Memorial Book of Brichany, Moldova:
Its Jewry in the First Half of Our Century
(Briceni, Moldova)

Published by the JewishGen Press

Translation of Britshan: Britsheni ha-yehudit be-mahatsitha-mea ha-aharona
Original Yizkor Book edited by Yaakov Amizur
Written by Former residents of Brichany
Published in Tel Aviv 1964, in Hebrew with 296 pages
Translation Project Coordinator: Roberta Jaffer

Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 366 pages with all illustrations.

Available from for $39.00

Click here to see the index containing the family names in this book. If you already have purchased the book, please print out and insert into the back of the book.


Brichany, Bessarabia (now Briceni, Moldova) had been a thriving market town serving some 20 surrounding villages in northern Bessarabia. It was principally a Jewish town with a Christian quarter. In June 1940, the Red Army entered the city . Most of the “bourgeois”, or “enemies of the people”, were arrested and sent to Siberia where they died in labor camps or were murdered. Although the middle and lower class residents were spared deportation, they suffered as their property and businesses were confiscated and a year of famine ensued. Brichany had lost its strong leaders and activists. No one organized resistance. On July 21, 1941, the Red Army left, and on July 22 the Romanians entered Brichany. The Holocaust had arrived. Only 1,000 of its former 10,000 Jewish residents survived. Fewer than 100 Jews live in Briceni today.

This book contains the memories of those who survived and those who had left Bessarabia before World War II. Through this English translation, researchers and descendants of survivors and emigrants can learn about the culture, social institutions, and leaders of Brichany. A map is included so that you can walk the streets in your mind's eye as you read the first-person accounts and descriptions of a once-vibrant Jewish community.

Briceni, Moldova is located at: 48°22' North Latitude, 27°05' East Longitude

Alternate names for the town are: Brichany [Rus], Briceni [Rom], Britshan [Yid], Bryczany [Pol], Bricheni, Briceni-Târg, Bricheni Targ, Briceni Sat, Bricheni Sat, Berchan, Brichon, Britshani

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