Wyszków Book
(Wyszków, Poland)

52°36' / 21°28'

Translation from Sefer Wyszków

Edited by: D. Shtokfish

Published in Tel Aviv, 1964

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Project Coordinator

Howard B. Orenstein

Our sincere appreciation to Mr. Israel Pshetitsky, of the Wyszków Association in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer Wyszków (Wyszków Book), ed. D. Shtokfish,
Wyszków Association of Former Residents in Israel and abroad, Tel Aviv, 1964 (H / Y, 351 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wyszkow

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Preface Menakhem Shtelung-Sokol 5
First Part
A. The History of the Town, General Memoirs, and Descriptions
The ancestry of Wishkov D. Shtokfish 11
Memories of Wishkov Menakhem Caspi (Srebrnik) 14
The town in the years 1892-1913 Max Tchekhanov 22
30 years of community life Yitzkhok Baharov/Barab 26
The yeshiva, synagogues, study places, and prayer quorums   30
The last rabbis of Vishkov   33
Bloody Polish “Games” of 1920 Mordkhe V. Bernshteyn 33
Polish-Bolshevik Terror in 1920 Y. Mitlsbakh 39
A memoir of "That Year" Liber Vigoda 40
Wishkov Remembrances Yisroel Granat 41
Wishkov (Wyszków) During Bad and Good Times M. Rabin 43
Pictures of the town Baranek 48
Romantically, Socially, Idealistically Yekhiel Bzhoza/Bzoza 50
A bundle of memories from days past Haim Levin 51
Memories of the old town Moyshe Stolik 52
A Wishkever Melody Aron Pakht 53
The Wishkover Band; Dalekes Itzkhok Marcuschamer 55
A day in town Moishe Farbshteyn 57
Memories of our young years Shmuel Nyestenpover 59
Our train station, the Poremba settlement Yankev/Yakov Palukh 60
The Porembo Yishuv (settlement) Yankev/Yakov Palukh 61
FromWishkov to the Kibbutz Dafne Yehuda Eylan 63
B. Political Parties, Societies, Organizations, and Institutions
The founding of the Zionist organizationin Wishkov Mordkhe Krunenberg 69
The first pioneer in town Yisroel Kaluski 69
The left Zionist organization and its youth Yankev Shtelung-Sokol 73
A few lines on the “HaShomer HaTsair” in Wishkov[1] Leah Guldenshteyn 78
In the HaShomer HaTsair youth movement Bina Yakubovitch-Tabak 80
From the members of the orthodox youth organization Menakhem Nagl 81
On the eve of elections in the Jewish community in the year 1931 Paul A. Kramer 82
The Vishkever loan fund in the Year 1935   83
Interest-free loan fund of the socialist handwork union Y. M. Tsembal/Cembal 84
Sports Clubs and self-defense Borukh Yismakh/Ismaj 87
The sport club “Maccabi” Sh. Sh. 89
The worker's sports club “Skala” Mayer Leyb Holtzman 91
C. Religious Life
Religious institutions and "Shtiblakh" [2] Motl Venger 95
Wyszkow - A religious town Velvl Olenberg 98
My children are not agnostics Freydl Kaplovitch 99
The first proper kheyder [3] F. M. R. 100
Memoirs of a student in the yeshiva “Darkhey Noam” [4] Khaim Umyal 101
The yeshiva “Beis Yosef” Paul A. Kramer 101
Jewish chains (A gratitude poem) Rabbi Shimon Arie Kheyfetz 102
My Memories of the Yeshive Shimon Zakharia Malowanczyk 102
The Keepers of the Sabbath in Town Arie Shtelung Sokol 104
The excommunication (der kheyrem) Borukh Yismakh/Ismaj 105
Buried behind the fence . . . Y. M. Tsembal/Cembal 106
Cantorial singing and choirs in Wishkov Elye Y. Brukhansky 108
The Keepers of the Sabbath were not successful Yosl Popowvski 110
D. Personalities, Businessmen, Figures, and Types
Mordechai Anilewicz: Leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – born in Wishkov (in Hebrew & Yiddish) Yisroel Gutman 115
Our Master, Our Teacher, Our Rabbi – from Wishkov-Radzymin Yekhezkel Rutenberg,
Moyshe Sheynfeld
Reb Khaim Henekh (Shtelung), the Prayer Leader Menakhem Shtelung 121
Reb Khaim Malkhiel (Brukhanski), the cantor Y. Brukhanski 124
Yisroel Asman Yosef Zaydenshtat 124
Yisroel Asman's folk legends and folklore Sh. Ernst 125
Yisroel Asman in Los Angeles Yekhiel Bzhoza/Bzoza 127
5 Vishkever figures:(Dovid Gurni, Eli-Meyer Goldman, Moishe-Yosef Abramchik, Dovid-Leib Oldak, Velvl Kronenberg) Yitskhok Baharav/Barab 127
Henekh Kaluski Avigdor Mondry 128
Dr. Laykher (Berek Leykher) Shimon Malovantczik 128
Reb' Motl Broder Shimon Malovantczik 129
Reb' Yankl Dovid Pszhetitski Shimon Malovantczik 129
Mordkhe Tchekhanov Tch. (Khane) Aplboym 129
Reb' Shimon Bar Yekhezkel Sobrinski Yerakhmiel Wilenski-Grapa 130
Motl and Sore Baharov/Barab Yitszkhok Baharav/Barab 131
Reb Khinekh (Hinukh) Kurnet Moyshe Kurnet 132
Grandfather Reb' Yisroel-Yitszkhok and, Grandmother Freyde-Perla Yitzkhok Ben Nakhum Waisman(Perla) 132
In Memory of my father, Simkhe Mushkat H. Mushkat 133
Tsvike Musberg Pnina Musberg 134
Zev Holand   136
Abraham Tenenboym Khane and Borukh-Dovid Tenenboym 136
Yitzkhok Zemir   137
Their memories must be forever: Henda the lady-butcher[Katzfke] Yitzkhok Markuschamer 139
Hershl the water carrier Yisroel Asman 141
Hershele Kurlap Yisroel Asman 143
My teachers and A house and its inhabitants Motl Vegner 145
The blind Rabbi H. Mushkat 147
Ayzikl, the teacher M. Rabin 148
Wishkever figures Yankev Mitlsbakh 149
The language of truth M. Rabin 153
The two mutes Yekhiel Bzhoza/Bzoza 155
The rural doctor Malovantczik Yosl Popowski 156
Reb' Sholom Refoylkes (Mikhalkes) M. Federgrin 157
The Second Part – The Destruction of Wishkov
In the Wishkov forest (a poem) Binem Heler 161
To Remind and to Remember Menakhem Caspi (Srebrnik) 162
The first air-raid of Wishkov Yoysef Gurni 163
In the first days of the destruction Moyshe Venger 164
Air-raid of September 1939 Naftali Kartmer 166
“Black Friday” Leybl Popowski 167
The Nazi murderers in town Kh. A. (YIVO-Wyszkow#1140) 169
Wishkov in flames Tzvi Yankev Gemora 169
Struggling with death Leml Rubin 170
In the years of misfortune and anguish Khane Srebro (nee Vengel) 177
Hitler's murder of children Leah Direktor (nee Lerman) 185
My experiences during the occupation Fanye Hertz 188
In the forest with the partisans Fayvl Fular 191
The last request of a martyr Abraham, Ben Soreh-Rifkeh 193
The Polacks helped to kill the Jews of Wishkov Hebrew Newspaper 193
We succeeded in escaping Velvl Olenberg 194
Partisans and Ghetto fighters in the forest of Wishkov (17 names listed)   194
With my wandering stick in hand Yitzkhok Baharav/Barab 196
Dead shadows walk in the marketplace Dr. Khaim Shoshkes 200
Rabbi (Tzvi) Bronsteyn visits Wishkov in 1961   201
Part Three – Wishkevers in Israel and in the World
The beginning in Israel Moyshe Farbshteyn 205
15 years of the Israeli organization of people who came out of Wishkov Rabbi Yerakhmiel Wilenski-Grapa 206
The Wishkever society in New York Yekhiel Burstyn 221
Wishkow Association of New York Aaron Benjamin 221
The Los Angeles Wishkever society Avraham Dovid Tef 227
Wishkevers in Los Angeles H. Mushkat 228
Various activities Beltche Tef (Yelin) 229
Wishkov union in Argentina and surrounding area Arie Shtelung 229
Y. M. Tsembal/Cembal Y. Leyeles 236
Yankev/Yakov Shtelung-Sokol Y. M. Tsembal/Cembal 236
Wishkevers in Uruguay Shulem Grapa, Kh. Venger 237
Wishkevers in Cuba Tch. Apelboym 238
Wishkevers in Germany request help Shulem Grapa 238
Part Four – Yizkor
Yizkor Dr. M. Dvorzhetski, Sh. Shalom 243
Kaddish Rabbi Yerakhmiel Wilenski-Grapa 244
List of Wishkever Jews who died   245
Itzel [Yitzchak] Radziminsky, of blessed memory Zev Radziminsky 261
Obituaries   267
New York obituaries   269
Los Angeles   287
Argentina   294
Uruguay   300
Israel   303
Part Five – Additions
Index of geographical names and pictures   337
Index of names   341
Noticed Errata   351

  1. A youth organization; lit. “The Young Guardians” Return
  2. A “shtibl” is a place of worship in someones house or storefront; a small adhoc synagogue Return
  3. A kheyder is a one-room schoolhouse or a school in the rabbi's house Return
  4. Literally: Paths of Pleasantness Return

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