Pan Kapitan of Jordanow

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Yeshayahu Drucker devoted a good part of his life to rescuing Jewish children from non-Jewish homes. Many parents had given their children to Polish neighbors for safekeeping during the war. Unfortunately most of the parents did not survive the Shoah. At the end of the war, there was no one to claim the children and they remained with the “adopted” Polish families. Following his discharge from the Polish army, Yeshayahu Drucker devoted himself to rescuing Jewish children from these homes and restoring them to their Jewish families or placing them in Jewish orphanages. He was a one-man operation but saved hundreds of Jewish children. This is the amazing story of one man's mission to save Jewish children and return them to their people.

Jordanów, Poland is located at 49° 39' North Latitude and 19° 50' East Longitude

Alternate names for the town are: Jordanów [Pol], Yordanov [Yid], Yordanuv [Rus], Yordanev

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