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Photo captions of the Zgierz Yizkor book

(excluding photos in the necrology section pp. 641-776).

Note: several captions were corrected in the errata at the end of the book.
These corrections are included in this translation, but not separately noted.

[See the enlarged pictures by clicking on the thumbnails]

Caption Picture Page
General view of Zgierz zgi017s.jpg 17
The entrance to the Henryk Sznekiewicz Public Gardens zgi021s.jpg 21
The town hall and the old market zgi027s.jpg 27
The new marketplace zgi059s.jpg 59
The title page of the ledger book of the Jewish community of Zgierz from the year 5679 (1918-1919) zgi095s.jpg 95
The market, the town hall, and the church of Zgierz zgi098s.jpg 98
The deed of purchase of land for the expansion of the Jewish cemetery of Zgierz, March 3, 1885 zgi112s.gif 112
Greetings of Congratulations marking a donation to the Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund) zgi124s.jpg 124
The communal council zgi140s.jpg 140
Page from the protocol book of the ledger of the community of Zgierz zgi142s.gif 142
Decisions of the communal council after the pogroms in Lvov and Galicia (1918) zgi154s.gif 154
A photocopied page from the Ledger of Protocols zgi158s.gif 158
Protocol 1, in German from the Ledger of Protocols of the Jewish Community, August 1, 1915 zgi159s.gif 159
Decisions of the communal council regarding the setting up of a committee to aid the victims of the Lvov pogrom (1918) zgi163s.gif 163
The free “Council of Cantors” zgi164s.jpg 164
Part of the first page of the one time publication of “The Young Faithful of Israel”, 1924 zgi168s.gif 168
A decree of the mayor from August 11, 1914 to the residents of Zgierz, as they entered into army service for Germany and Austria zgi171s.gif 171
A portion of the first page of “Zgierzer Blat” zgi174s.gif 174
Mourning notice from the communal council (in Hebrew and Polish) regarding the murder of Fishel Feldon on June 1, 1925 zgi176s.gif 176
The regulations of the “Yagdil Torah” organization (in Russian), which was authorized by the governor in 1912 zgi183s.gif 183
A decree of the Committee for Assistance of the Jewish refugees of Germany, who were expelled by the Nazis to Zabonszyn in Poland zgi185s.gif 185
The synagogue in Zgierz zgi212s.jpg 212
The cemetery in Zgierz zgi214s.gif 214
Jewish young men on a Sabbath stroll zgi215s.jpg 215
The weaver zgi216s.jpg 216
A group of Jewish textile experts in Zgierz during their Sabbath rest zgi218s.jpg 218
Reb Leibel Horen of blessed memory zgi227s.jpg 227
Moshe Hirsch Grand zgi256s.jpg 256
A portion of the signatures on the founding protocol of the Gemilut Chasadim organization in 1900 zgi258s.gif 258
Dov Cincinatus of blessed memory zgi260s.jpg 260

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