Translation of the
Memorial (Yizkor) Book
of the Jewish Community
of Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland

(Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland)

Published by the Yizkor Books in Print Project
part of Yizkor Books Project of JewishGen, Inc.
892 pages, with many illustrations and photos.

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This book is the translation of the Memorial (Yizkor) Book of the destroyed Jewish Community of Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland, (in Hebrew: Sefer ha-zikaron le-kehilat Ostrov-Mazovyetsk) written by the former residents who survived the Holocaust (Shoah) or emigrated before the war. It contains the history of the community in addition to descriptions of the institutions (synagogues, prayer houses), cultural activities, personalities (Rabbis, leaders, prominent people, characters) and other aspects of the town. It also describes the events of the Shoah in the town and lists the victims. All information is either first-hand accounts or based upon first-hand accounts and therefore serves as a primary resource for either research and to individuals seeking information about the town from which their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had immigrated; this is their history! The book was originally written in Hebrew and Yiddish in 1960, translated into English by volunteers in the Yizkor Book Project of JewishGen, Inc. and published by the Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project.

Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland is also known as: Ostrów Mazowiecka [Polish], Ostrov-Mazovyetsk [Yiddish], Ostrova [Yiddish], Ostrow, Ostrov, Ostrova, Ostrove, Ostreve, Mazovyetska, Ostrov-Mazovetskiy, Ostrow Mazowiecki

Book includes information about these towns too: Andrzejewo, Bialystok, Brok, Ciechanowiec, Czyzewo, Dlugosiodlo, Goworowo, Komorowo, Kosow-Lacki, Lomza, Malkinia, Nowogrod, Nur, Ostrolęka, Poreba, Pultusk, Rozan, Siedlce, Slonim, Sokolow-Podlaski, Szumowo, Tykocin, Warszawa, Wąsewo,Wysokie Mazowieckie, Wyszkow, Zambrow, and Zareby Koscielne.

Ostrow Mazowiecka is located at 52°48' North Latitute 21°54' East Longitude, 54 miles North-East of Warsaw

Alternate names for the town are: Ostrów Mazowiecka [Polish], Ostrov- Mazovyetsk [Yiddish], Ostroveh, Ostrova [Yiddish], Ostrów, Ostrov, Ostrove, Ostreve, Mazovyetska, Ostrov-Mazovetskiy


Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Baczki 19 miles SSW
    Brok 7 miles SSW
    Kosewo 8 miles N
    Małkinia Górna 9 miles SSE
    Prostyń 10 miles SSE
    Zaręby Kościelne 10 miles
    Wąsewo 11 miles WNW
    Poręba-Kocęby 11 miles SW
    Poręba Średnia 12 miles SW
    Andrzejewo 12 miles ENE
    Szumowo 12 miles NE
    Czerwin 12 miles NNW
    Długosiodło 13 miles W
    Goworowo 16 miles WNW
    Śniadowo 17 miles NNE
    Brańszczyk 17 miles SW
    Stoczek 17 miles S
    Kosów Lacki 17 miles SE
    Czyżew-Osada 17 miles E
    Łopianka 19 miles SSW


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