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Ruwen son of Dawid Erenfryd, son of Rabbi Jakob Dawid and Henja Erenfryd z”l from Zagorze in Polish Zaglembie, grandson of Rabbi Israel Mosze and Chanele Lewit z”l, is putting down on paper what his heart feels, in sorrow and lament. These thoughts do not disappear from our normal daily life.

Jakob Dawid Erenfryd and his wife Henia, z"l - dab612a.jpg [19 KB]

Jakob Dawid Erenfryd and his wife Henia, z”l
  Dear parents and relatives!

How can I walk the earth and not carry out the smallest deed for their memories that you gave to me on the pages for martyrs of the Dabrowa Górnicza Yizkor Book.

More than 35 years have passed since I left the sorrowful Polish Diaspora, with my family and with my sister Judit, thanks to Mr. Wowe Fajner z”l, who made-up the documents needed to reach Israel and establish a wonderful family.

I arrived in Israel via “Hechalutz Hamirachi”, and went through all the absorption pangs that the new immigrant went through at the time. Hence, I carried out the saying: The Land of Israel is built on suffering. I will not have done my duty, if I don't recall all of my family that numbered hundreds of souls from the entire Zaglembie region. First of all my grandfather Reb Israel Mosze z”l, tall, learned in Torah of the Admor's courtyard and their regular “Tish-Zitzer”. If unable to reach Aleksander, he would go to the Rabbi from Kremilow, and knew the six orders of the Talmud by heart, studying them night and day. An uncompromising man in the principles of the Torah, he would carry them out with all his soul and strength. He would early before the sun rose; he would study at home or in the Bet Midrash and carried out “mitzvoth” both large and small.
His mind was not in day to day life, and hence his livelihood was limited, he made a living from selling yeast, “matza shmura” [“guarded matza”] during the days of Pesach and “etrogim” [citron]. He did not live in the streets, but was always happy with his lot. He established an extensive family that continued in his way of Torah and good deeds.

My grandmother Chanele was a modest and righteous woman. She almost never took part in conversations, was active in the society of righteous women, the bridal fund society and so on. By her activities in the “Chevrat Kaddisha” she carried out a “mitzvah” of true kindness. She would accompany her husband Rabbi Israel Mosze in all facets of the life of the “Chassidim”.

Rywka (Belcza) Erenfryd z"l - dab612b.jpg [12 KB]

Rywka (Belcza) Erenfryd z”l
My father, Reb Jakob Dawid z”l – born in Zarki, one of the “Chassidim” of Skernowicz and Trisk, he was a righteous man. All his life was dedicated to the Torah and charity and helping his fellow man. Like my grandfather all this deeds were related to sanctifying the Lord, hence the burden of livelihood of the home fell on the shoulders of my mother, Chanele z”l. The “mitzvah” of welcoming visitors was the primary “mitzvah” for him and would not pass up on this. The house was open to every Jew. There was not a Shabbat or festival that there weren't visitors sitting around our table.

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