Jonava On the Banks of the Vylia;
In memory of the destroyed Jewish community of Jonava, Lithuania

(Jonava, Lithuania)

Translation of
Yanove oyf di breges fun Vilye; tsum ondenk fun
di khorev-gevorene yidishe kehile in Yanove

Published by the JewishGen Press

Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Shimon Noy,
Published in1972 in Tel Aviv,
by the Jonava Society, (Yiddish and English)
Translation Project Coordinator: Susan M. Goldsmith
Translator: Jerrold Landau
Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”,
836 pages with all illustrations of the original Yizkor Book.

Available from for $49.00

Click here to see the index containing the family names in this book. If you already have purchased the book, please print out and insert into the back of the book.



This Yizkor Book is a unique source of information on a once vibrant town, whose Jewish population was destroyed in the Holocaust. Written after World War II by émigrés and Holocaust survivors, this Memorial Book contains narratives of the history of the town, details of daily life, religious and political figures, town characters, movements, religious and secular education, and gripping stories of the major intellectual and Zionist movements of the 20th century and finally first-hand accounts of the Shoah. The necrologies and lists of residents are of tremendous genealogical value, as often the names of individuals who were taken to extermination camps or shot in the forests are not recorded elsewhere. Written in Hebrew and Yiddish, this important book has until now been accessible only to those who can read these languages. Thus, the translation of this Yizkor Book into English unlocks this information to many more researchers all over the world.

Jonava is located at 55°05' North Latitude and 24°17' East Longitude

Alternate names for the town are: Jonava [Lithuanian], Yanove [Yiddish], Ianovo [Russian], Janów [Polish], Janova, Janovo, Janowa, Janowo, Yanova, Yonava, Ionava, Janów nad Wilia


Nearby Jewish Communities:

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