Translation of the
Memorial Book for the
Jewish Community of Yurburg, Lithuania

(Jurbarkas, Lithuania)

Translation coordinated by Joel Alpert
Hardcover 800 pages, containing over 200 illustrations

Available from for $48.00


This is the complete English Translation and Update of The Memorial Book of the Jewish Community of Yurburg, Lithuania, originally published in 1991 in Hebrew and Yiddish. The original book, written by survivors and emigres, provides a vivid portrait of Jewish village life in Lithuania as it existed before the Shoah. The book memorializes the richness and depth of the community - its people and its institutions depicting the fabric of history from which Litvaks are descended. All original photos and illustrations are included.

More than 250 pages of new photographs and articles have been added in a new appendix. This material was collected from Yurburg families from all over the world as a result of numerous Internet communications. The new material includes: recently discovered poignant letters and photographs sent from Yurburg to Mexico shortly before the Nazi invasion in June 1941, an honest and thorough account of the murders in Yurburg by a Lithuanian university student in her bachelor's thesis, impressions and photographs from a trip to Yurburg and nearby Sudarg in 2001, the official 1907 map of property plots and list of plot owners and a list of over 300 identifiable headstones in the Yurburg Jewish cemetery in 1995.

Also new in the appendix is a section on the recent dedication of the Synagogue Square Memorial in Yurburg in July 2019.

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