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List of Families that were Destroyed

Translated by Shayna Kravetz

NOTE: Accepting that certain families are, to our deep anguish, omitted due to a dearth of information concerning them, and do not appear in the list of the destroyed, we beg pardon from their relatives and acquaintances. -The Editorial Committee


Family ofAlshanitzki, Chatzkl[2]
 Alshanitzki, Chinke[3]
 Atlas, Devorah
 Atlas, Hershl
 Atlas, Nekhemiah[4]
 Atlas, Zelde
Family ofBaidan, Zalman
 Barelkovski, Khayim (Khayim the glazier)
 Barelkovski, Yisrael
 Barski, Noakh
 Bayarski, Yudl[5]
 Beilach, Ohr’ke[6]
 Beinshtein, Sarah
 Beris, Khayim
 Berniker, Itshe[7] (Khanah Dinah’s)
 Biali, Hillel (Hilke)[8]
 Biali, Motl[9]
 Bialosukenski, Avraham-Meir
 Bialosukenski, Binyam’ke[10]
 Bialosukenski, Moshe Faivl[11]
 Bialosukenski, Shlomo’ke
 Blacharzsh, Mendl
 Blum, Moshe-Mendl
 Brumer, Khayim Hershl
 Brumer, Yehoshua
 Brustin, Yosef (Avraham-Moshe Mekhaver’s son-in-law)
 Bialostotzki, Leibl
Family ofChanovski, Etke
Family ofDlugalenski, Diodie
 Dovnarski, Leibl
 Dovnarski, Sheine-Malka
Family ofFarbar, Avraham
 Farbar, Blumke (Yisroel-Yitzkhak’s widow)
 Farbar, Khayim
 Feldman, Hershl
 Fishbein, Mendl
 Fishbein, Moshe (Mazur)
 Fisher, Pesakh
 Fridman, Feigl
 Fridman, Leya’ke (Rathoiz)[12]
 Fridman, Menashe
 Fridman, Moshe (ILLEGIBLE)
 Fridman, Nisl[13]
 Fridman, Peshe (Staznover)[14]
 Fridman, Yankl[15](Dolker)
 Furman, Diodke (the tutor)
 Furman, Khaye
 Furman, Yitzkhak (Yoske’s)[16]
Family of Garbar, Alter
 Gelbord, Avraham (Gnendl’s)
 Gelbord, Avraham (Tshudak)
 Gelbord, Feigl (Tshudak)
 Gelbord, Gershon
 Gelbord, Henoch (Itshe the waterbearer)
 Gelbord, Henye
 Gelbord, Matityah (Mates)
 Gelbord, Ohr’ke
 Gelbord, Sheine (Fenikl)
 Gelbord, Yudl
 Gerzon, Avrem’l
 Gerzon, Natke[17]
 Gerzon, Yankl
 Gofshtein, Shprintze
 Goldiner, Khayim
 Goldiner, Paye
 Goldiner, Yente
 Goniondski, Avrem’l
 Goniondski, Hirsh
 Goniondski, Leibl
 Gornosteiski, Beilke
 Grin, Moshe
 Grin, Yankl
 Grodzinski, Moshe-Leizer
 Guzovski, Alter
 Guzovski, Avraham-Hersh
 Guzovski, Yerakhmiel
Family ofHalpern, Avrem’l
 Halpern, Hinde (Shapiro)
 Halpern, Itke[18]
 Halpern, Leya (Khateivah)
 Halpern, Meri
 Halpern, Yankl
 Halpern, Yehoshua (Nisl the butcher’s son-in-law)
 Halpern, Yerakhmiel
 Hirshfeld, Shalom
 Hausman, Elazar (Lozer)
Family ofIzralski, Azriel
 Izralski, Avrem’l
 Izralski, Moshe
Family ofKhateivah, Simkhah
 Kapelman, Golke
 Katinke, Khaye-Neche (Sheinberg)
 Katinke, Moshe
 Katz[19] (Midrash’s son-in-law)
 Khazan, Henye
 Khazan, Zeidl
 Kirzshner, Khanah-Gitl
 Kirzshner, Velvl[20]
 Kirzshner, Yosl
 Kliap, Motke
 Kobrinski, Basia (Bertshuk’s)
 Kobrinski, Motl
 Kobrinski, Osher
 Kobrinski, Yankl
 Kobrinski, Yosl
 Kohen (Tuvia-Motl’s daughters)
 Kohen, Gedaliah (Tuvia-Motl’s)
 Kohen, Yoel-Meir
 Kosoi, Avrem’l
 Kravietz, Alter (Tshatshuk’s)
 Kravietz, Avraham-Aharon
 Kravietz, Berl
 Kravietz, Efraim
 Kravietz, Gdalyahu (Rivka’s, Mondres)
 Kravietz, Reizl
 Kravietz, Yisroel (Mordechai the sexton’s son-in-law)
 Kravietz, Yitzkhak (Tshatshuk’s)
 Kravietz, Yosl
 Krepchn, Ben-Tzion
Family ofLandenberg, Shimon (the ragman)
 Laptshinski, Beilke (Kliop)
 Levin, Alter (Yehudah’s)
 Levin, Avrehm’l
 Levin, Henye-Devorah
 Levin, Meilach
 Levin, Moshe (the ropemaker)
 Levin, Rokhel (Noske’s)
 Levin, Yankl (Shmuel the smith’s)
 Levit, Avraham-Yaakov
 Levor, Pesakh (Mariashe’s)
 Levor, Yankl (Mariashe’s)
 Liach, Reizl (Feige-Rokhel’s)
 Lifshtein, Shmuel (Peshe the Stozonover’s son-in-law)
 Lintshevski, Yudl (Nisl the butcher’s son-in-law)
 Lurie, Natan
Family of Malazovski, Moish’ke (Itshe Anshl’s)
 Malazovski, Motl
 Malazovski, Shlomo
 Malazovski, Shmuel-Ber
 Mali, Leizer
 Mankovski, Reize
 Mareine, Yisroel
 Markus, Yirmiya
 Mekhaver, Shlomo
 Mekhaver, Simke[21]
 Mekhaver, Yudl
 Menkes, Etl (Yitzkhak’s widow)
 Michnovski, Alter
 Miltshan, Freidke (Vilenski)
 Miltshan, Golde
 Miltshan, Zerakh
 Milver, Alter
 Milver, Hershl
 Milver-Kaminski, Sheine
Family ofNiyemai, Zerakh
 Niyevodovski, Khayim
 Niyevodovski, Peitshe (Sheine-Malkah’s daughter)
 Niyevodovski, Shmuel
 Niyevodovski, Zelig
 Nozshik (the shoemaker)
Family ofPekarski, Volf
 Penski, Shifra
 Penski, Shmuel
 Perlova-Gura, Tzadik
 Piechote, Moshe
 Piekarzh, Libe (came from Yedvabne)
 Pinkevitsh, Hershl (Moshe Mendl’s son-in-law)
 Plaskovski, Meir
 Poliak, Zelig
 Posvietnianski, Gershon (Paluch)
 Posvietnianski, Meir (Paluch)
 Predmeski, Leibl
 Predmeski, Meishe’l
 Predmeski, Rivka-Dvora
Family ofRaver, Ahr’ke
 Raver, Aizik
 Raver, Avrem’ke
 Raver, Ber
 Raver, Leibl
 Raver, Yerokhmiel
 Reigrodski, Volf
 Reznitzki, Aaron
 Reznitzki, Beilke
 Reznitzki, Feivl
 Reznitzki, Itzl
 Ribak, Ahr’tshik
 Ribak, Leya’ke
 Ribak, Mordechai (the baker)
 Ribak, Motke
 Ribak, Yankl
 Rozental, Chatzkl
 Rozental, Yankl (Berl Rudski’s son-in-law)
 Rubin (Nekhemiah’s family)
 Rubin, Chine
 Rubin, Hershl (Pul’s)
 Rubin, Hershl (Vrotzenier)
 Rubin, Menashe’ke
 Rubin, Moshe-Aharon
 Rubin, Tzipe[22]
 Rubin, Yankl (Elie’s)
 Rubin, Yankl (Libke’s)
 Rubin, Yankl (Shmuel Yoske’s)
 Rudski, Itke
Family ofShachnboim, Tzerl
 Sheftz, Moshe
 Shirotes, Osher
 Rav Shlumovitsh
 Shtrikdreier, Yitzkhak
 Shtshutshinski, Moshe (Dinke’s)
 Shuster, Leibl
 Sidranski, Yankl (Vichne’s)
 Sidranski, Zeidl (Vichne’s)
 Slomianski, Feigl
 Stolnitzki, Michael (Feigl-Rokhel’s son-in-law)
 Suraski, Khanna
Family ofTodorovitsh, Leizer
 Tikotski, Aizik
 Tikotski, Berl
 Tikotski, Berl (Peshkele’s son-in-law)
 Tikotski, Leibl (Tzalel’s)
 Tikotski, Mendl (Hershl-Leib’s)
 Tikotski, Yankl (Shmerke’s)[23]
 Tikotski, Yosl (Sheimele’s)
 Tiyukl, Leya
 Todorovitsh, Aharon Meir
 Todorovitsh, Moshe Mordechai
 Todorovitsh, Peshe Rivkah (Shepsl’s wife)
 Todorovitsh, Yankl (the tailor)
 Trachimovski, Itshe
 Trachimovski, Khanah
 Trachimovski, Neshke
 Treshtshanski, Faivl
 Treshtshanski, Henoch (the tutor)
 Treshtshanski, Itshe (Henoch’s)
 Treshtshanski, Leizer
 Treshtshanski, Leya (Alter Yisroel’s daughter)
 Treshtshanski, Rivkah (Itshe Gele’s)
 Treshtshanski, Sender
 Treshtshanski, Sender (Yashviler)
 Treshtshanski, Yankl (Gele’s)
 Treshtshanski, Yehoshua (Shaye[24]-Leib)
 Treshtshanski, Yudl
 Tzentura (the cantor)
 Tzviklitz, Yehoshua
Family of Vaser, Hershl (Khayim Polok’s son-in-law)
 Veil, Leibl
 Veiner, Avraham (Shmulke Plamtshuk’s)
 Veiner, Avreml (Alter Plamtshuk’s)
 Veiner, Avreml (Moshe-Gershon’s)
 Veiner, Sarah’ke (Alter Plamtshuk’s)
 Veiner, Shmulke (Shmulke Plamtshuk’s)
 Veiner, Zeidke (Alter Plamtshuk’s)
 Velvelevitsh (the glass merchant)
 Vertzelinski, Yosl
 Vigodski (Yankl Reizl Meir’kes)
Family ofYanovski, Etl
 Yanovski, Meishe’l (Yankl’s son)
 Yanovski, Sheinke
 Yanovski, Yankl
 Yevraiski, Kheikl
 Yevraiski, Reuven
 Yevraiski, Rive
 Yevraiski, Reichl (Shaye-Yankl’s daughter)
 Yevraiski, Shimon
Family ofZachariash, Eliyahu
 Zachariash, Shmuel
 Zalishanski, Ester (Luriye)
 Zarentshanski, Leibl
 Zilbershtein, Moshe
 Zimnoch, Alter

1 Names are listed according to their transliterated alphabetical order. This results in different groupings from the Yiddish order for names beginning with vowels, and for names beginning with Hebrew letters “tsadi”, transliterated as “tz” and therefore appearing with “tav” and “tet” under English “t”; “kuf”, “khet” and “khaf” appearing under English “k”; “samekh” and “shin” appearing under English “s”; and pairs such as “peh” and “feh” which appear together in Yiddish but under “p” and “f” in English.
2 Short form of Yekhezkel - Ezekiel
3 All final letter “e”s transliterated from Yiddish are pronounced; they never act to elongate the preceding vowel, as in English “case” pronounced “keis”; if this spelling represented a transliteration from Yiddish, it would be pronouced “kaseh”.
4 All names are transliterated as they appear, rather than given their English Biblical equivalents. In transliterating, the following equivalences have been used: Hebrew “khet” = kh; “khaf” = ch; “kaf” = k; “kuf” = q. Yiddish “kuf” = k.
5 Short form of Yehudah – Judah
6 Short form of Aharon – Aaron
7 Short form of Yitzkhak – Isaac
8 Indications in parentheses are nicknames, family connections, or professions – frequently used to distinguish among two people with the same first and family names.
9 Short form of Mordechai
10 Short form of Binyamin – Benjamin
11 Short form of Faivish – Phoebus
12 This may be a proper name or it may mean “Town Hall”
13 Short Form for Nissan
14 This may be a proper name or it may mean “from the town of Staznov”
15 Short Form for Yaakov – Jacob
16 Short Form for Yosef – Joseph
17 Short Form for Natan – Nathan
18 Short Form for Yehudit – Judith
19 Written as a two-letter acronym (kaf-tzadi), initials for “cohen tzedek” (righteous priest)
20 Short Form for Volf – Wolf
21 Short Form of Simkhah
22 Short Form for Tzipporah
23 Short Form for Shmaryah – Samaria
24 Short Form for Yehoshua
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