Remembering Dvinsk

Part 1. Dvinsk, The Rise and Decline of a Town
Original in Yiddish by Yudel Flior
Translated by Bernard Sachs
Part 2. In Memory of the Community of Dvinsk
Original in Hebrew – Edited by Tamar Amarant
Translated by Amy Samin
Part 3. Appendix of Images
Collected and edited by Eilat Gordin Levitan

(Daugavpils, Latvia)


Published by the JewishGen Press

Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 320 pages with all illustrations.

Available from for $35.00

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Remembering Dvinsk is a compilation of three sources. First is a reprint of the 1965 book Dvinsk – The Rise and Decline of a Town by Yudel Flior, translated from the Yiddish by Bernard Sachs. Second is the translation of the 1975 class project In Memory of the Community of Dvinsk, to memorialize the Latvian town of Dvinsk by the 8th grade of the Kol Haverim Junior High School of Haifa; it is a fine collection of history, recollections of former residents, essays, historic photographs, and artwork by the students. Third is an appendix of historic photographs assembled by Eilat Gordin Levitan.

It is the desire of the Yizkor-Books-In-Print project of that this new compilation of material in English serve as a fitting memorial for the Jewish Community of Dvinsk.


Daugavpils, Latvia: 55°53' North Latitude, 26°32' East Longitude.

Alternate names for the town are: Daugavpils [Latvian], Dvinsk [Russian], Denenburg [Yiddish], Dunaburg [German], Dyneburg [Polish], Daugpilis [Lithanian], Dzvinsk [Belarussian], Dzwińsk [Polish], Dauhaŭpils, Daugapils, Daugpiļs, Daugava, Dynaborgs, Dynaburg, Dinaburg, Deneburg, Duenaburg, Dwinsk

Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Griva 3 miles SSW
    Skrudaliena 8 miles ESE
    Ilukste 11 miles WNW
    Silene 13 miles SE
    Viski 15 miles NE
    Zarasai, Lithuania 15 miles SW
    Eglaine 16 miles WNW
    Dubinovo, Belarus 18 miles ESE
    Plyussy, Belarus 20 miles ESE
    Okmyanitsa, Belarus 22 miles SE
    Zarachye, Belarus 24 miles SE
    Rimse,  Lithuania 24 miles S
    Kraslava 25 miles E
    Dukstas, Lithuania 25 miles SSW
    Salakas, Lithuania 26 miles SW
    Subate 26 miles WNW
    Braslaw, Belarus 26 miles SE
    Opsa, Belarus 27 miles SSE
    Dusetos,  Lithuania 28 miles WSW
    Obeliai,  Lithuania 29 miles W
    Slobodka, Belarus 29 miles ESE
    Preili 30 miles NNE


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