The Book of Zoludek (Zhelodok) and Orlowa;
a Living Memorial



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Translation of Sefer Zoludek ve-Orlowa; galed le-zikaron

Editors: A. Meyerowitz, Former Residents of Zoludek in Israel and the USA

Published in Tel Aviv, 1967 (H,Y,E, 329 pages).


Project Coordinator

Michael J. Bohnen

This is a translation from: Sefer Zoludek ve-Orlowa; galed le-zikaron (The book of Zoludek and Orlowa; a living memorial),
Editors: A. Meyerowitz, Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Zoludek in Israel and the USA, 1967 (H,Y,E, 329 pages).

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(H= Hebrew, Y=Yiddish)

Translated by Michael J. Bohnen

Introduction (H)     7
Keep Not Silent - Leibel Wolch (Wolchikovsky) (H) 9
Keep Not Silent - Leibel Wolch (Wolchikovsky)  (Y) 11
Historical Details (H) 17
Reb Chaim-Leib ROTENBERG-MISHKOVSKY the Tzaddik - David Mishkovsky  (H) 19
Pages From a Diary - Joseph PORETSKY (H) 24
Pages From a Diary - Joseph PORETSKY (Y) 33
The Gaon, Rabbi Elyahu Mosheh LEVIN-Elyahu Moshe GANCHOVSKY (H) 44
The Gaon, Rabbi Elyahu Mosheh LEVIN-Elyahu Moshe GANCHOVSKY (Y) 46
The Cycle of Days - Yosef DRABIANSKY (H) 50
A.L. BEN-AVIGDOR, His Life and Activities -
(H) 58
Leah the Fish Peddler (Excerpt) -A.L. BEN-AVIGDOR  (H) 62
Revolutionary, Sculptor and Painter (Pinchas KREMEN) -B. BEZAVIK (H) 65
Revolutionary, Sculptor and Painter (Pinchas KREMEN) -B. BEZAVIK (Y) 68
The Gaon Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Leib LURIA- Elchanon SOROTZKIN (H) 72
Orlowe, My Birthplace - Gittel POMERANTZ (H) 81
Orlowa, My Birthplace - Gittel POMERANTZ (Y) 96
Self-Defense - Baruch LEVIN     (H)  108
Images R' Shmuel LEVIN - BEN-IR       111
R'Elchanan BOYARSKY - N.N.
The Brothers R' Myrem Yosef and R' Shneuer
Anshtalten [Taking Shape?] - Leibel WOLCH
(Y) 114
A Portrait of Our Town - Chayah ZUCKERMAN (SANDROVSKY) (H) 117
Memoirs - (Aha) - Ron NACHIMOVICH (Y) 120
Cherished Individuals - Dr. Z. SHIPMANOVITZ (H) 126
Volunteer Fire Fights - Shlomo BAR-SHIRA (H) 128
We Would Tell These Stories and LAUGH (Y) 132
Baruch LEVIN
The Chalutz Movement in Our Town - Yaffa FLOMIN (LEVITT)
(H) 134
Educational Institutions-Shlomo BAR-SHIRA (BIKALSKY) (H) 138
A Collection of Memories - Yisrael ZIROLNITSKY    (Y)  143
A Letter- Dvoraleh DEREVIANSKY (Shneuer RIVES) (Y) 146
My Parents' Home - Minah KARPOVITZ (SILBERSTEIN) (H) 148
In the Shadow of a Blood Libel - Bruriah SAFRAN (LEVITT)   150
From the Depths of the Holocaust
Little from Much - Baruch LEVIN    
(H)  155
Drops from the Sea-Baruch LEVIN (Y) 188
Between Their Predatory Fingernails - Pesya BIRCH (LEVITT)   205
A Bloody Day - Pesya BIRCH (LEVITT) (Y) 227
The Home That I Found - Mosheh BIRCH (H) 235
A Day of Slaughter - Mosheh BIRCH (H) 262
An Inner Light - Feivel ROSEN     (H)  268
Who Will be Able to Recount - Yosef BERNCHUK (H) 278
Persecuted to Death - David MEDNITSKY (H) 280
My Return - Sarah-Malkah MEIROV (SOBOROVSKY) (Y) 284
On the Ground of My Home - Leah LUTSKY (GREIZEBSKY) (H) 286
My Visit to Zoludek in 1956 - Mosheh MEDLINSKY (Y) 290
Certificate of Battlefield Activities (Boris LEVIN)   (H)  293
A Fighting Group (from The Book of Jewish Partisans)   294
Two Letters - Dvoraleh and her daughter Tzipah       296
Yizkor - List of Martyrs (H) 303
Organization of Former Residents of Zoludek in Israel  (H) 320
Zoludek and Orlowa Relief Committee-Leibel WOLCH  (Y) 324
Enlightening Images-Leibel WOLCH       (H)   328

Keep Not Silent - Leibel Wolch (English)
The Late Zeidl and Sara Oronitzky
The Late Meir and Sara-Lieba Veletzkovski, from Orlova
Family Oronitzki
The Late Idel and Feigel Veletzikovski
The Late Tzippe Veletzkovski
Family: Mordechai-Meir Zeludski
The Late Natan-Noty Veletzkovski
The Late Noach Lunianski and wife Genesia
The Late Family of Shlomo Tzirolnitzki
The Late Cantor R' Abraham-Leib Reitman and Hashu"b from Orlova, and his family
The Late R' Berl Medlinski and Rebitzen Devora
Family of Mikal Senderovski
Family Medlinski and Family Boyarski at tombstone of Treidy and Abraham
The Late Aryeh-Leib Podlinski and Reita Chana
The Late Zalman Psinski
The Late Hirsh Medlinski
The Late Nachman Medlinski and Reita Bunia and daughter
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