Translation of the
Rozniatow Memorial Book
(Rozhnyativ, Ukraine)

Published by the JewishGen Press

512 pages, hard cover, including all photos and other images

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This book is the translation of the Yizkor (Memorial) Book of the destroyed Jewish Community of Rozhnyatov, written by the former residents who survived the Holocaust (Shoah) or emigrated before the war. It contains the history of the community in addition to descriptions of the institutions (synagogues, prayer houses), cultural activities, personalities (Rabbis, leaders, prominent people, characters) and other aspects of the town. It also describes the events of the Shoah in the town and lists the victims. All information is either first-hand accounts or based upon first-hand accounts and therefore serves as a primary resource for either research and to individuals seeking information about the town from which their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had immigrated; this is their history! The book was originally written in Hebrew and Yiddish in 1974, translated into English by by Jerrold Landau and volunteers in the Yizkor Book Project of JewishGen, Inc. and then published by the Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project.

The town is also known by these names: Rozhnyativ [Ukrainian], Rożniatow [Polish], Rozhniatov [Yiddish], Rozhnyatov [Russian], Rozhantov, Rozhnyatuv, Rozintov, Roznatov, Roznitev, Rozhnitiv, Roznjativ

It is located at longitude 48°56' N and latitude 24°10' E and is 302 miles WSW of Kyyiv (Kiev).

Other towns covered in the book are Perehinsko, Broszniow, Swaryczow, Dolina, Stanislawow, Stryj, and Lvov.

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