Rokitno-Wolyn and Surroundings;
Memorial Book and Testimony (Ukraine)

Translation of the
Rokitno (Volin) Ve-ha-seviva;
Sefer Edut Ve-zikaron

(Rokytne, Ukraine)

Published by the Yizkor Books in Print Project
part of Yizkor Books Project of JewishGen, Inc.
Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Eliezer Leoni
Published in Tel Aviv, by Former Residents of Rokitno in Israel, 1967 (Hebrew and Yiddish)
Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 730 pages

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The Rokitno-Wolyn and Surroundings; Memorial Book and Testimony (Ukraine) is the English translation of the Yizkor (Memorial) Book published in 1967 by survivors and former residents of these towns. Written originally in Hebrew and Yiddish in commemoration of their beloved families and towns, it provides a vivid portrayal of Jewish life in Rokitno and the surrounding villages before and during World War II.

The Jewish community of Rokitno, in the Volyn Province, lasted for a short time- less than 50 years. However, in this short period a vibrant town was built, producing loyal and traditional Jews, scholars and businessmen, ordinary persons imbued with love for our people and with a deep esteem for Zion. The book contains the history of the communities and families, and details in personal and authentic accounts, the way of life, institutions, Zionist organizations, cultural activities, townspeople and leading personalities. There are descriptions of the horrendous events during the Holocaust in the towns and lists of the victims. During World War II, most of the Jewish population was brutally murdered in the towns of Rokitno and Sarny. Some escaped to forests in the vicinity and joined the partisans.

This publication by the “Yizkor Books in Print Project” of JewishGen, Inc., provides the English-speaking community with these first-hand accounts in book format as a primary resource for research and for individuals seeking information about the town where their families had lived.

The book includes information about the surrounding villages, including Ostoki, Okopi, Boid, Budki Borovski, Budki Snovidovich, Borovey, Bilovizh, Berazov, Glinana, Dert, Drozdin, Vitkovich, Voltche-Gorko, Zolovey, Toupik, Masevich, Natrava, Starily, Snovidovich, Kisorich and Krapilovka.

This book serves to commemorate the once vital community that no longer exists.

Located at 51°17' North Latitude and 27°13' East Longitude

Alternate names for the town are: Rokytne [Ukrainian], Rokitnoye [Russian], Rokitno [Polish, Yiddish], Rekitne, Rokitino, Rokitna

Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Snovydovychi 8 miles E
    Tomashgorod 8 miles NW
    Klesov 13 miles WNW
    Olevsk 19 miles ESE
    Drozdin 25 miles N
    Sarny 27 miles W
    Berezne 28 miles SW


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