVITCH Pinchas, wife, Guta and Menucha
YUDELEVITCH Chava and Yosef
YUDELEVITCH Elya, Chana and Neta
YEVELEVITCH Yeshayahu and Hinda
YELLIN Devorah
CHARABRAVITSKY Mendel and two children
CHLEBNIK Henya Leah, Yudel, Liba, Reuven and Yisrael
KATZ Chaya Leah and Reuven
LOZOVSKY Yosef and Meita
LANGBART Aharon Hirsh and wife
LANGBART Avraham and Pessya
LANTZEVITSKY Eliyahu and child
LANTZEVITSKY Meir, Hinya, Liba Leah, Sarah and Motel
LANTZEVITSKY Breina and two children
LASH Alter, wife and child
LUBETKIN Noach, Liba, Sheina, Beyla, Reuven and Frida
LUSKY Chaya Leah and Beyla
LUSKY Rivka and husband
LUSKY Asher and Sarah Chana
LUSKY Rafael, Liba Chana and Avigdor
LUSKY Moshe Izshik and Sheyna
LUSKY Pinchas, Hinda and Eidel
LUSKY Chana Rivka
LUSKY Rachel and Masha
LUSKY Yaakov, Rachel and two children
LUSKY Meir, Rivka, Chan and Eliezer
LUSKY Yehuda and Liba
LUSKY Yosef, Yachna and Chana
LUSKY Mordechai, Perl, Mitya and Elyusha
LUSKY Mordechai, Pesha, Yitzchak and Leah
LUSKY Avraham, Babel, her mother Kreina Chaya and Yitzchak
LUSKY Yehoshua, Sarah, Malka, Dova and David
LIASSY Eshka and Liba
LIASS Lyuba and Chaim
LIDSKY Yisrael, Risha, Feigel, Chaim and Sarah
LIDSKY Shlom, Nechama and Basya
LIDSKY Nachman, Liba, Aharon,Nisan and Moshe
        The Revenge of a Small Child – Satan has no yet created!

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LIDSKY Yisrael, wife and three children
LIDSKY Feigel and Chana
LEIBOVITCH Mordechai, Zlata and Hadassah
LEIBOVITCH Wolf and Rachel
LEIBOVITCH Yaakov, Chana, Chanan and Yehuda
LEIBOVITCH Leah and Basha
LEIBOVITCH Eliyahu, Shulamis, Falka, Sarah and Etele
LEIBOVITCH Yechezkel, Eliezer and Dvosha
LEIBOVITCH Sheina and Yehuda
LEIZEROVITCH Faya, Hinda, Feigel and Avraham
LICHTER Rivka, Isser, Yerachmiel, David and Zalman
LISAGORSKY Baruch, wife and three children
LYEVARONTSHIK Noach, wife and Sarah
LYEVARONTSHIK Noach and Miriam
LYEVARONTSHIK Sarah and husband
LYEVARONTSHIK Binyamin, Dvosha, Yehoshua, Fruma and Henech
LIPSKY Yaakov, wife and Baruch
LIFSHITZ Aharon and Etel
LEV Avraham and wife
LEVITT Miriam, Moshe, Avraham and son
LEVITT Yaakov and Faya
LEVITT Chaim Eliezer, Devorah, Avraham Simcha, Sarah, Nachum, Moshe, Shifra, and Frida Hinda
LEVITT Sarah and two children
LEVITT Hirsh, Chaya and Betzalel
LEVITT Chaya Sarah, Isser, Hoda and Hinda
LEVITT Moshe and Kalman
LEVITT Alter, Yehudis, Sarah Rachel, and Yisrael
LEVITT Wolf, Chaya and Rachel
LEVITT Kalman, Etel, Motel, Guta and Frida
LEVITT Dvosha and Pessya
LEVITT Asher, Fruma Sarah, Lyuba and Rivka
LEVITT Chaim, Chava, Chana and Yoel
LEVITT Berl and Sheyna
LEVITT Yehuda, Henya and Chaya
LEVITT Yehoshua, Hinda and son
LEVITT Meir, Sarah, Rivka and two children
LEVENBUK Michla, Hirsh, Chaya, Miriam, Rachel and Hillel
MOVSHOVITCH Pincas, Pesha, Leah and second child
MOVSHOVITCH Yitzchak, Feigel, Reizel and brother
MOVSHOVITCH Yitzchak, wife and daughter
MAYEVSKY Yisrael, Asher, Chaya, Chanan and Hinda
MAYEVSKY Meir, Pesya, Sarah, Avraham and Feivel
MAYEVSKY Moshe Gedaliah, Yenta Rivka, Freidela and David
MAYEVSKY Yehuda, Chaya Sarah, and Yitzchak
MAYEVSKY Dvosya, Pinchas and Chaim
MALACHOVSKY Reuven, wife and two children
MANN Chaim Hershel
MANKOVITCH Chana, Esther, Ephraim, Yosef and Avraham
MANKOVITCH Meir, Reizel, Berl, Mendel and Fruma
MANKOVITCH Baruch and Zavel
MANKOVITCH Rikla and Zavel [sic]
MANKOVITCH Meir, wife and child
MORDKOVSKY Hodel and Yocha
MORDKOVSKY Etel and husband
MORDKOVSKY Rachel, Ita and Aharon
MOSHKOVSKY Betzalel, Necha, Masha, Mordechai and Sarah
MAGID Bracha, Yechezkel and Chanan
MILKOVSKY Noach, wife and child
MIRSKY Chaya, Gershon, Rachel and Fruma
MIRSKY Avraham, wife and two children
MIRSKY Shmuel and Moshe
MIRSKY Zalman, Elka and two children
MIRSKY Pinchas, Beyla, Yosef, Eliezer, Yaakov and Basya
MIRSKY Sonia and Fruma
MENUSKIN Noach, Chana and two children
MENUSKIN Ita, Cherna and husband
MENUSKIN Yosef, Devorah and Freidel
MENUSKIN Beyla and Rosha
MENUSKIN Berl and Shpetl
MEDVETSKY David Wolf and Miriam
MEDVETSKY Eliyahu and Mirel
MEDVETSKY Michel Baruch, wife and two daughters
        Pursue Our Killers In Anger And Exterminate Them From Under The Heavens!

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MEDVETSKY Esther and four children
MEDVETSKY David, Leah, Shimon, Yaakov and Yisrael
MEDVETSKY Babel, Yenta and Yonah
MELNIKOVSKY Meir, Sarah, Chaya, Rivka and Yaakov
NODELSTEIN Michla, Babel and Henya
NOVOGRODSKY Avraham Moshe, Rivka, Gavriel, Chaya, Yosef and Aharon Eliezer
NOVOGRODSKY Eliezer, Sheina and child
NOVOGRODSKY Reuven, Yenta and two children
NOVOLENSKY Eliyahu, Sarah, Yehoshua and two children
NATKOVITCH Chaim, Toyba, Avraham, Guta, Moshe and [sic] another child
NACHIMOVSKY Aharon, Leah and daughter
NACHIMOVSKY Wolf and wife
NACHIMOVSKY Eliyahu Zvi, Malka and Noach
NAMIAT Nechama, Moshe, Yerucham and Shepsel
NAMIAT Yaakov, Nechama and two children
NIGNYENVITSKY Chaim Eliyahu, Rashe, Sonia, Yocha, Michla, and Yisrael
NYESVIZSHESKY Chaya Friedel, her husband Yosha and Yekusiel
NIKOLAYEVSKY Mera, Sarah, Chana and child
NIKOLAYEVSKY Chana and three children
NISHVITSKY Moshe, Fruma, Masha and Yitzchak
NEVACHOVITCH Noach and Chana
SAVITSKY Elka and Sheyna
SAVITSKY Beinish, Beyla, Sheyna and Rachel
SAVITSKY Moshe, wife and two children
SAVITSKY Yosha, Fruma Leah, Avigdor and two children
SAVITSKY Mordechai and Chaya
SAVITSKY Yitzchak, wife and child
SAVITSKY Shaul, Leah and children
SAVITSKY Michel, Miriam, Chana and Meir
SAVITSKY Alter, Yachna and Hershel
SAVITSKY Avraham, Basha, Efraim and Frida
SAVITSKY Hershel Meir, Minya, Alter, Yocha, David and Yehudis
SAVITSKY Binyamin, Shifra and two children
SAVITSKY Yaakov Shimon, Hinda and Avraham
SAVITSKY Grones, Frida, Rachel and Mordechai Aharon
SAVITSKY Henya, Chaya, Yisrael and children
SAVITSKY Meir, Isaac, Reuven, Liba, Reizel, Yitzchak Ber and another child
SAVITSKY Mordechai and son
SAVITSKY Leah, her husband and children
SAVITSKY Leah, and two children
SAVITSKY Meita, Avraham Yosef, and child
SAVITSKY Yehuda and Shifra
SALMON Yitzchak, Leah Sarah, Masha, and Mordechai Velvel
SOLOMON [sic]Yeshayahu, Beyla, Moshe and Reizel
SOKOLVSKY Chaim, Zelda, Shifra and Chanan
SOKOLOVSKY Alter, Esther, Felta, and Risha
SOKOLOVSKY Antzel, Necha and two children
SOKOLOVSKY Avraham Izshik, Feigel, Sonia and Minya
SOKOLOVSKY Yitzchak, wife and two children
SOKOLOVSKY Feivel, Dova and children
SOKOLOVSKY Feigel, Sonia and Mina
SOKOLOVSKY Shifra and husband
SOKOLOVSKY Gela and son
SLUTSKY Kreina and Nachman
SLUTSKY Moshe and Kuna
SLUTSKY Gershon, Sarah and two children
SLUTSKY Leizer Eliyahu, Chaya Rachel and Zelik
SLONIMSKY Avraham, Henya Leah, Berl, Pinchas
SLONIMSKY Shmuel, his wife and three children
SNAVSKY Berl and Leah
SENDEROVSKY Leizer, Rivka and GIttel
SENDEROVSKY Menachem, Shalom, Moshe and Reizel
SENDEROVSKY Yisrael and wife
SENDEROVSKY Hillel and Malka
SENDEROVSKY David, Maryasha and Yisrael
SENDEROVSKY Mordechai, Manya and Berl
SENDEROVSKY Hinda and child
SENDEROVSKY Avraham, Henya, Risha and Sheyna
        Thus Shall Your Persecutors Be Destroyed, O Israel!

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SENDEROVSKY Rivka, husband and son
SENDEROVSKY Chyena, Rivka, Miriam, Meir and Eliezer
SENDEROVSKY Michael and Zelda
SENDEROVSKY Chanan, Rivka, Eliezer Miriam and Meir
SENDEROVSKY Yehuda, Rivka, Zilpa and brother
SENDEROVSKY Leizer Chaim, Mirel and child
SENDEROVSKY Kalman, Shepsel, Avraham and sister
SENDEROVSKY Ben-zion, Chava, Shepsel, brother and
SENDEROVSKY Freidel, Leah and Sonia
SENDEROVSKY Asher, Rachel and child
SENDEROVSKY David, Devorah, Yosef and Sarah
SENDEROVSKY Aharon and Sarah Leah
SENDEROVSKY Yaakov and Chaya
SENDEROVSKY Isser, Feigel, Michla and another two children
SKROBUN Tsirel, Elka and Mera
SKROBUN Eliyahu, Chaim, Rachel and two children
EPSTEIN Aharon Zelik, Yitzchak, Avraham, Eliyahu, Chaim and Asna
EPSTEIN Masha and Yaakov
EPSTEIN Miriam, Yaakov, Yosef and Avraham
EPSTEIN Tanchum, Sarah, Rivka, Yitzchak, Chaya and Sheyna
EPSTEIN Moshe Avraham, Feivel and Mulik
EPSTEIN Feigel, Lyuba, and Mira
EPSTEIN Yisrael Ber, Reizel, Henya and Mina
EPSTEIN Chaim Meir, Basya and Velya
EPSTEIN Dr., his wife, Rafael, Daniel and Lusik
EPSTEIN Hirsh, Chasya, and two children
EPSTEIN Sarah and Feivel
PODLASKY Yechezkel and Fruma
PODLASKY Mordechai, Basya and mother
PODLASKY (teacher), wife and two children
PODLISHEVSKY Leib, Minya, Leah and two children
PAZDUNSKY Rivka, Moshe, wife and daughter
POTASHNIK and wife
POLIAK Tuvia, Feigel Sarah, Chasha and Beyla
PATSOVSKY Yaakov, Zlata and Hirsh
PORETSKY Moshe, Gnesha, Reizel and Mulya
FARFEL Wolf, Eidele, Betya and Solik
FUNT Shaul, Sima and Tsila
FYVUZSHINSKY Shmerl, Frida and four children
FYVUZSHINSKY Pesach, Betsalel, Breina, Shmuel, Velvel, and a child
FILOTOVITCH Devorah, Michla, Basha and Leib
PILNIK Yitzchak, Esther and two children
PILNIK Yeshayahu Moshe, Mera and Michla
PILNIK Yaakov, Rivka and two children
FILIN Mendel and Necha
FIN Reuven, Chava Leah, Shlomo, Chaim and Zlata
FIN Liba
PINTSHUK Berl, Rivka, Sonia, and two other children
PINTSHUK Yaakov, Miriam, Nechama, Noach and a child
PINTEL Menashe, Sarah and Yudel Moshe
PINSKY Baruch Lipa, Henya and Rachel
PISHKOVITCH Berl, Shasha, Zelda and Ita
PESKOVSKY Ben-Zion, Malka and Leibel
PERGOMENIK YIsrael, Miriam, Henya and Rachel
FRIEDSON Dr. and wife and child
TSEITLIN Sonia and daughter
KABAK Yerucham, Miriam, Chinka and Shalom
KABAK Zelda and two children
KAGAN Yisrael
KAGAN Mendel, Rivka and two children
KAGAN Yaakov, Dr., [sic] Rachel and Aviva
KAGAN Yitzchak, Etel, Elka, Rachel, Alter and Pinchas
KOVENSKY Eliezer and Eshka
KOVENSKY Aharon David, Teibel and two children
KAVENSKY Yehuda, Pesha and child
        I Conferred My Revenge Upon Edom (Ezekiel 25)

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KAVENSKY Leib and Yisrael
KAVENSKY Shmuel and wife
KAVENSKY Feigel, Avraham and Matlia
KAVENSKY Zelik, Devorah, Hirsh and two other children
KAVENSKY Kalman, Alta and son
KAVENSKY Michael, Frida and husband
KAVENSKY Moshe and Rachel
KALBSTEIN Meir, Leah, Itel, Esther, Avraham and Sarah
KALBSTEIN Chaim Velvel, Elka, Yisrael, Chana, Ita, Rashel and Henya
KALBSTEIN Michel, Tamara, and two children
KALTON Shalom, wife and three children
KOLEDITSKY Yitzhak, Bracha, Mordechai and Henech
KAMINSKY and daughter
KANTROVITCH Berl, wife, Tsippa, Gnesha, Chasya and three other children
KANTROVITCH Binyamin, Mera, Berl and son
KANTROVITCH Reizel, Masha, and Yechezkel
KANTESBART Musha, Meir, Chana and two children
KONTSEVIK Aharon and Teyba
KAPLAN Mordechai, Leah, Chaya and David
KAPLAN Yosef, Shasha, husband and child
KAPLINSKY Shaul and Rafael
KAPLINSKY Etel, Yosef, and daughter
KAPLINSKY Chaim, Liba, Necha and brother
KAPLINSKY Yaakov Baruch and Sarah
KAPLINSKY Hirsh, Chasya and child
KAPLINSKY Yitzchak, Tila, Pinchas and Berl
KAPLINSKY Cherna and Feigel
KAPLINSKY Eliyahu, Babel, and three children
KAPLINSKY Leib, Rosa, Asya, Lalya and Sonia
KOPA (teacher)
KARABELNIK David, Rashel and son
KORELISHKY Chana and Moshe
KRAVETSKY Yirmiyahu, Beyla, Mordechai, Chaya and Yocha
KRAVETZ Avraham Moshe, and Minya
KRAVETZ Yitzchak, wife and child
KRAVETZ Pesha and Maya
KRAVETZ Yochka and child
KRASHINSKY Shalom, Rachel, Michla, Frida and Feigel
KRASHINSKY Yosef, Henya, Basha, Teyba and Gedaliah
KRASHINSKY (wife of Yitzchak), Tsirel and two other children
KRASHINSKY Mordechai and Alta
KRUGMAN Beyla, Chaya, Sarah And Reuven
KRUGMAN Yehuda, Chaya and Hershele
KROLEVETSKY Yehoshua, Etsha, Chashka, and Michel
KROLEVETSKY Tirtsa, Moshe Aharon, wife and children
KRIEGEL Binyamin, Yenta and Baruch
KORELITSKY alter, wife, Chaim David, Chaya, Chana, Doba and Miriam
KORELITSKY Chaya and child
KOSTIN Shmuel and Chasya
COOPERMAN Zelik, Alia, Mina and Feivel
COOPERMAN Yehuda, Rozsha and Yisrae
KESTEIN Hirsh and wife
RABINOVITCH Mordechai, Chaya and Leah
RABINOVITCH Ita, Beyla, and Mera
RABINOVITCH Berl and Beyla
RABINOVITCH Yoel, Nechama, Malka and son
RAVETZ Simcha, Chaya, Hirsh, Shifra, Shmuel and Mordechai
RAVETZ Dina and daughter
        Pour Out Your Anger On The Murderers!

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RAVETZ Musha, Rafael, Chaya Sarah, and Musha [sic]
ROSOVSKY Tuvia, Idel, Ita, Beyla, Sarah, Yisrael Meir, Michel and Rikla
ROSOVSKY Yehoshua, Freidel, Yosef and Chaya
ROSOVSKY David, Basha and Yechiel
ROSOVSKY Berl Moshe and Beyla
ROSOVSKY Moshe and wife
ROSOVSKY Mordechai, Feigel and Basya
ROSOVSKY Elyakim, Yenta, Wolf, Michel and Perl
ROSOVSKY David and two children
ROSOVSKY Zeidel, Frida, Henya, Feigel and Yehoshua
ROSOVSKY Hirsh, Elka and child
ROSOVSKY Elka and child
ROSOVSKY Yitzchak and Minya Bracha
ROSOVSKY Pesach, Masha, Chaya and Devorah
ROSOVSKY Avraham, Zelda, Ben-Zion, Aharon, Chana and Esther Rivka
ROSNOV Chana Rashka
ROSENFELD Eliezer, Sarah and Etel
ROZSHANSKY Tamar, Zelig, Alta, her husband and child
ROZSHANSKY Hertz and wife
ROZSHANSKY Yaakov, Felta and son
ROMANOVSKY Yosef, Doba, Mina and sister
RAMIROVSKY Yonah, Sarah, Shifra and brother
RAKOVITSKY Shmuel, Zelda, Sarah and three children
RASHKIN Yudel Chaim and Menucha
RASHKIN Avraham, Chaya Rachel, Sarah and sister
RASHKIN Gershon, Rivka and child
RUBINSTEIN Henya and Leah
REITZER Yitzchak the rabbi, and wife
REITZER Yisrael, wife and child
REITZER Sheyna, Tsippora and husband
RESNIK Shlomo Chaim, Sheyna Hinda and three children
REZNITSKY Hirsh and Rachel
REZNITSKY Chana and Zechariah
REZNITSKY Hirsh and Rachel
SHABAKOVSKY David and child
SHAYA (teacher), wife and child
SHOLKOVITCH Gershon, Malka, Rachel, Sarah and Pinchas
SHOLKOVITCH Hillel, Ita, Michla, Esther and Henya
SHOLKOVITCH Shaul, Sheyna, Basha and Noach
SHOLKOVITCH Chaya, Yitzchak and two children
SHAPIRO Chana, husband and child
SHAPIRO Moshe and wife
SHAPIRO Tana, Sima, Yitzchak, Meir and Yehudis
SHAPIRO Shmuel, Rachel and two children
SHATZKES Rivka, Leibel, Lyuba and Feigel
SHARLOT Yitzchak, Chaya and Rivka
SHABSAY Rivka and Malka
SHVEDSKY Aharon Leib, Frida, Chaya, Liba, Mei and Zalman
SHVEDSKY Meir, Golda and child
SHUSHAN Yehoshua, Sonia, Asher and Yisrael
SHUSHAN Yehuda, Rachel and two children
SHUSHAN Menachem
SHTCHIRANSKY Malka and husband
SHILOVITSKY Chaim Yonah, Keyla, Sonia, Chasya, Shasha and Nechama
SHILOVITSKY Chaim and Yaakov
SHILOVITSK (wife of Chaim), Sonia, Fruma and Yosef
SHIMSHELEVITCH Keyla, Shimon, Perl and Yitzchak
SHLYAPAK his wife and child
SHLEP Yaakov, Zelda, and his sister
SHMAYEVSKY Aharon, Rachel Leah, Ita and three children
SHMULEVITCH Ben-Zion, Chaya, Sarah, Malka and Nisan
SHMUSHKOVITCH Zalman Yitzchak, Cherna and Simcha
SHELUBSKY Yitzchak Zelik and Beyla
SHEPETNITSKY David, Sarah, Eliezer and Lyuba
SHEPSHELEVITCH Michel, Alta, Sheyna and Sarah Liba
SHEPSHELEVITCH Avraham, Basya, Bracha and Rachel
SHREIBMAN Noach and Bashka
SHREIBMAN Shaul, Toyba and Noach
        Earth – Do Not Cover Up Their Blood!

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Tragic Dates in the Destruction of Zhetel

June 30, 1941 - Germans entered Zhetel
July 14, 1941 - The decree about the yellow patch was published
July 15, 1941 - The first six Jews of Zhetel were murdered
July 23, 1941 - Murder of 120 Jews was carried out
October 1, 1941 - German headquarters was set up in Zhetel
November 28, 1941 - Zhetel Jews gave up their gold, silver and copper
December 15, 1941 - 400 Zhetel Jews were send to Dvoretz
February 22, 1942 - Zhetel Jews were confined to the ghetto
April 30, 1942 - The first massacre of 1000 Zhetel Jews took place
May 11, 1942 - Alter Dvoretsky and his friends were murdered in the forest
August 6, 1942 - The last massacre


On the anniversary for the martyrs of Zetel


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