Book of Zloczew

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Translation of
Sefer Zloczew

Committee of former residents of Zloczew

Published in Tel Aviv, 1971



Project Coordinator

Felicia Pietrkowski Zieff


This is a translation from Sefer Zloczew; Book of Zloczew
Tel Aviv, 1971, Committee of former residents of Zloczew

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zloczew

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Title Author Page(s)
Introduction   1
To Remember and Not to Forget   7
To Eternal Memory Book Committee 10
Only Two Drops Yaakow Freund 13
Two More Drops Yaakow Freund 14
With the Publication of the Book Book Editing 15
Editor's Comments   18
Origins of Zloczew's Jews Eisik Faiwlowicz 19
Jewish History of Zloczew Eisik Faiwlowicz 28
Before the War
Aliyah from Zloczew to Land of Israel Yaakow Freund 45
My City Zloczew Mordechai Majerowicz 48
My City Zloczew Mordechai Majerowicz 60
There Was Once a Home Shlomo Loel 69
Religious Jewry Faiwel Freund 73
Rabbis, Dayanim, and Shochtim D. Grabiner 75
The First Synagogue in Zloczew Yaakow Freund 77
The Copper Utensils at the Shul Yaakow Freund 78
Chederim and Melamdim Dawid Grabiner 79
Gemarrah and Tossafot Dawid Grabiner 80
Life in Zloczew
Souvenirs and Events Shlomo Loel 83
Fragments from my Shtetl Moshe Besser 85
Times of the Past Dawid Grabiner 92
Susak with the Medal Dawid Grabiner 93
Names and Nicknames Leib P. 96
Memories From Home Moshe Ginsberg 98
Customs Dawid Grabiner 100
The Cossak and the Heroes of Zloczew Arieh Faiwlowicz 101
The Meat is Kosher Eisik Faiwlowicz 103
My City, Small and Clean A. P. 104
The Star of David Went Up the Hill Arieh Kshepitzki 105
Characters and Types
The Rabbi of Zloczew Eisik Faiwlowicz 111
Tzvi Yitzchok Katz Israel Katz 114
Yaakow Bilewski Mordechai Majerowicz 118
Rabbi Gedalye Moroko Eisik Faiwlowicz 120
Wawe Faiwlowicz Leib 123
The Aid Institution P. Lapek 125
The Singer in His Sadness Arieh Faiwlowicz 126
The Grandmother Raisel Mordechai Majerowicz 129
Hersh, the In-Law Arieh Faiwlowicz 131
Moshe Mordechai, from the Rabbi's Family Yerachmiel Freund 133
Women of Zloczew Israel Katz 136
Antek Istel Arieh Faiwlowicz 138
Zabolie, the Coach Lady Arieh Faiwlowicz 140
Shimon Singer, the Teacher Arieh Faiwlowicz 142
Awraham Gadel, the Dybbuk Arieh Faiwlowicz 144
Social Activities
The Big Cultural Conflicts Yaakow Freund 149
The Cultural Clash Yaakow Freund 150
The Formation of a Professional Association Hirsh Yachimek 152
Cooperation Shoshana Laufert 159
Anti-Semitism at School Lewy Laufert 161
Anti-Semitism from Childhood Lania Rusak 163
A Pogrom in Zloczew Israel Katz 165
In the Fight Against the Endekes Arieh Faiwlowicz 168
Parties and Organizations
The Zionist Movement in Zloczew M. Majerowicz 175
Jewish Scouts - “Hashomer Hatzair” in Zloczew Yaakow Freund 184
The Hashomer Hatzair in Zloczew Yaakow Freund 190
The Hashomer Hatzair, 1925-1928 Arieh Faiwlowicz 196
The Hashomer Hatzair, from1928 Arieh Faiwlowicz 198
The Hashomer Hatzair, from1928 Arieh Faiwlowicz 200
Personalities of the Hashomer Hatzair Israel Katz 202
Fridmanuwka Yaakow Freund 211
Fridmanuwka [Yiddish] Yaakow Freund 212
The Mizrahi Movement in Zloczew M. Ben Israel 213
Hehalutz, General Zionist M. Majerowicz 214
Poalei Zion [Left] Lopek 222
Agudath Israel Dawid Grabiner 225
Beit Yaakow Hawa Bresler 227
The Cultural Life in Zloczew Leib 229
The Cultural League Tziwia Dawidowicz 236
The Sanitation Section Yaakow Freund 238
Communal and Social Organizations Dawid Grabiner 239
Sport Lewy Laufert 240
The Chess Clubs A. P. 242
During the Shoa Destruction
From Zloczew to Auschwitz Raphael Lechman [Kojuch] 249
Between the Jaws of Destiny Wanda 260
Due to the Merits of the Righteous of the World Esther Kimchi 272
Under the Protection of a Different God Bogdan 276
The First Mass Grave Haya Rachel Kawski (Shtchukowski) 285
The first so-called resettlement of the Jews of Zloczew Hawa Bresler 286
In the Hands of Brutal Destiny L. Wanda 290
The Clean Jew Arieh Feiwlowicz 306
The End of a Jew Hater Gödel Lutotawski 309
Through Fire and Water Z. R. Altman 310
The 24th of September [song] Gadel Gad 314
One Year of Nazi Slavery Editors 320
From Zloczew to Auschwitz Raphael Lachman 321
My Jewish Book H. Yakhimek 334
In the Shadows of the Dark Days   336
Stages of Pain and Destruction Aaron Rosenthal 342
Under the Wings of a Foreign God Bogdan 352
They Will Not Return Arieh Faiwlowicz 371
Near the Burning Ovens of Birkenau Masha Goldberg 376
From Zloczew to Schwerin Godel Gad 386
Alien G. May 399
In the Fight Against Fascism Itzhak Dawidowicz 401
If Not for the Fatal Destiny L. Faiwlowicz 402
Desecrated Even After Death A. Yakhimek 406
The Last Road   409
A Tree for My Mother [song] Malka Li 413
Where Is My Mother's Grave? Malka Li 414
List of Jews from Zloczew Killed in the Shoa   417
Eternal Memorials   433
Omissions and Additions   456

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