Translation of the
Memorial (Yizkor) Book of the
Jewish Community of Novogrudok, Poland

(Navahrudak, Belarus)

Published by the JewishGen Press
part of Yizkor Books Project of JewishGen, Inc.
by Eliezer Yerushalmi and David Cohen (Editors of the original Yizkor Book),
Rabbi Helen Cohn (Editor of this publication)
Hard cover, 784 pages, with full illustrations and photos from the original book
ISBN: 978-1-939561-03-9

Available from JewishGen for $49.00

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Have you seen the movie “Defiance” about the Bielski brothers' creation of a Jewish village in the forests of Belorussia of families of partisans, and group of Jewish partisans? Have you wondered about Jewish resistance during World War II? Are your ancestors from Novogrudok?

Then you must read this book, which has first-hand accounts that has new information that will be of high interest to you. This is the English translation of the original Hebrew and Yiddish book that was compiled by former residents of Novogrudok who emigrated before the war and by survivors of the Shoah from the town. They wanted to document the memories of the town, the institutions, the personalities, etc., to give a picture of the rich vitality of the town. All information is either first-hand accounts or based upon first-hand accounts and therefore serves as a primary resource for either researchers or to individuals seeking information about the town from which their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had immigrated; this is their history! It is a must for people searching for the history of their ancestors and for researchers looking for primary source material.

The JewishGen Press and Yizkor Books Project is especially indebted to Oskar Delatycki z”l who coordinated and translated the book together with Aviva Kamil. Without their dedication, this book would not have seen the light of day.

Publication of this translated book was produced with the help of volunteers of the “JewishGen Press”, as part of the “Yizkor Books Project” of JewishGen, Inc.

Alternate Names: Navahrudak [Bel], Novogrudok [Rus], Nowogródek [Pol], Navaredok [Yid], Naugardukas [Lith], Novaredok, Novogrudek, Novohorodok, Novradok, Nowogrudok, Nowogradek, Navharadak, Nawahradak

Navahrudak, Belarus, in the Region of Minsk. 53°36' N 25°50' E, 74 mi WSW of Minsk

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