The Interconnected Jewish Families
Of Ottawa, Canada

Published by the JewishGen Press

Author: Jerrold Landau
Cover Design: Irv Osterer
Formatting: Jonathan Wind
266 pages 8.5”x11” Hard cover, including many photos

Available from for $32.00


This book illustrates that the Jewish Community of Ottawa forms a tight web of interconnections, in which all the main families link to each other within two or three 'jumps'. Aside from adding to the knowledge base of the history of Jewish Ottawa, this book presents a novel way of considering a genealogical web of interconnectivity, and can serve as a paradigm for other Jewish communities, and perhaps even other communities, of similar size throughout the world. The text is augmented with a rich collection of pictures, primarily but not exclusively courtesy of the Ottawa Jewish Archives.

This book will be of interest to Canadian Jewish genealogists, as well as anyone interested in producing a similar genealogical 'web' for their own communities.

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