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Abram Erenfryd zl
  His face shone with happiness when he carried out the “mitzvah” of welcoming visitors. The second “mitzvah” that he carried out with all his vigor was charity. He did everything in modesty and humility. The third “mizvah” that he carried out was studying the Torah.

Thus did he walk the earth till the Nazi oppressor brought on his demise. He passed away at the age of 50 in the Dabrowa Ghetto. His grave is in the cemetery there.

My mother, Chanele z”l – she was a woman of valor. She inherited her spirit from my grandfather. The burden of the livelihood of the home and managing the business fell on her shoulders, and she carried this out with honor and success. If my father was able to sit and occupy himself with Torah and carry out “mitzvot”, it was thanks to my mother who by nature was a goodhearted woman and respected my father. She also found free time to deal with public needs and help the needy. The Nazi oppressor also found her and in 1942 she was sent to Auschwitz were she was killed. May the Lord revenge her blood.
My brothers and sisters Mendel, Awremele, Barcze Rawsze and Cesia I recall with a seething pain and restrained anger; how and why were they murdered when they were so young? May the Lord revenge their blood.

My uncle Ben Zion Lewit and his wife Goldele (nee Ajzman) and their three children were killed in the horrendous Holocaust.

My aunts on my mother's side: Hendale, Riwkale and Pohale – all of them were killed with their husbands and children. May the Lord revenge their blood.

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Mendel Erenfryd zl
I will bitterly weep for the Jews of Zagorze. This Jewish community that numbered close to 40 families, although small in number but great in its good deeds and its Zionist activity. The young generation was organized in Zionist youth movements and there were those that went to live in Israel before the oppressor came and stopped this. There were prayer houses, “chadarim”. The school children received national and religious education. Although it was a minority, most of the Gentiles knew how to preserve their national religious character.

What will consol our tremendous grief and these losses of families? The State of Israel will console us and the establishment of a new generation that will make sure that something like this will not occur again in the history of the Jews.

Ruwen (Gecel) son of Dawid Erenfryd

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