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 Genealogical Research Guidance

Prospective new members may request guidance on how the Suwalk-Lomza Interest Group and its publication Landsmen might be of assistance in your research. However, we can not do actual research in our back issues for you. We can only offer suggestions about which of our issues are most likely to be relevant for your research.

There is no charge for this assistance. And requesting it in no way obligates you to join us.

Important:    Before contacting us for guidance, you should review all components of this web site, especially:  Membership, Ordering Back Issues,  and the Landsmen Index of Articles by Town   

You may contact us for this purpose at the following address:

When making this request, please type the following on the Subject Line of your E-Mail message:

Request from [your name] for Research Guidance

To best assist you, please include the following in the body of your message:

   The towns in Suwalki and/or Lomza gubernia you are most interested in [up to 10 towns];
  The surnames you are researching [up to 10 surnames].

Note: We have no surname by town index and can not do research on where in our Landsmen issues your ancestors are found – if at all.
We might be able to assist you even further if you also include in your message – for the families of greatest interest to you – the approximate period of time they resided in one or more of our towns, the approximate year of their emigration, and where they immigrated to.

Please keep your information brief. If you decide to join us you will be given an opportunity to place a Family Finder ad in Landsmen – at no charge. We allow very ample space in our publication for these ads, and many of our members have gotten good results from them.

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