A new Supplement to the Book
“Czenstochover Yidn”
(Częstochowa, Poland)

50°48' / 19°07'

Translation of
Tshenstokhov; naye tsugob-material tsum bukh
“Tshenstokhover Yidn”


Edited by: S. D. Singer

Published in New York, 1958


Project Coordinator

Mark Froimowitz

This is a translation from: Tshenstokhov; naye tsugob-material tsum bukh ”Tshenstokhover Yidn”;
Czenstochov; a new supplement to the book “Czenstochover Yidn”,
edited by S. D. Singer, New York, 1958 (Y, 336 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Czestochowa (1958)

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Translated by Mark Froimowitz

  Forward from the Editor IV
Buildup and Destruction
L. Brenner The Rise of the Jewish Settlement in Czestochowa (1700 –1939) 5
Dr. Tzvi Cohen A. The Jewish Community in Czestochov (Its Composition and Activities) 11
  B.  The Zionist Movement in Czestochov (General Zionists, Mizrachi, Revisionists) 21
Ch. Kiel The “Hashomer Hatzeir” (A Page of Remembrances) 25
Dr. V. Gliksman Czestochowa Streets (The Avenue) 27
Mottel Berkovitch A Jewish House in Czestochowa 32
Dr. B. Orenstein Czestochowa Jews in the Nazi Era (1939–1945) 39
Tzvi Rozenvayn A. The Hunger Strike in Czestochowa Ghetto 47
  B. Concerning the Workers’ Council 49
Shlomo Vaga The Blood of the Dead Cries from the Earth (Pages of Remembrances) 52
Y. Suski The Mobilization 56
A. L. Bombe My Escape from Treblinka 57
  Protocol of the First Land-Conference of the Czestochowa Jews in Poland 60
Dr. B. Orenstein A. Czestochowa Landsleit in the D.P. Camps in Germany 62
  B. Czestochowa Folklore in the Nazi Times 66
Dr. Philip Friedman Death and Resistance of the Jews in the Time of the Nazi Occupation
(A Bibliographical Overview)
After The Destruction
Liber Brenner The Jewish Settlement in Czestochowa After the Second World War (1945–1956) 81
Moshe Lederman A Letter from Present Day Czestochowa (1945–1958) 86
Raphael Federman The “Bund” in Czestochowa in the Years After the Second World War 86
S.L. Shneiderman This is How Czestochowa Looks Now
(Impressions from a Visit in the Fall of the Year 1957)
Figures, Remembrances and Pictures
Dr. Tzvi Cohen A. Jacob Frank in Czenstochow (A Chapter of Stories) 110
  B. Harav Hagaon Rabbi Nachum Ash z’l 112
  C. The Rebbe Rabbi Avigdor z”l (A Portrait of a “Good Jew” who was Different 
     from Everyone Else)
  D. The Great Song Artist Abraham Ber Birenbaum (First Cantor of the New
     Synagogue Over a Period of 20 Years)
  E. Abraham Veviorka (Pages of Remembrance) 125
Yefim Yeshuri A Biography of Abraham Veviorka 124
Moshe Dluzshnavoski Vulf Veviorka (Pages of Remembrance) 125
Chaim-Leib Fuchs They were Three Brothers (The Dead Brothers Vildshinki: Yechezkal, Anshel, and Yechial) 129
Lotti Melack Isaac Yurista 133
Z. Turkov Peretz Villenberg (A Chapter of the Book “Theater Remembrances”) 136
Dr. B. Orenstein Dr. Jacob Shotski’s Contribution to the History of the Jews in Czestochowa 137
Raphael Federman A. Dr. Aaron Singalovski (Aaron Czestochower) 139
  B. Joseph Aronovich 141
  C. Zalman Tenenberg 144
  D. Hershel Freyman (Hershel Blacharsh) 144
  E. Aaron Peretz 145
  F. Isaac Samsonovich 146
  G. Samuel Frank and his family 147
Y. S. Hertz A. Rayzeleh and Moshe Berkenstat 152
  B. Eli Alebarde 153
A. Chrobolovsky A. People and Times (Czestochowa Memoirs) 154
  B. The Legend Lives (The Memory of Y. L. Peretz School, the Home for Children,
     the Teachers and the School Leaders
Abraham Litman A.  H. D. Lumberg 168
  B.  The Great Mystery 170
  C.  A Chassidic Demonstration 172
Raphael Federman Sholom Ash, a”h in Our Former Czestochowa (A Page of Remembrances) 173
Yossel Berliner I am a Pioneer in California 175
Harry Dzshubass America Lifted Me Up (Notes of a New Arrival) 176
David Neimark My Impressions of the City of Czestochowa 178
Hershel Epstein From Novoradomsk to Los Angeles (Pages of Intimate Remembrances) 179
A. Chrobolovsky Rabbi Devora Mash (from the Former Czestochowa Types) 182
Chonon Kiel A. “Tzimmes” 183
  B.  Riveleh 184
Literature and Critique
Chonon Kiel To the Varta (Poem) 189
A. Viltsh
(Yechezkel Vilshinski)
The Old Shul I Seek 190
  In the Work Camp 191
A. Veviorke Yom Kippur 193
Chaim Leib Schwartz My Wish 193
Berish Weinstein A Pass to the West (A Chapter of a Poem) 194
S. D. Singer “By the River Varta and the East River” of Raphael Federman 197
A. Chrobolovsky “Czestochowa Becomes a City” of Chaim Leib Schwartz 200
Shoshanna Tsheanztchska Tomorrow 203
  In the Storm 203
Dr. V. Glicksman Notes and Reviews 204
Our Anniversaries
A. Chrobolovsky Dr. Yosef Kruk 70 Years 212
Y. N. Steinberg To Elknanh Krubalovski's 70 Year Jubilee 222
Dovid Tanski Yaakov Ber Silver, Seventy Five Years Old 225
Ben-Mordechai 50 Year Society Activities of Raphael Federman 226
Zvi Rosenvein Raphael Federman (Traits) 228
Czestochowers in America and in Other Countries
Czestochowers in America
Dr. V. Glicksman The Activities of the United Czestochower Relief Committee in New York and Its Vicinity (1950-1958) 232
Morris Stern Czestochower-Lodzer Branch 324 Worker Ring in New York 240
Yosef Kaufman The Czestochower Young Men 241
S. Goldberg The East Bronx Czestochower Society in New York 241
Reuvain Luks Regional Union in Detroit 242
H. Groiman The Activities of Czestochower Aid Society in Los Angeles 243
Czestochowers in Other Countries
Dr. B. Orenstein The Activities of the Czestochowa Landsmanshaft in Montreal, Canada 243
Avraham Gottlieb Czestochowa Landsleit in Israel 247
Emzeh Berne The Activities of the Czestochowa Landsleit in Argentina 250
Dovid Vorazlovski The Society “Czestochowa and Its Vicinity” in Paris, France 253
Dr. Leib Kurland The Activities of the Society “Jews from Czestochowa and ItsVicinity” in Paris, France 255
In Memory of the Czestochowa Landsleit and Leaders in America
Leah Schwartz By the Open Window (Chaim Leib Schwartz) 257
Dr. V. Glickman Abba Kaufman a”h (Several Features of his Personality) 258
A. Chrobolovsky The Memory of Yeshayeh-Yaakov Menkoff a”h 261
  Leibel (Loyis) Simkavich, a”h 262
  Regina (Rivkah) Kuperman-Rosenfeld, a”h 263
  Iteh Lendshner 264
  Fanny Firestein 265
In Memory of Those Czestochowa Jews Killed, Martyrs, and Heroes
Avraham Gottlieb To Make Eternal Memory Czestochowa Jewry 268
  Yizkor – To an Eternal Memorial 269
Raphael Federman In Memory of the Bundists Killed 290
  To the Memory of Our Dear Ones, our Unforgettable Parents, Brothers, Sisters, and Relatives 298
  Czestochowa 304
  Index of Names that are Mentioned in the Book “Czestochower Jews” 306
  Index of Names that are Mentioned in the Book “Czestochowa” 327
  Notes of the Editors 335
  Album of Personalities I

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