List of Jewish village communities

Compiled from Yidishe Shtet, shtethlekh un dorfishe yishuvim in Lite: biz 1918: historish-biografishe skitses

Edited by: Berl Kagan

Published in New York, 1991

Translated by:

Steven Weiss z”l

This is a translation from Yidishe Shtet, shtethlekh un dorfishe yishuvim in Lite: biz 1918: historish-biografishe skitses;
Jewish cities, towns and villages in Lithuania, Editors: Berl Kagan, New York, 1991 (Y, 800 pages).

A unique feature of this book is Kagan's compilation of "Jewish village communities" in Lithuania. These were the residences of the "yeshuvnik," a village Jew whose social status among Litvaks was low. These Jews lived in what Kagan variously describes as "small villages, hamlets, inns, country houses and colonies". The population varied from a handful of Jews to a few dozen families. This list is translated from the Yiddish.

In many cases Kagan used both the modern Lithuanian names of the settlement along with the Yiddish name. The translator only included the Lithuanian name in this list. Where only the Yiddish name is used, it indicated with a (Y). Weiss only included the geographical data that accompanies each settlement name, leaving out Kagan's bibliographic information. The title states "until 1918," the year when the Soviets briefly took control of the country, before an independent Lithuania was established. However Kagan often used data from the 1920's and 30's for his list.

Kagan, often used the names of nearby shtetlekh and county seats as geographic reference points. These county seats, established during the Independent period, DO NOT necessarily correspond to the district (uezd) capitols used before WWI during Russian czarist control. A "verst" is a measure of distance equal to .66 of a mile. The list is alphabetized according to the Yiddish alphabet.

ABELNIKAS, next to Lazdiai, Seiny County
UBILA, near Vaigeviai
AVANASTE, 6 versts from Salakas, Zarasai County
UZUGUOSTIS, around Kaunas
UNGARINE, not far from Mariampol
UPITE (Y), 14 kilometers from Panevezys
AZVINSZ (Y), not far from Salakas, Zarasai County
IGLIAUKA, between Mariampol and Balbirasakas
ILGUVA, in Sakiai County
OLOVA, not far from Daugai, Alytus County
OLINOVA, near Gudelevai, Kaunas County
ALSHISHOK (Y), Vysoki Dvor (Austadvaris), Troki County
ANDRIEJAVA, 14 versts from Ritevai, Telsiai County
ANTUZAVA, 10 kilometers from Dusetos, Zarasai County
AKUNIK (Y), around Kaunas
ASMINTE, 5 kilometers from Peraina, Mariampol County
BOBRI, 12 versts from Sarai, Alytus County
BATSHKINIKEL (Y), in the neighborhood of Darsuniskis, Troki County
BALTUSOVA, a few versts from Skimianas, Utena County
BALTMISKIS, near Siluva, Raseiniai County
BATSHISHOK (Y), not far from Laipuna, Seiny County
BALSH (Y), not far from Silale, Taurage County
BAROVA, around Mariampol
BARANAS, around Pasvalys
BARUVKE (Y), not far from Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
BARTININKI, Vilkaviskis County
BARSHON (Y), in the Rokiskis neighborhood
BARSTYCIAI, near Telsiai
BUDVIETIS, near Vilkaviskis
BUDEVONI (Y), 12 kilometers from Vilkaviskis
BUDA, Mariampol County
BUTSKUN (Y), in the Suvalki Rgion
BUKANTS (Y), not far from Seta, Kedainiai County
BURBISKIS, Mariampol County
BURGIANI (Y), near Pasvalys, Birzai County
BURZSHEVITS (Y), 3 versts from Palanga
BITSUN (Y), 9 versts from Obeliai, Zarasai County
BELENARNI (Y), around Kelme
BENDZINGAI, next to Daugai, Alytus County
BERZOLE (Y), near Plotelas, Siasliai County
BERZINA (Y), next to Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
BEREZOVKE (Y), next to Joniskis, Sialiai County
BEREZINSK (Y), near Dotnuva, Kedainiai
GAUDELISKE, near Aleksatas
GAURE, 16 kilometers from Erzvilkas, Taurage County
GALGAUDISKIS, around Naistat-Saki
GORISKIS, Kaunas County
GUDZIUNAI, 13 kilometers from Baisogala, Kedainia County
GUDNOVE (Y), not far from Alsedziai, Telsiai County
GUDELIAIA, near Ramygala
GITELISHKE, one verst from Salantai, Kretinga County
GINTELISKE, not far from Platel, Kreinga County
GLIUN (Y), near Gudeleve, Kaunas County
GEGUZINE, Troki County
GELGUDISKIS, in the neighborhood of Jurbakas, Raseiniai County
GELAZIAI, not far from Subat (Latvia), Panevezys County
GRAZISKIAI, Vilkaviskis County
GROSVILKI (Y), not far from Darbenai, Kretinga County
GRUDZUNAI, in the neighborhood of Siauliai
GRIBKELE (Y), near Saltas, Birzai County
GRIMZ (Y), near Kelme, Raseiniai
DABIKINE, not far from Akmene, Mazeikiai County
DOVIN (Y), not far from Pasvalys, Birzai County
DUBINOVE, not far from Zarasai
DUBININKUS, 8 versts from Joniskis, Siailiai County
DUBROVITSE (Y), near Kaunas
DVORNOVA, in the Kaunas neighborhood
DUTKEME (Y), around Taurage
DILAN (Y), near Babtai, Kaunas County
DIKSHNE (Y), Troki County
DIRVINISHOK (Y), near Siaulenai, Siaulaiai County
DEVANGOLE, Panevezys County
DEMBOVE-BUDA (Y), near Mariampol
VALESISKIS, near Vabalninkas, Bizai County
VASILISKIS, near Kelme, Raseiniai County
VARESTSINE (Y), 6 kilometers from Rokiskis
VIDISKIAI, Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
VIDNISHOK (Y), not far from Maliat, Utena County
VIZEYTS (Y), 5 kilometers from Gargzdai, Kretinga County
VEIDZIAI, 10 kilometers from Kelme, Raseiniai County
VILKIAUTINIS, near Lishkeve, Seiny County
VIRSTINIK (Y), near Palanga, Kretinga County
VISEVIENAI, Telsaia County
VESULOVE (Y), around Kaunas
VEPRIAI, 10 kilometers from Bogoslavishik, Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
VERPENAI, next to Kelme, Raseiniai County
VERSHVES (Y), not far from Kaunas
ZAGRINI (Y), not far from Salakas, Zarasai County
ZUDZ (Y), not far from Ramygala, Panevezys County
ZUVILUN (Y), a couple of versts from Subat (Latvia), Panevezys County
ZAIDEKAN (Y), 4 kilometers from Pasvalys, Birzai County
ZAIKINAI (Y), around Siauliai
ZSHVING (Y), a few versts from Payore, Taurage County
ZSHVIRBLANTS (Y), around Kavarskas, Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
ZYDAVISKIS, near Balbirishok, Alytus County
ZYDDVARIS, one verst from Siad, Mazeikiai County
ZYDKAIMIS, Sialiai County
TAUBIN (Y), not far from Silale, Taurage County
TAVROVA, not far from Siauliai
TALON (Y), near Panevezys
TAULKEVE (Y), Troki County
TAUMASHEVE (Y), near Vysoki Dvor (Aukstadvaris), Troki County
TARPUN (Y), in the neighborhood of Mariampol
TURZENAI, 15 kilometers from Kaunas
TURMANTAS, not far from Zarasai
TENENAI, 8 kilometers from Payore, Taurage County
TESTALVITSHNE (Y), not far from Kalvarias
TERPITS (Y), around Mariampol
TERASKOVA (Y), 15 kilometers from Seta, Kedainiai County
TRAUPIS, 10 kilometers from Tryskiai, Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
TREPKALNIS, 2 kilometers from Varzshan, Kretinga County
TSHABISKI (Y), 15 kilometers from Kosheder, Troki County
TSHISLIVKE (Y), not far from Raguva, Panevezys County
JAVARAVAS, Mariampol County
JANAPOLE (Y), between Luoke and Telsiai
JANISHOK (Y), Utena County
JANKAI, 16 kilometers from Pilvishok, Vilkaviskis County
JASTANIK (Y), near Kupiskis, Panevezys County
JAKUBENTS (Y), Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
JOZDA (Y), near Siauliai
JUZINTAI, 12 kilometers from Kamajai, Rokiskis County
JULINOVE (Y), around Kaunas
JUSTINIK (Y), near Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
JUKNISHKI (Y), Taurage County
JURDZIKE (Y), not far from Rokiskis
JEGLISKIS, not far from Mariampol
JENITS (Y), a few versts from srai, Alytus County
JENTSIKES (Y), near Simnas, Alytus County
KHAVODKI (Y), near Zshidik, Mazeikiai County
LABINAVA, not far from Kedainiai
LABINAK (Y), near Utena
LAZDENA (Y), around Taurage
LAL (Y), near Raseiniai
LAPIAI, not far from Mariampol
LAUKZIM (Y), next to Darbenai, Kretinga County
LUCINAVA, Mariampol County
LUCINAVA, in the neighborhood of Kelme
LUKODEME, in the neighborhood of Kelme, Raseiniai
LUKSIAI, not far from Grishkabod, Sakiai County
LIUBAVAS, Mariampol County
LAIBUSHOK (Y), 6 versts from Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
LIEOLAUKE, 7 versts fromAlsedziai, Telsiai County
LIKSEL (Y), not far from Siauliai
LELIUNAI, not far from Utena
LENTS (Y), near Krokas, Kedainiai County
LEKECIAI, Sakiai County
MADZIUNA, in the neighborhood of Kelme, Raseniai County
MAZAN (Y), around Taurage
MAURUCIAI, not far from Gudeleva, Kaunas County
MANTEVIDAVE (Y), next to Dotnuva, Kedainiai County
MAURLISHOK (Y), not far from Antalepte, Zarasai County
MARSAIKI (Y), Siauliai County
MAREVIANKI (Y), around Kaunas
MURAVANI PANEMUN (Y), Panevezys County
MIKHALEN (Y), Mariampol County
MIKHELMANT (Y), near Kedainiai
MILUNTSE (Y), around Kupiskis, Panevezys County
MINATSA (Y), Utena County
MITSINTSKAS (Y), a few kilometers from Poshviatin, Siauliai County
MISHNUN (Y), in the neighborhood of Kaunas
MILINOVER HAUF (Y), 9 versts from Jesnas, Alytus County
MEDINGAN (Y), Telsiai County
METELIAI, near Simne, Alytus County
MERGELUPKE (Y), near Simne, Alytus County
NAMAUN (Y), not far from Jesnas, Alytus County
MESKUCIAI, 5 kilometers from Mariampol
NATSIANISHOK (Y), not far from Juzint, Rokiskis County
NAKAN (Y), near Pavalys
NORAIKISHOK (Y), around Kaunas
NIKLISIK (Y), not far from Juzint, Rokiskis County
NIRAK (Y), Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
NEDZINGE near Mirkine, Alytus County
NEVIARAVE (Y), in the Zarasai region
NETSHINI (Y), Zarasai County
NEKINISHKI (Y), in the neighborhood of Siauliai
SOLOMINKE (Y), 12 kilometers from Kaunas
SASNAVA, Mariampol County
SVABODA, near Rudimin, 7 kilometers from Lazdiai, Seiny County
SUVALETSEK (Y), near Kalvarias, Suvalki neighborhood
STRAVENINK (Y), Troki County
SIAAIN (Y), near Raseiniai
SINTAUTAI, Sakiai County
SLOBAR (Y), around Kaunas
SLAVIK (Y), Sakiai County
SMALVOS, Zarasai County
SMILGIAI, Panevezys County
SERPAITS (Y), one kilometer from Varniai
SEFERNE (Y), NEAR Simne, Alytus County
SKAISTGIRIS, 10 versts from Zagare
SKIRSNEMUNE, around Jurbarkas, Raseiniai County
SKRIPTAVE (Y), Kaunas County
PABAISKAS, 10 kilometers from Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
PABIRZE (Y), 8 kilometers from Birzai
PODUVE (Y), near Skaudvile, Raseiniai County
PODUVISE (Y), not far from Lidevian, Raseiniai County
PADUVISE (Y), not far from Seredzius, Kaunas County
PADUSHE (Y), near Simne, Alytus County
PODMERETSHE (Y), near Merkine, Alytus County
POVANDINE (Y), not far from Salntai, Kretinga County
PAVIDAK (Y), near Maishagola, Vilnius County
POVAIGUVA, near Vegeriai, Siauliai County
PAUPINE, Zarasai County
PACINELIS, in the neighborhood of Krokas, Kedainiai County
PAJAVONIAI, Vilkaviskis County
PALOVA, Sakiai County
PALUTSI (Y), in the Zarasai region
POLEVENE (Y), around Kupiskis, Panevezys County
PAMUSA, not far from Linkuva, Siauliai County
PANOTERIAI, Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
PANOSISKES, near Troki
PANEMUNE, Birzai County
PASAVA, around Vysoki Dvor (Aukstadvaris), Troki County
PASOIRISHOK (Y), near Simne, Alytus County
PASEYK (Y), near Simne, Alytus County
PASELA (Y) near Vieksniai, Mazeikiai County
PAEZERIAI, around Salakas, Zarasai County
POPOVESE (Y), not far from Pasvalys
PAPILYS, Birzai County
POPETAITSH (Y), in the neighborhood of Suvalki
PAKUONIS, Kaunas County
POKIPINE (Y), Rokiskis County
PAKELNISHOK (Y), near Naishtot-Sugind, Taurage County
PAKESNE (Y), in the environs of Lazdiai, Seiny County
PAROZSHNIE (Y), near Naishtot-Shaki
PARUPE (Y), near Darbenai, Kretinga County
PASUSVIS, near Grinkishok, Kedainiai County
PASHELA (Y), near Labanove, Kedainiai County
PUNIA, not far from Butrimonys, Alytus County
PUSIAUSKELY, near Grishkavod, Sakiai County
PUSKELNI, near Mariampole
PURPELE (Y), Telsiai County
PIVASIUNAI, around Butrimonys
PILNIKALI (Y), near Seta, Kedainiai County
PINIAVA, near Panevezys
PLOKSCIAI, Sakiai County
PEZINTE (Y), in the neighborhood of Kaunas
PERLAI (Y), near Orany (Varena), Alytus Coutny
PERNARAVA, Kedainiai County
PRATKUN (Y), not far from Salakas, Zarsai County
PRASTSHI, (Y), 8 versts from Plunge, Telsiai County
PRIMUSA, near Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
FERTSHAN (Y), in the neighborhood of Suvalki
FREDA (Y), around Kaunas
TSIKANTS (Y), near Seduva, Panevezys County
KOVELI (Y), next to Ziemariai, Troki County
KAUNOTAVA, 12 kilometers from Lukniki, Telsiai County
KAZAKISKIS, near Dobeikos, Vilkomir (Ukmerge) County
KOZLOVA, near Pilvisikis, Vilkaviskis County
KATAUTISKE, 10 kilometers from Varniai, Telsiai County
KAUTVISHOK (Y), 13 versts from Semiliskis, Troki County
KATLOVEIRNE, in the neighborhood of Kelme, Raseiniai County
KULAUTUVA, not far from Kaunas
ZEMAICIU KALVARIJA, 7 kilometers from Alsedziai, in the neighborhood of Telsiai
KALIAN (Y), 3 kilometers from Jurbarkas, Raseiniai County
KALINOVA, around Kovno
KALELISHOK (Y), around Seduva, Panevezys County
KAMIAN (Y), 7 kilometers from Salatas, Berzai County
KAMIRINTSE (Y), not far from Laipun, Seiny County
KOPLITSE (Y), near Zeimelis, Kedaniai County
KARTENA, Kretinga County
KARTSI (Y), 10 versts from Jonava, Kaunas County
KORTSION (Y), not far from Salantai, Kretinga County
KARKLENAI, Raseiniai County
KUBILUN (Y), near Salatas, Birzai County
KVIETISKIS, a few kilometers from Mariampol
KUZIAI not far from Siauliai
KUCIUNAI 13 kilometers from Lazdiai, Seiny County
KULBES (Y), near Panevezys
KUPRELISHIK (Y), around Siauliai
KURKLETS (Y), not far from Obeliai, Rokiskis County
KAIMELIS, Sakiai County
KINDERISHKI (Y), around Kaunas
KIRSNE (Y), in the environs of Lazdiai, Seiny County
KLOVAINIAI, a few kilometers from Rozaliai, Panevezys
KLUBIANIS, 7 kilometers from Pokriai, Siauliai County
KLEBISKIS, 8 kilometers from Preniai, Mariampol County
KETURVALAKIAI, Vilkaviskis County
KERNAVA, not far from Maishagola
KRASNE-SELIK (Y), around Zarasai
KRUOPIAI, Siauliai County
KRINCINAS, 9 versts from Pasvalys
KREVE (Y) not far from Obeliai, Zarasai County
ROGOVIKE (Y), 10 kilometers from Raguva
RADUTE, a verst from Rokiskis
RODZANAI, in Zeimelis
RADEIKIAI, 10 kilometers from Utena
RAUDONE, 20 kilometers from Jurbarkas
RADENAI, Siauliai County
ROMANOVA, not far from Subat (Latvia), Panevezys County
RANISHK (Y), in the neighborhood of Plunge
RAKISHETSIK (Y), in the neighborhood of Rokiskis
RAKAN (Y), not far from Salaka, Zarasai County
RUDNI, near Orany (Varena), Alytus County
RIBOK (Y), Raseiniai County
RYMSANIAI, not far from Zarasai
SIAUDVIGE, next to Grishkabod, Sakiai County
SHUDINISHKI (Y), 3 kilometers from Virbaleniai
SATEIKIAI, in the neighborhood of Plunge, Telsiai County
SHATKIN (Y), around Bizai
SESTOKIAI, 13 kilometers from Lazdiai, Seiny County
SAKALYNE, around Taurage
SHAKI (Y), not far from Sakiai
SAKYNE 25 versts from Zagare, Siauliai County
SHVABESHIK (Y), near Linkuva, Siauliai County
SVENTEZERIS, not far from Sarai, Alytus County
SUMSKAI, 3 kilometers from Sakiai, Siauliai County
SHTANISHOK (Y), in the neighborhood of Rokiskis
SHTARINKE (Y), 3 miles from Siauliai
SHTARKENE (Y), not far from Smileg, Panevezys County
SHTAITSESIK (Y), near Khaidutsishok
SHTARVENIKI (Y), next to Ziezmariai, Troki County
SHIL (Y), not far from Raguva, Panevezys County
SHILAN (Y), around Birzai
SHIMAK (Y), around Mariampol
SIMKAICIAI, Raseiniai County
SHIKLI, a few versts from Pashvetin, Siauliai County
SHLASHTE (Y), around Birzai
SHMIDHAN (Y), around Birzai
SHNARGLIN (Y), between Zagare and Akmene
SHKREBISHIK (Y), around Birzai

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