The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity
(Strzyżów, Poland)


Translation of
Sefer Strzyzow ve-ha-seviva

Published by the JewishGen Press

Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Itzhok Berglass and Shlomo Yahalomi-Diamond
Project Coordinator: Phyllis Kramer z”l
Layout and Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
Reproduction of Photographs: Stefanie Holtzman
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Hard Cover, 8.5” by 11”, 530 pages with original photographs

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Strzyżów (also known as Strizev in Yiddish and Strezow in German) is today a major town in southern Poland (it was in Galicia, an Imperial Province of Austria Hungary, from 1776 to 1919). The earliest known Jewish community appeared in the 16th century, but it a synagogue was built in the 18th century.

In 1824, there 560 Jews lived in the town, while in 1870, the entire Jewish kehilla had 933 members. At that time, the community employed two rabbis and had a synagogue, a Hasidic kloyz, a bathhouse, a poorhouse, and a cemetery. In 1892, the Credit Society was established with Salomon Diamant at its helm.

In the 19th century, Strzyżów's economy continued to dynamically develop and several local Jews amassed considerable fortunes. The town continued to grow and in 1912, Strzyżów Jewish population was 1,150, almost 50% of its 2,237 inhabitants. The literacy level of Jews was substantially higher than that of their Catholic neighbors. Basic education was provided by cheders, which Jewish boys started to attend at age 3–4.

On the eve of the second world war, Strzyżów Jewish population was 1,300 out of the total 2,905 inhabitants. The kehilla owned a stone synagogue, a cheder, bathhouses, and a cemetery. The community had a great influence on the town's social and economic life.

The Germans occupied Strzyżów on September 15th, 1939. In June 1942, the Germans moved all remaining Jews from Strzyżów to the ghetto in Rzeszów.

May this book serve as a memorial to those who lived in Strzyżów.


Strzyżów, Poland is located at: 49°52' / 21°48'


Alternate names of the Town:

Strzyżów [Pol], Strizev [Yid], Strezow [Ger], Strizhev, Schizuv, Strisev, Strishuv, Strizhuv, Strizov


Nearby Jewish Communities:

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