Koidanov; Memorial Volume
of the Martyrs of Koidanov
(Dzyarzhynsk, Belarus)

53°41' / 27°09'

Translation of
Koydanov; zamlbukh tsum ondenk fun di Koydenover kdoyshim,
vos zaynen umgebrakht gevorn fun di Daytshishe Natsis

Editor: Avraham Reisin (1876-1953)

New York 1955



Project Coordinator

Jeff A. Ferber


Koydanov; zamlbukh tsum ondenk fun di Koydenover kdoyshim, vos zaynen umgebrakht gevorn fun di Daytshishe Natsis
(Koidanov; memorial volume of the martyrs of Koidanov)
Editor: Avraham Reisin, United Koidanover Association, New York 1955. (Y 216 pages)

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Part I

Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


Our Koydanov Noakh 7
The Koydanover Relief Noakh Rozevitzky 11
The Appearance of Koydanov Avrohom Evans (Avremel Evenchik) 17
Koydanov Moyshe Khaim Einbinder 21
My Hometown, Koydenov (Memories) Rabbi Israel Kravitz 23
Remembrances and Other Thoughts B. Grossman 27
My Return Home (poem) Avraham Reisen 33
A Circle of Songs Avraham Reisen 47
The Koydanover Rabbi, Reb Ahrele M. Ivensky 54
A Miracle Menashe Unger 64
Kav-haYashar [The Just Measure] and its Author, Tzvi Hirsch Koydanover Shimkha Gordon 69
Shabbas Songs Elahan Henle Kirhan 81
Songs Kalman Reisen 84
My Father Avraham Reisen 86
About My Brother Zalman Avraham Reisen 90
The Moralists Professor Shosim 98
The Shester Brothers Shlomo Seiman 115
Homey Songs S. Shester 125
A Fair in Town Yacov Chester 129
Spring Came Yakov Chester 132
Mein Shtetele [My Little Town] (song) Yaacov Yosef Shnipper
(the son of Nusan der Boyger [slaughterhouse family])
The Compilation (the editors) of the Babylonian Talmud M. Ivenski 150
Chaim Yosl's Hopes Sore Reisen 155
The Tall Mountains Shifra Osnas Livy 159
How Lucky We Were Here Shifra Osnas Livy 162
Memories Meir Tumin (Teomim) 167
A Dream (song) Meyer Tumin (Teomim) 171
The Cantor, Reb Fayve (Reflections) Aba Hurvitz 174
We Do Not Want to Believe (poem) Aba Hurvich 179
A Short Story - Entrusted to Abe Evans by Eizl Lipshits   181
An Interesting Evening in Koydanov Ruchl (Noakh Avraham's daughter) Kravitz 182
The Revolution in Koydenov Noakh Rozevitzky 184
Koydenov in 1920 (Memories) Eyda Aynbinder-Liberman 186
“My Town, Koydenov” M. Slovin 194
“Arah Yekels” M. Slovin 196
“When Summer Arrives” M. Slovin 196
A Guest in My Shtetele [little town], Koydanov (in 1927) M. Slovin 198
Avraham Reisen, may he rest in peace   208
The Koydenov Community in America Noakh Rozevicky 213
A Grandson of the Scribe Aba Hurvitz and Abe Evans 215
Max Osnas Jay Greyson 217
Memories Yosef Chazan 223
Famous Koydenov Families A.R. 232
In Memory Gitl Neufeld 237
A Letter from the Shtetl [town], Koydanov to Relatives in America Sontzye Shuster of Koydenov 239
The Jewish Victims from Rubezheviche [Rubezhevichi] and Surroundings
(A Letter from a Woman Who Survived)
Nishka Paleyes 240
Letters from Survivors of Koydenov   249
To the Holy Memory (Necrology)   261  
List of Pictures  
Names extracted from Memorial Announcements  

Part II

The Jewish Rider 7
Under the Green Tree 15
Summertime Guests 20
Among the Trees 26
Another Person 32
Two Apple Sellers 37
Green Leaves 43
Girlfriends of the Past 49
Dawn 54
Set up a Business 58
In the Course of Generations 61
When He Comes Home 67
Spaciously Comfortable in the Tailorsí Shul 78
The Glass Alms box 84
A New Friend 88
The Homey Concert 92
At Poor Weddings 98
The Friendly Visit 104
The Young Matzo-Rollers 109
The Newborn One 114
The Beginning of Spring 121
The Double Holiday 126
Young Prophets 133
Where is Justice? 138
The First Order 141
A Wealthy Patch 146
An American Melody 152
Yaacov the Coachman 157
The Calendar Teacher 162
The Rascal Takes off for America 166
To the Train 171
A Homey Matter 177
The Sublime Song 185
Two Friends 191
I Walked through the Quiet Field 198
In The New Country 199
A Day at Summerís End 201
A Poetís Fantasy 202
A Human Being 203
In the Rain and Wind 203
Donít Tarry 204
Homeland 205
Two Towns 206
In the Land of Israel 208

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