This page includes General information and then other topics in alphabetical order: Census, Language, Maps and Names.  Country information includes Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Ukraine.


H-SIG Cross Reference Guide   NOTE:  This is a large file, so please give the file time to load. Carol Robinson
Center For Jewish History

Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)

Jewish Encyclopedia. The complete contents of the twelve volume work originally published between 1901 and 1906 and now part of the public domain.

Magyar Zsido Lexikon  Searchable digital version of Peter Ujvari's 1929 work. The website and the document are both in Hungarian.  While it's not difficult to find entries, translating them is another issue.  You can browse the entire work by clicking on Cimlap or go to  http://mek.oszk.hu/04000/04093/html/cimszo.html#SZ   and find the name of the person or place you are researching.  Click on "oldalkep" in the column on the right and you will find the page where the entry appears. Peter Ujvari
Jewish Genealogy by Genetics Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)
Jewish Virtual Library. The Virtual Jewish History Tour: Hungary and also Hungary Table of Contents
Jewish Virtual Library, a Division of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
Radix offers a combination of free indexes and gazateer information and subscription content from various sources on pre-Trianon Hungary. Examples of free search sources include the surname index of the Industry and trade directory of Hungary in 1891 and a 1913 gazeteer of Hungary. The associated RadixHub website provides links to local history and genealogical sources (e.g., Family History Library microfilms) by setllement name. RadixLog is János Bogárdi's genealogy blog, with useful links to Hungarian genealogical sources. János Bogárdi
The Routes to Roots Foundation
Routes to Roots Foundation
Kinga Frojimovics's presentation on "Jewish Naming Customs in Hungary from the Turn of the Twentieth Century until the Holocaust"
Kinga Frojimovic
Vital Record Heading - Translation guide
Sam Schleman


Demographic Maps of Hungary, 1900 János Bogárdi
Dvorsak 1877 Gazetter Select the county and then click on the corresponding link to open the first page of that county in the gazeteer. To navigate, click on "kovetkezo oldal" (next page) or "elozo oldal" (previous page). The pages are images in JPG format, so you can download them (right-click with your mouse; Mac: hold the mouse button down for a few seconds). Pécs University Library

Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Informatics Department of Cartography and Informatics has information on Hungarian cartography and provides accesss to maps of Hungary.

Eötvös Loránd University
Global Gazetteer. Provides maps and satellite images of the world. Falling Rain Genomics, Inc.
Hungarian Place Name Database (Határon túli magyar helységnévszótár)  This Hungarian language database allows searching on current or old Hungarian place names. Laszlo Sebok
Hungary Gazeteer, 1892 (Magyarország Helységnévtára 1892).
Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) Library
Maps of old Hungarian counties circa 1910. High resolution maps of each Hungarian megye (use UTF-8 encoding so that the text will display properly). Eötvös Loránd University
3rd Military Mapping Survey Austro-Hungary. This site provides a clickable index of Central Europe that provides access to 267 map sheets originally published about 1910. Eötvös Loránd University
Ukrainian Road Map. Maps for free and personal use at 1:1,000,000 scale in GIF format. InfoUkes Inc., Canada
List of Towns in Zemplén   Excel spredsheet

HOLOCAUST  Back  to  top      ARCHIVES

Nevek-Klarsfeld. Details on over 350,000 jews of Greater Hungary and their fate during and following the Holocaust, based upon the published series of Nevek by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation. Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Performing Hungarian Research Peter Lande and Vivian Kahn

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Jewish History of Gradisce - Örvidek, Destroyed Jewish Communities. Pages on Deutschkreutz, Frauenkirchen, Gattendorf, Lackenbach, Kittsee, and Kobersdorf  
Searching for Ancestors in Austria

Military Archive in Vienna

Burgenland Bunch

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Finding Family Records in Croatia

HUNGARY  Back  to  top      ARCHIVES

British Library. Jews in Hungary: a select bibliography of works in the British Library  
Budapest City Archives

Budapest: How To Get The Most Out of Budapest Vital Records

Debra Korman
Constructing a Town-Wide Genealogy: Jewish Mattersdorf, Hungary 1698-1938 Carol G. Vogel
Consular Information: Obtaining birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates from Hungary Embassy of Hungary (Washington, DC)
Guide to Corresponding in Hungarian Vivian Kahn
English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English Dictionary  
Hungarian Cemeteries and Burials (www.oroklet.hu).
ÖRÖKLÉT, meaning "Eternal Being" requires registration with an e-mail address. The "English version" may not function from the homepage, but, after registering, an English version of the search mechanism is available inside.

Hungarian Homepage. Information and documents on hungary and links to Hungarian internet services. Technical University of Budapest, Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Hungarian Jewish Archives (Magyar Zsidó Levéltár), Budapest.
Website: http://www.milev.hu/
Registers in the Hungarian Jewish Archives: 2012

Magyar Zsidó Levéltár (Hungarian Jewish Archives)

Hungarian Jewish Communities (Hungarian)
Hungarian Jewish Homepage.
History of the Hungarian Jews, information, institutes, synagogues, customs, holidays, newspapers, Jewish life in Hungary, geneology service, travel facilities, etc.
Makkabi Ltd. in Budapest in cooperation with the Alliance of the Jewish Communities in Hungary
Hungarian On-Line Directory Assistance

Hungarian Synagogues. The Synaogues of Europe, Past and Present: Hungary Museum of Family History
Hungarian War Archives  
Hungarian/English Glossary of Causes of Death and other Archaic Medical Terms Sandra Malek

Hungary: Jewish Family History Research Guide.

Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute. Center for Jewish History

Hungary telephone directory, 1943. M. Kir. Postavezerigazgatosag (General Directorate of the Hungarian Royal Post) the alphabetical register of the countryside telephone network, May 1943. A videki halozatok beturendes tavbeszelo nevsora 1943  [The alphabetical register of the country's telephone network] May 1943.  The directory covers all areas that were part of Hungary in 1943, including lands in the eastern part present-day Slovakia, Transylvania, and Transcarpathia ceded to Hungary by the Vienna Awards in 1938 and 1940. Digitized and uploaded to the Internet Archive, with sizes ranging up to over 15 megabytes.

Cover (JPG)
Table of Contents (JPG)

The main page (http://www.archive.org/details/AVidekiHalozatokBeturendesTavbeszeloNevsora1943) lists sections of the telephone directory in several formats. Among them are the following PDF files:
  Aba to Baja
  Baja to Budszentmihaly
  Budszentmihaly to Dunavecse
  Dunavecse to Hajduszoboszlogyogyfurdo
  Hajduszovat to Kaszopuszta
  Katadfa to Komarom
  Kulcs to Munkacs
  Munkacs to Pecs
  Pecs to Sopron
  Sopron to Szazhalombatta
  Szazhalombatta to Szond
  Szond to Zsutja

Intenet Archive (www.archive.org)
Jewish Museum and Archives of Hungary  
Magyar Országos Levéltár - National Archives of Hungary  


1828 Census Headings

Cities in the 1828 Census

Hungarian Census Information

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Causes of Death: Hungarian to English
Judith Bennett, Debbie Korman, Peter Gergay
Magyar-English Profession Translations George Gelb
Civil Register Translation Guide
Miryam and David Gordon
Diacritical Marks: How to Type

English Hungarian and Hungarian English Online Dictionary

Slovak Pronunciation Guide

Letter Writing Guides (FamilySearch.org): Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia


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Hungarian Given Names

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Former Transylvania Region Administrative Records Locations

God-seekers, Lumbermen, and Scholars under the Carpathians: The Jews of Sziget. Resources for Researching Sziget Area Families (Presented at the IAJGS conference in Los Angeles, 2010) Vivian Kahn and Rony Golan
Romania: Jewish Family History Research Guide
Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute. Center for Jewish History
Romanian Phone Book

Transylvania Town Name Translations (German, Hungarian)

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City Maps of Slovakia  
Eastern Slovakia Genealogy Research Strategies Bill Tarkulich
Embassy of the Slovak Republic  
Guide to Czech and Slovak Republic Genealogy (Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
Jewish Family History Resources in Slovakia (Presented at IAJGS conference in Philadelphia, 2009) Vivian Kahn and Jan Hlavinka
Links to towns and villages in Slovakia
List of Jewish Communities in Židovské náboženské obce na Slovensku. [The Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia]. by Eugen Bárkány
Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research Pages  
Slovakian Postal Service

Slovak-Jewish Heritage.org

UKRAINE   Back  to  top      ARCHIVES

An Introduction to Ukrainian Research Center for Jewish History

Ukrainian Archives addresses. "Oblasts and Raions in Ukraine"

Ukrainian Road Map. Maps for free and personal use at 1:1,000,000 scale in GIF format. InfoUkes Inc., Canada
Ungvar and Ung Megye. An Incomplete List of Resources for Researching Ungvar and Ung Megye. (Presented at IAJGS conference in Chicago, 2008) Jordan Auslander, Vivian Kahn, and Pamela Weisberger

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