Town of Bar
Jewish Pages Through The Prism Of Time

(Bar, Ukraine)

4904' 2740'

Written by M. B. Kupershteyn



Project Coordinator

Stefani Elkort Twyford


Original Book in Ukrainian:
K 92 M. B. Kupershteyn
Vinnytsia: LLC “Nilan-LTD”, 2019 - 344 pages.
Book proofreader: A. M. Krentsina
The original publication was carried out with the financial support
of the Charity Fund “Christians for Israel-Ukraine”

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This book tells about the town of Bar, namely the life of the Jewish population through the prism of historical events. When writing this book archival, historical, memoir, public materials, historical and ethnographic dictionaries, reference books, works of historians, local historians, as well as memories and stories of direct participants, living witnesses of history, photos from the album “Old Bar” and from other sources were used. The book is devoted to the Jewish people of Bar, the history of contacts between ethnic groups, which were imprinted in the people's memory and monuments of material culture, will be of interest to both professionals and a wide range of readers who are not indifferent to the history of the Jewish people and its cultural traditions.
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Town of Bar: Jewish Pages Through The Prism Of Time


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