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Photographs {Cont.}

(Yiddish Section)

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Zag146s.jpg [3 KB]
"Hanoar Hazioni"
(Zionist Youth)
in Bedzin, 1929

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Zag147s.jpg [3 KB]
Summer camp of the
Zaglembian "Noar
Hazioni" in Milowice

Page 147
Zag148s.jpg [3 KB]
Group of friends from
the youth organization
"Shahar" in Bedzin

Page 148
Group of friends from
the Bedzin "Shahar"

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Zag150s.jpg [3 KB]
Teaching staff of the
"Mizrahi" School in

Page 150
First committee of
the "Young Mizrahi"
in Bedzin, 1919

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Zag151bs.jpg [3 KB]
"Torah Ve'Avoda"
committee in
Dabrowa, 1935

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Zag152s.jpg [3 KB]
Young people of the
 "Torah Ve'avoda"

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Zag157s.jpg [3 KB]
Group of friends of
"Poale Agudat Israel"
in Bedzin, 1934

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Zag158as.jpg [4 KB]
"Hechalutz" in the
"Poale Agudat Israel"
[center] in Bedzin

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Zag158bs.jpg [3 KB]
Press publicity
committee in
Sosnowiec, 1934

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Zag159s.jpg [3 KB]
The Heder
"Yesod Ha-Torah" in

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Zag162as.jpg [3 KB]
Group of friends in
the "Bund" in Bedzin
in the twenties

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Zag162bs.jpg [3 KB]
Group of girlfriends
amongst the first

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Zag165s.jpg [3 KB]
Activists of the
in Sosnowiec

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Zag168s.jpg [3 KB]
"Skif" and "Zukunft"

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Zag169as.jpg [3 KB]
"Skif" and "Zukunft"

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Zag169bs.jpg [3 KB]
"Zukunft" camp

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