A Tribute to Maier
The Power of a Promise to Survive
and the Burden of a Survivor's Remorse

Author: Leah Sherry

Published by the JewishGen Press

536 pages 8.5”x11” Hard cover, with many color photos
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper

Available from for $52.00


Born Maier Burzyński into a humble Polish-Jewish family, his surname was nonetheless rooted in 15th-century Polish nobility. The violent whirlwinds of WWII tossed Maier into Nazi camps where he spent his formative years tormented and fated to die. At the outset, his mother made him promise that he and his kid sister would survive. While the power of that promise sustained his will to live, he was forever burdened by his lone survivor's remorse.

A biography of Holocaust survivors that interweaves the tale of survival with a chronicle of Europe's despotic regimes' genocidal campaigns which used technology and the veil of legitimacy to achieve unfettered power and domination and eliminate undesirable populations, Jews in particular.

Leah Sherry

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