Book of Tarnogrod;
in Memory of the Destroyed Jewish Community

(Tarnogród, Poland)


Translation of
Sefer Tarnogrod;
le-zikaron ha-kehila ha-yehudit she-nehreva

Published by the JewishGen Press

Editor of Original Yizkor Book: S. Kanc
Project Coordinator: Tom Merolla
Cover Design: Irv Osterer
Layout: Jonathan Wind
Name Indexing: Stefanie Holzman
8.5” x 11” hard cover 460 pages with original photographs

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In 1939, in the Polish town of Tarnogród, 65 miles (105 km) south of Lublin, lived 5000 residents, half Jewish. Jews lived in Tarnogród for hundreds of years. By the end of WWII none remained.

The story of this community, its history, its people, its culture and its demise is told in this book by those who survived. After the War they settled in Israel, the United States and England.

In 1966, as a memorial to the Tarnogród they knew, they published Sefer Tarnogrod, The Book of Tarnogrod, in Yiddish and Hebrew.

The authors wrote —

“We do not pretend to erect a full memorial to the ancient Jewish Settlement in our city. Tarnogród deserves a more perfect monument. Our ambition was to describe and commemorate the Tarnogród that still lives in us, that is in our flesh and bones.

May The Book of Tarnogrod be a kind of bridge between the past that has been so cruelly interrupted, and the future whose sun rises before our eyes.”

The authors hope that this book will serve as a bridge to the future is fulfilled. Jews have returned to Tarnogród to visit where their ancestors lived. In addition to what is written on these pages, memorials have been erected in Tarnogród to those who perished in the Holocaust. And now Sefer Tarnogrod has been translated into English.


Tanogród, Poland is located at 50°22' N 22°45' E and 151 miles SSE of Warsaw


Alternate names of the Town:

Tarnogród [Pol], Tarnogrud [Rus, Yid]


Nearby Jewish Communities:

Łukowa 9 miles E
Cewków 10 miles SSE
Cieplice 10 miles SSW
Dzików Stary 11 miles SE
Biłgoraj 13 miles N
Ułazów 13 miles ESE
Kuryłówka 13 miles WSW
Józefów 14 miles ENE
Sieniawa 15 miles SSW
Leżajsk 16 miles WSW
Krzeszów 18 miles W
Oleszyce 19 miles SE
Grodzisko Dolne 19 miles SW
Zwierzyniec 19 miles NNE
Cieszanów 19 miles ESE
Lubaczów 22 miles SE
Frampol 22 miles N


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