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 07/13/2015  New Data Acquisitions

Their SIGers,

This is the first posting about the new data we acquired while in Jerusalem. The documents are not available publicly, and none of the data has been translated or transcribed, so it cannot be searched. In order to create a searchable index which will be included in the JewishGen UkraineSIG database, we need someone to become a project manager of this data and to create a proposal for fundraising, in order to raise sufficient funds to translate the data.

The following was acquired from the Khmelnitskii archives - its point of origin was the Kaminets-Podolsky archives. This is just the first portion of the

1. Litin, uezd - 1936 images from the 1882 revision list
2. Luchinets - 73 images from vital records from 1851, 1863, 1864
3. Brailov - 259 images from the 1829 revision list
4. Vinnitsa & uezd - 530 images from the 1829 revision list
5. Voroshilovka - 79 images from the 1829 revision list
6. Kudievtsy - 29 images from the 1829 revision list
7. Kalinovka - 9 images from the 1829 revision list
8. Miziakov - 104 images from the 1829 revision list
9. Pikov - 152 images from the 1829 revision list
10. Stanislavchik - 31 images from the 1829 revision list
11. Strizhavka - 186 images from the 1829 revision list
12. Tyvrov - 90 images from the 1829 revision list
13. Iuzvin - 44 images from the 1829 revision list
14. Letichev & uezd: Snitkov, Derazhnia, Medzhibozh, Zinkov, Mikhalpol, Volkovintsy, Butsnevtsy 1221 images from the 1829 & 1833 lists of families for conscription
15. Litin - 1414 images from the 1852 families list


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 07/10/2015  Ukraine SIG June 2015 report

Dear SIGers,

Status of this month's work:

Translations received awaiting proofreading:
Chernigov Film 2101468: Volume 679-10/1308 Deaths 1906
Chernigov Film 2101469: Volume 679-10/1308 Deaths 1908, 1899,1913,
1914, 1915, 1917, 1918
Priluki 2423892 item 8 1860: 85 deaths
Priluki 2423892 item 9 1870: birth records 56 girls and 67boys
Odessa 1877: 1,995 births

Films scanned:
Kerch: 2008421 items 1-3: 671 images
Kerch: 2041505 items 60, 61: 84 images
Simferopol: 2041506 items 15, 16, 17: 440 images
Kozelets 2392160 items 1 and 2: 120 images
Smela: 2289444 items 1-16: 710 images
Priluki: 2423899 items 9-20: 473 images
Simferopol 2041505 items 62, 63: 132 images

Translations submitted to JewishGen:
Odessa birth indexes: 56,029 lines from 1878-1889, 1891, 1894,
1896-1897, 1900

Ship Manifest Re-Indexing project begun:

Documents Acquired:
Book of Jewish Life in Ukraine: Expeditions, Monuments and Finds.
Published 1994 in St. Petersburg. Chief Editor V. Dimschitz. 114 pages
in Russian and English.

Janette Silverman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

 06/03/2015  Ukraine SIG May 2015 report

Dear SIGers,

In May, Ukraine SIG volunteers made a lot of progress:

*Translations awaiting proofreading:*
Odessa Index 1878: 2094 births
Odessa Index 1879: 2806 births
Odessa Index 1880: 2924 births
Odessa Index 1881: 2708 births
Odessa Index 1883: 2626 births
Odessa Index 1884: 2886 births
Odessa Index 1885: 3083 births
Odessa Index 1886: 3043 births
Odessa Index 1887: 3438 births
Odessa Index 1888: 3483 births
Odessa Index 1889: 3786 births
Odessa Index 1891: 3823 births
Odessa Index 1894: 3513 births
Odessa Index 1896: 4010 births
Odessa Index 1897: 4268 births
Odessa Index 1900: 4875 births

Byshev 1855 death records: 15 males, 9 females
Ignatovka 1854 birth records: 25 males, 23 females
Ignatovka 1854 death records: 21 males, 14 females

*Records submitted for inclusion in the JewishGen Ukraine Database:*
2542 people on the Courland to Kherson 1840 relocation list; this
completes the transcription of the list of people moving from Courland
to Kherson in 1837 and 1840.

*Scans awaiting translation*
Kerch 2041506 items 1-14
Priluki 2423899 1908: 173 images

*CAHJP Catalog Cards translated:*
Pavoloch: 5 cards

*Travel reports added to the website*

If you'd like to volunteer to work on any of our many projects, please
just email.

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 05/08/2015  UkraineSIG April 2015 report

Dear SIGgers:

This past month, UkraineSIG embarked on a new fundraising project: We began a crowdsourcing project challenging everyone to donate $20 - if all 3500+ UkraineSIG subscribers donate that amount, we will have enough money to make inroads in translating data. Included in donations as result of that appeal was a contribution from a donor to cover the cost of translating the 48 pages of Makarov vital records we have already scanned.

Translations waiting proofreading:
PRILUKI 2192584 item 24: 1873: 44 marriages
PRILUKI 2192584 item 22: 1873: deaths- 52 men, 42 women
PRILUKI 2192584 item 28: 1858: 27 marriages; deaths- 41 men, 28 women;
births- 57 girls, 67 boys
PRILUKI 2192584 item 26: 1855: 29 marriages

New Town Leader:
Lyantskorun - Gus Yusem

New scans awaiting translation:
Chernigov towns 2091576: Chernigov, Korop, Nezhin, Gorodnia, Kozelets,
Konotop, Krolovets

Project Fundraising Proposals awaiting approval:
Priluki translation of 12,000 individual records

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 04/22/2015  Crowd-sourcing translations and transcriptions

Dear Friends:
I am very happy to tell you that as of this week we have over 3560
subscribers to the Ukraine SIG Discussion Group. We also have in excess
of 200,000 images of documents from archives in Ukraine, which have not
yet been translated. I can't even begin to tell you how many people's
names appear in these records.

Believe it or not, in addition to these records, we continue to acquire
more and more documents.

I do know that unless we do something really creative we will not be
able to get the data translated and transcribed so that any of you can
look for your families and hopefully put some more details about your
own history.

I do have something in mind, and I think it may be affordable for every
one of you. I really did mean what the subject line of this message
says: crowd-sourcing translations and transcriptions. If every single
subscriber to the Ukraine SIG Discussion Group donates $20 we will have
raised over $70,000 and can make some real headway in our translations.

I am not asking for $20 a month - I am just asking for $20 - period.
Well, maybe I'll ask for $20 a year. But, for right now, I'm just
asking for $20. JewishGen is of course a 501C3 and if you live in the
United States, that means that your $20 donation may be tax deductible.
How can you make your $20 donation? Go to the Ukraine SIG website:
http://www.jewishgen.org/Ukraine/default.asp -- at the top of the page,
put your cursor on 'donate/contribute' and click on 'donate' -- scroll
down to almost the bottom of the list to where it says 'Ukraine SIG
General Fund.' Put in your dollar amount and either donate using the
secure server, or print out the donation form and mail it to the address
on it with your check.

If everyone contributes, although we will still need volunteers to work
on the translation, we will be able to move ahead faster than we have
been able to by hiring translators. Our volunteers are amazing, but for
most of them, the work can only be done for a short while each day
because of other obligations. Paid translators will have more time to
devote to our important work and will make better progress.

Please join me in making your $20 donation today.

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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