My Thoughts Were on America:
The Immigration of Isadore Flaschner

Editor: Stephen S. Dashef, M D

Published by the JewishGen Press

6”x9” Softcover 66 pages
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper

Available from for $19.00


When Grandpa Flaschner retired in the 1960s, his daughter, thinking of ways to keep him busy, came up with the idea that he should write out the stories he told about his childhood. She typed his handwritten stories, and his grandson wove the stories into a semblance of order. Grandpa Flaschner's stories, translated from Yiddish, provide a colorful history of life in a small town in Galicia. Being thoughtful of other generations, he left these memories for their sharing. His voice speaks out to you in his declarative and straightforward way, with a mild Yiddish accent. If you listen well, you also hear a gentle and lyrical, sometimes sardonic, soul.

This history of a boy moving from Poland to America is also a piece of our national history, a revelation of the personal drive and energy behind the building of immigrant, industrial America. His history, our history, is shared together here. He would be pleased to know that.

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