Book of Kobrin
The Scroll of Life and Destruction

Translation of
Sefer Kobryn; megilat hayim ve-hurban
(Kobryn, Belarus)

Published by the JewishGen Press

Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Betzalel Shwartz, Israel Chaim Bil(e)tzki Published in Tel Aviv 1951
Editors of the original Yizkor Book: Betzalel Shwartz
Israel Chaim Bil(e)tzki
Layout and Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind

Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Hard Cover, 8.5” by 11”, 446 pages with original photographs.

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This book, the Scroll of Life and Destruction of the Holy Community of Kobrin, is a modest monument in recognition of that life. Woven in these pages is a web of creation of Jews, our parents, our brothers and our sisters, that will stand through all the stormy seasons; not just a gravestone for the bones and ashes of their bodies, but a monument to their spiritual values of religion, ethics, work and education, the tapestry of their lives.

This book of tears on the graves of our precious ones rather than scattered by the roads and paths where there is no marker or monument.

We wanted in this book to remember our city of Kobrin, from which we draw our strength and power deeds of the lives of our ancestors through many generations; to remember and to recall to our children and those who come after us the final chapters of the battles our parents withstood and to impress on the memory of those who come after us: remember what Amalek did to you.

These pages distill in writing the great accusation of the Jews against the mur derers and against the mad world that stands on our blood.

A. Gh. Zaritski, N. Chinitz, N. Melitz and M. Tzinovitz


Alternate names: Kobryn [Bel], Kobrin [Rus, Yid], Kobryń [Pol]

Kobryn, Belarus – The town is located at 52°13' N 24°22' E and 177 miles SW of Minsk


Nearby Jewish Communities:

Haradzets 13 miles E
Zhabinka 15 miles W
Charniany 18 miles SSW
Antopol 18 miles E

Linovo 19 miles NNE

Divin 20 miles SSE

Malech 23 miles NE
Pruzhany 23 miles N
Sharashova 24 miles NNW
Kortelesy, Ukraine 24 miles S
Kamyanyets 26 miles WNW
Chernavchitsy 27 miles W
Zamosty 27 miles WNW
Lotovo 29 miles WNW
Brest 29 miles WSW

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