Smorgonie, District Vilna; Memorial Book and Testimony
(Smarhon, Belarus)

Translation of
Smorgon mehoz Vilno; sefer edut ve-zikaron

Published by the JewishGen Press

Editors: Abba Gordin and Honoch Levin
Association of Emigrants of Smorgon in Israel and USA
Published in Tel Aviv, 1965
Translation Project Coordinator: Marc D. Hodies
Cover Design: Nina Schwartz, Impulse Graphics LLC
Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5,” 780 pages with all original illustrations and photographs.

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Smorgon's 300-year-old Jewish community weathered many upheavals—from Lithuanian dukedom to Russian Empire to Poland to Soviet. The Jews made their living by tanning and leatherworking, carpentry, manufacturing, knitting, baking (their bagels were famous throughout Russia), retail, and peddling. On the eve of the First World War, Zionist and Jewish socialist groups were active. There were two study houses, seven synagogues, three elementary yeshivot, and a Jewish hospital. The community gave rise to several renowned writers, artists, educators, and political figures.

In June 1941, The German army occupied the town. In October, they set up two ghettos, one near the synagogue and one near the Jewish farm settlement of Karka. Soon Jews from surrounding areas were being transported here. Later, the ghettos were destroyed, and the Jews transported to Oszmiana (Ashmyany), Vilnius, and Lukiskes, and concentration camps in Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states. Only a few Jews survived, some escaping to join partisan groups.

After the war, this Jewish community did not revive. But survivors and emigrés in Israel joined together, and shared their memories and testimony in this book.

This Yizkor Book serves as a memorial to all the victims of the Shoah from Smorgon.

For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical and cultural information that can provide us with a picture of the environment our ancestors left when they left the town.


Smarhon, Belarus is located at: 54°29' N, 26°24' E. In NW Belarus, 45 miles ESE of Vilnius (Vilna), 21 miles W of Vilyeyka, 19 miles ENE of Oshmyany.

Alternate names for the town are: Smarhon' [Bel], Smorgon [Rus, Yid], Smorgonie [Pol], Smurgainys [Lith], Smorgone, Smarhoń, Smurgainiai


Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Soly 9 miles WNW
    Zaskevichi 10 miles ESE
    Krevo 12 miles SSW
    Zhuprany 13 miles W
    Liebiedzieva 17 miles SE
    Ashmyany 19 miles WSW
    Astravyets 20 miles WNW


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