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CURRENT CZECH NAME:  Prcice (Part of twin towns Sedlec-Prcice)

OTHER NAMES/SPELLINGS: Prtschitz, Pertschitz, Prcitz 

LOCATION:  Prcice is located in Bohemia, Benesov, Czech Republic.  The town is located at 49.35 longitude and 14.33 latitude. Prcice is 21 km NNW of Tabor, 40km ESE of Pribram.  (see Map by Mapquest)

HISTORY:  The earliest known Jewish community in this town was most likely from the second half of 17th century.  The Jewish population in 1930 was 23 people in Prcice and 23 in Sedlec.  The present town population is 570 inhabitants, with probably none Jews. 




CEMETERIES:  (US Comm. no. CZCE000259) 
       The Jewish cemetery is located at 1.5 km N. of town.  The cemetery was established before 1725. The Jewish community that used this cemetery was probably Conservative. Strezimir, 6 km away, also used this cemetery.
       The cemetery location is rural (agricultural), on a hillside but on flat land with a slight slope, isolated and marked by no sign or marker.  It is reached by turning directly off a public road.  It is open to all.  The cemetery is surrounded by a continuous masonry wall.  There is a gate that does not lock.
       The approximate size of cemetery before WWII and now is 0.174 hectares.  The cemetery has tombstones and memorial markers made of granite and sandstone. There are 20 to 100 stones, with legible stones datable from 1782 to the 20th century. The cemetery contains tombstones that are flat shaped stones, finely smoothed and inscribed stones and multi-stone monuments. The cemetery has tombstones with iron decorations or lettering and metal fences around graves. Inscriptions on tombstones are in Hebrew, German and Czech. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. The last known Jewish burial was Mr. Moric Klein, who died in 1942 (79 years). 

(Click HERE for a schematic of the cemetery that includes the legible inscriptions from some of the markers)

       The present owner of the cemetery property is the local Jewish community of Praha. The cemetery property is now for Jewish cemetery use only. Properties adjacent to it are agricultural. The cemetery boundaries have not changed since 1939. The cemetery is visited rarely by private visitors.
       The cemetery was vandalized during World War II, and occasionally between 1945 and 1981.  No maintenance had been done.  In 1995 the cemetery was repaired by the community office of the town of Sedlec-Prcice (with support of the Jewish community in Prague and the Cultural Ministry of the Czech Republic.  Today it is in good condition. There is no maintenance now.

  • Very serious threat: vegetation. 
  • Serious threat: vandalism. 
  • Moderate threat: uncontrolled access and pollution. 
  • Slight threat: weather erosion, existing nearby development and proposed nearby development.
Town officials: Mestsky urad, 257 91 Sedlec-Prcice. 

Regional officials: 

  • Jewish congregation: ZNO Praha (Ms Jana Wolfova), Maislova 18, 110 01 Praha 1, tel. 0301/2318664; 
  • Okresni urad, referat kultury, 256 01 Benesov u Prahy; 
  • PhDr Jiri Twoniak, district conservator of monuments, Zapova 601/22, 256 01 Benesov u Prahy, tel.0301/23618. (Deceased - 1998)
Interested parties: 
  • Statni zidovske muzeum, Jachymova 3, 110 01 Praha 1, tel.02/231-06-34; 
  • Okresni muzeum Benesov, Male namesti 74, 256 01 Benesov u Prahy; 
  • Jaroslav Horyna -local chronicler- 257 91 Sedlec-Prcice 226. 
A local chronicler since 1998 is Mr. Vaclav Dikun, a teacher in the primary school in Sedlec-Prcice.
Other contacts: 
MUDr Ondrej Bazant, Obrancu miru 660, 259 01 Votice, tel.0302/2430; 
Vaclav Sustr sr., Husova 287, 259 01 Votice, tel.0302/2397.
       This survey was completed by: 
- Ladislac Mertl, mgr. of geography, Kubanske nam. 1322/17, Praha 10-Vrsovice, tel.02/743213; 
- Jiri Fiedler, Brdickova 1916, 155 00 Praha 5, tel.02/55-33-40 on June 1992.
       The following documentation was used to complete this survey: 
  • H. Gold: Die Juden...Bohmens...(1934); 
  • J. Herman: Jewish Cemeteries in Bohemia and Moravia (1980); 
  • notes of Statni zidovske muzeum Praha from research in 1959; 
  • letter of J. Horyna -(1984); and censuses of 1724, 1930, 1991. 
     Other documentation exists but was not used because it is not accessible. The site was not visited. Bazant and Sustr were interviewed, both several times during the autumn of 1991 and spring of 1992 .

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