How do I get records for my family from Belarus?

There are several ways to get Belorussian records for your ancestors.

  1. The best way to get records for your family is to join a project for your shtetl(s). Paul Zoglin, the Belarus SIG Database Coordinator, has enlisted a team of enthusiastic District leaders. If you are registered in JGFF your team leader may contact you. He may alert you to Belarus SIG progress in record upload. The SIG coordinators are working to find volunteers to help get records online. Are you willing to volunteer a few hours a week?

    • Look at our contact page. Is there a coordinator for your District or Gubernia?
    • Write to your coordinator and ask what records or images are available.
    • Donate $100 and join a project through JewishGen-erosity - Belarus Projects
    • Donors will have access to all records that come available for their project at least a year before they are uploaded to the All Belarus Database.
    • If there is no coordinator for your District, contact us at the Help Desk
  2. Our Help Desk is a new feature of the Belarus SIG.
    • We hear you
    • We are here for you
  3. The addresses of the archives can be found on the Belarus SIG Resources page, and on the TOWNS AND REPOSITORIES IN BELARUS portion of the Routes to Roots Foundation Archive Database.

  4. You can visit the archives yourself. Travel information can be found in the Belarus SIG newsletter, the Belarus SIG discussion group, and on current travel sites.

See also Archives and Research Libraries.